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Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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If a document like this doesn’t exist, hold some informational interviews with your executive director and the head of the board to figure out what the association's main goals are for the upcoming year. Objection 1: Price.

How to Make Your Virtual Events Better Than The Rest


The purpose of Event Camp Vancouver was to explore how the latest technologies could be incorporated into events without losing the human element. Since that time, new platforms and technologies have come and gone. Is this an ad-hoc event or does this event form part of a wider sales, marketing, or organizational strategy? Check out how this association navigated their pricing strategy for their virtual event [VIDEO]. Technology & Production.

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With Video - Seconds Matter to Your Audience - Here’s Proof

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I came across this article on CNN Tech about a new study from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Akamai Technologies which says you’ll lose 40% of your audience if you don’t start playing video before 10 seconds after landing on your page. Well maybe it is only easy to me because I’ve needed to become quite well versed in the various video delivery platforms, technologies, and techniques. Association Websites Technology Video Marketing

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

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A near-death experience has enabled him “to envision an alternate ending to the AI story —one that makes the most of this amazing technology while empowering humans not just to survive, but to thrive.” Host: American Marketing Association. Learn about trends and strategies for growth in the healthcare industry, why hotels may say “no” to medical meetings business, tips for sourcing on-site staff at medical meetings, and what to look for when seeking a technology solutions provider.

AMCs Engaged!

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At YM, we’re always adapting as the voice of the customer changes, when our competitors shift, or when new technology and business models emerge. The mission was to drive its strategic use of data, furthering the content associations provide to members and the market, and to increase visibility of sponsors. Price sits high in the consideration criteria when selecting technology. They are tired of having siloed technologies and separate data.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.7.18

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Sounds like the perfect match in the competitive lifelong learning market. “ 71% of marketers use personalization in marketing, and 8 in 10 of them see results. Marketing Charts ). Mon 12/10 at 1 p.m.* – ASAE Gold Circle Awards – 2018 Winners Webinar: Marketing Edition. Speakers include winners in five categories: Convention/Meetings Marketing, New Product/Service Launch Campaign, Rebranding Campaign, Sponsorship/Exhibits/Advertising Campaign and Website/App.

Get Ready for Online Learning with LMS Selection Criteria


Online learning programs expand your market for education since many members (and others in your audience) can’t always afford to attend or take time away from work to travel to conferences and other educational events. Before you start thinking about technology, come to agreement with your team on your learning strategy. If you agree on the purpose for the technology you seek, you won’t be swayed by bells and whistles.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.10.17

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DelCor published two good posts in the last week – one suggests the questions you should ask the references provided by technology vendors. – Video Event Marketing that Drives Revenue. Learn how to plan and execute a video marketing plan for your next event. – Membership Marketing: Beyond the Basics. Learn how to implement new membership models, marketing methods, and analytics tools to boost the performance of your membership marketing programs.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.10.17

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DelCor published two good posts in the last week – one suggests the questions you should ask the references provided by technology vendors. Tue 2/14 at 12 p.m.* – Video Event Marketing that Drives Revenue. Learn how to plan and execute a video marketing plan for your next event. – Membership Marketing: Beyond the Basics. – Industry Trends: Why Associations are Adopting Marketing Automation. My Valentine wish: Love reign o’er all of you.

Lean Methodology: Before and After

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Since then, I’ve been implementing the methodology with my team at the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) where I work as Chief Information and Innovation Officer, leading the modernization of the organization through the implementation of technology. They were willing to give it a shot, so we laid out the assumptions: candidates don’t know what test preparation materials to choose, and the price of materials and the urgency of exams add to the problem.

Liftoff or Crash Landing? Prepare to Launch a Successful Digital Transformation


In my last post, I emphasized the idea that the human side of this process is as important, if not more so, than the technology. Like the entertainment giant, HFMA wanted to make it easy for members to access all the content they need for success, in the formats they enjoy, for a competitive price. Strategy —Is technology strategy integrated into your strategic plan? Innovation/Trends —How up to date are you with technology trends? Will new technology be introduced?

Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


That’s why we’ve created this comparison of all the biggest names on the market – and provided our own reviews! Retain more members and grow like never before with one of the most agile and intuitive AMS solutions on the market! That’s because its suite of solutions is perfectly geared towards smaller and mid-sized groups and organizations that need a comprehensive set of tools without the heavy-duty price tag. Boomset – Best for Event Technology.

The State of Association E-Learning: Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

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The growing lifelong learning market provides plenty of opportunity. One weakness is holding associations back from reaching their market potential and becoming lifelong learning powerhouses. I learned about this vulnerability while reading the fifth edition of Association Learning + Technology from Tagoras. Tagoras learned that 93% of the survey participants use technology to deliver learning. Develop processes for e-learning product development and pricing.

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Thursday Buzz: Grow Your Attendee List

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Simmons offers a variety of tips to help drive foot traffic, including using social media, building word-of-mouth, and writing good marketing content. Additionally, if approached properly, members may be willing to give a testimonial that you can use for future marketing opportunities. Spector, a tiny camera that helps log different colors and typefaces, integrates with InDesign so that you can apply these styles directly to your document.

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How to Use Twitter: A Guide for AEs : Off Stage

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Recently I’ve been working on some social media/marketing presentations for Realtors, and I’ve gotten involved in the whole online networking scene. I reviewed the proposed new Social Marketing course from Internet Crusade, as well—it’s going to be very helpful to our members, I think (should be released soon!). However, it’s easy to broadcast links to documents, photos, and websites in general and again—these tools cost your organization nothing.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.4.18

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Mon 5/7 to Fri 5/18 – Documenting Membership Processes and Procedures Challenge: A 10-Day Online Challenge for Membership Professionals to Document Processes. Documenting the processes and procedures in an intentional and practical way is crucial to ensuring your membership program performs effectively and efficiently throughout the year. Tue 5/8 at 11 a.m.* – The Road to GDPR Compliance: People, Process, and Technology. Bryan Clark, Associate, Vedder Price.

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The Hidden Costs of Inefficiency

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For New Yorkers, the most annoying thing might be that some of this is a direct result of pricing inefficiencies baked into the system. Last year, data blogger Ben Wellington pointed out a big problem in MTA’s pricing structure : The touchscreen machines that push out the cards are designed to let users pay flat rates, but the pricing structure, with fees and bonuses added, basically makes it impossible to get a zero balance when buying a MetroCard with one of the default options.

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Get More Out of Your Live Events

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“Even exhibit staffers who are well-versed in your products and services do not know everything about the exhibition, the attendees, the exhibit hall, the target market, and the finer points of the exhibit layout and promotional props available for their use.” “While the sales rep may understand their product—they may not understand, or be comfortable, in the market in which they have been sent.” Hank Berkowitz, Editor in Chief.

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Should You Crowdsource Your Event’s Note-Taking?

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First released in 2008 , the Javascript-based tool, which has been open-sourced since Google acquired the technology to add into its failed Google Wave experiment , has the inherent advantage of being something that can be self-hosted. Google Docs: Google Docs is a hugely popular option, and one that has the benefit of already being favored for taking notes and writing documents in general.

Chamber Raises Red Flag Over India’s Intellectual Property Record

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producers out of India’s solar technology market. ” The document particularly noted patent issues regarding green technology and pharmaceuticals, along with poor enforcement of intellectual property law. As Reuters notes, the situation is politically sensitive, as many consumers in India cannot afford full-priced medicine. A new study by the U.S.

How to Build a Case for and Implement Joint Membership for Your Association and Chapters

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Identify process, technology, and budget considerations. Process and technology changes required at the national and chapter level. This feedback will help you develop a stronger ‘sales’ document you can distribute to chapters and other stakeholders, for example, national staff and leaders. Will there be more than one price? Next, think about technology. What type of membership marketing materials will you provide to chapters?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.15.18

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As a result, many colleges are turning their attention to the adult/lifelong learning market—the same market associations serve. Another smarty pants who says GDPR has a silver lining —this time it’s Robert Rose from the Content Marketing Institute.

How to Create a Really Good LMS RFP

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Narrow down the field first by: Working with