Building a Community: 5 Tips for Digital Member Engagement

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Association membership is one of the most enriching experiences—particularly when you’re part of an association that prioritizes engaging its members. As your association evolves and increases its membership, your engagement strategy should evolve as well. Searchable directory.

How to Add Value Through Your Membership Directory


Being placed in your organization’s online membership directory is an important benefit. Start thinking about how you can add value through your membership directory by answering these questions: member engagement

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6 Digital Tactics to Keep Association Members Engaged

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For that reason, we’ve outlined several ways you can use technology to keep your association members engaged and involved. When you take full advantage of the resources available to you, you can achieve a lot within your association and among your members.

Are You Setting Members Up for Success in Your Online Directory?


Being placed in your organization’s online directory is an important benefit to membership. It gives members exposure to the rest of your membership (and the industry or community at large), it means that you have endorsed this member and their expertise, and it’s a huge source of business referrals. Beyond including each member in your directory, what else are you doing to really help them gain visibility and take advantage of those perks?

Member Engagement Strategies: A Guide for Associations


Association memberships are rewarding experiences and unique in the way that members pay dues in order to continue to be a part of the organization. Engagement secures your association’s relevance and fuels healthy member retention. Why is member engagement important?

Association Membership Renewal Letter Template


Member renewals in the time of COVID – it’s a challenge universal to associations everywhere. From our COVID-19 Resources web page [INCLUDE LINK] to advocacy for our members and [INTEREST/INDUSTRY/TRADE/ETC.], Advocate for our members and [INTEREST ETC.]

Building an Association Crisis Communications Webpage


The next best thing is to quickly craft a crisis resources web page for your members. Set the tone: Whether targeting association members or your association’s industry stakeholders and regardless of the amount of or type of content, the tone should be helpful, sincere, and compassionate.

[New eBook] The Community Module Guide: How to Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives

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At its base, every community should maintain a strong foundation of core modules (the no-nonsense tools and features that are essential to your success, like calendars, discussion boards, directories, automation rules, and a resource library) to support its essential objectives.

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A Builder Association’s WMS Upload Success


According to Director of Operations, Kristina Ellis, they needed a system that integrated their website and database while giving their members an interactive, “hands on” experience. Initially, they hired a third party to build a new website with member login functionality.

Associations Improve Bottom-line with Non-Dues Based Revenue

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Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. The following is a guest blog post from Chad Slager, Director of Sales for Directory Solutions. If you’re not telling your members and the community about your new offerings they are likely to fall flat.

Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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For your association’s member businesses, this may mean mastering new emerging technologies in your industry or even hitting specific success metrics within their own internal processes. This ensures no credentials are lost (while also allowing you to recommend courses to members accordingly).

What’s an SEO Keyword? Why it Matters and How to Use It.


Why Member Engagement No Longer Means Face-to-Face. >> It may be a competitive organization or a site that has an audience overlap with your prospective members.

Can Email Make Online Community Gamification Fun?

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But another crucial part of gamification -- one that’s often overlooked -- is alerting members via email. However, for less mature communities, there are benefits to automatic email campaigns to notify members of their newest achievements. Prompt Members to Update Profiles.

Best Benefit Ever: A New Place to Chat

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The American College of Radiology offers an elaborate new private community to members. The American College of Radiology is aiming for just that with the launch of its new Engage platform , which includes a full member directory, a variety of forums, and a detailed resource library.

Achieve More by Connecting the Dots for Your Association

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Have you recently stopped to think about how your association’s tech solutions can complement one another to maximize your existing resources and provide a better member experience? The challenge: Most association staff members have many projects on their plate and a finite amount of time.

Changes in Membership Management Software that Could Impact How You Run Your Association


All of these changes are affecting your members and their expectations. Membership management software began as nothing more than a database that housed names, addresses, and other member information. Often, these tools are designed to deliver value to members quickly.

8 Award-Winning Success Stories from Super Forum 2018

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Led by Community Manager, Simona Ciampi, the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s community, AACC Artery, encourages interactions among members with diverse scientific backgrounds, which fosters consistent new collaborations and fruitful discussions.

Promote Your Community at Events

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It’s time for celebration -- and getting people online, engaging. Conferences are the perfect time to introduce your members to a new or relaunched community. Ensure your whole team knows how to navigate the community and other basics so they can help confused members.

GrowthZone AMS vs Excel Spreadsheets: An Unequal Battle


Most associations use association management software to manage their data, process joins and renewals, track finances, cultivate member engagement, and streamline tedious tasks. Tweet Spreadsheets aren’t enough. Here are 8 ways association management software will improve your workday.

Best Benefit Ever: Building Benefits Through Membership

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You have a full suite of member benefits! So how is that a benefit to members? And when you’re an organization that heavily emphasizes professional networking, member acquisition is doubly important. Congratulations! Now, how are you spreading your membership message?

5 Effective Web Design Strategies to Attract New Members


When it comes to inspiring potential members to join your association, an attractive and easy-to-use website is an essential component of the process. Your goal is to design a website that your members can navigate—and your team members can update—with ease.

Best of the Web: November 2013

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Association CEO Nails Critical Member Engagement Question. Does your association have a magazine, newsletter, directory or website in need of revival? Engage your members with an exciting and informative publication produced by the publishing experts at Naylor, LLC. Dan Varroney. Potomac Core Consulting. How to Communicate After a Train Wreck. Bill Rosenthal. SmartBlog on Leadership. Developing a Successful Student Membership Strategy. Tony Rossell.

Back to Basics: Make Member Communication Useful, Accessible and Engaging to Earn More Revenue

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Thankfully, there are varied approaches to increase non-dues revenue (NDR) from member communication. Member communication platforms can range from an association’s official website, magazine, newsletter or directory, and serve as channels for advertiser support.

Harness the Power of Your Association Publication

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Does your association’s publication have members saying, “Wow!”. After all, your publication is one of the most effective and important communications pieces that your association uses to reach members. Increase Member Engagement.

AMS Platforms: A Comprehensive Guide for Associations


Without the right capabilities in your association management software , it can be very difficult for your team members to navigate your association’s wealth of data in order to make the best possible strategic decisions. 360-view of member engagement.

Membership Marketing: Ten Year Retrospective

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The channels that associations use for membership recruitment and engagement show the most significant change. For 2018, 17% of individual membership associations and 12% of all participants consider digital marketing to be one of their most effective channels for acquiring new members.

Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


Retain more members and grow like never before with one of the most agile and intuitive AMS solutions on the market! Some of its top features include: Comprehensive member profiles and database reporting capabilities. Member communities and tools. Easy-to-use member directory.

Cultivating engagement: Let's talk about connections.

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To cultivate member engagement, we want to quickly welcome people to the community and help facilitate individuals connecting as fast as possible with those who share the interests they seek. cultivation community volunteering engagement conferences

What We (and You) Said About Membership in 2013

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They range from examples of member-engagement methods and case studies on membership growth to arguments for either the imminent demise or ongoing strength of the membership model itself. Freelancers’ Union: How It Topped 200,000 Members , by Ernie Smith, March 25, 2013.

Eric Lanke: Film Directing Lessons in Innovation and Leadership

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Member Engagement. The studio Coppola was working for then didn’t pick up his option after that, evidently not happy with that and other directorial decisions he had made. Member Engagement. (9). Things I've Learned from Being a Board Member.

So You Think You Know Non-Dues Revenue

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This disconnect may be related to a lack of measurement or the inability to record reader engagement, according to my colleague Jill Andreu, VP Content Strategy and Development for Naylor Association Solutions ,who will be hosting a webinar about our findings later this month.

The Case for Opening Your Social Network to Nonmembers

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Today, a private online social networking platform is a common members-only benefit at associations. Most association social networks are private and restricted to members only, and so most associations are missing out on the opportunities in reaching a broader audience, he says.

A Letter to My Association Family: Embrace the Pursuit of Non-Dues Revenue!

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Each association is unique in their goals, needs, communication platforms, members and legislative functions. On the flip side, only 17 percent said they have a good understanding of their readers’, members’ and advertisers’ needs and expectations of their association publications.

Product and Service Engagement Drives Membership Retention and

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Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Speaking Engagements. Speaking Engagements. • Purchase a book or directory (13%).

Association Social Media: National Society of Accountants


I work in Marketing and Member Services and I report to the Vice President of Marketing and Member Services. On Facebook, I tend to stick with more lighthearted posts like fun photos, practice management tips, or blogs and article our members can share with their clients.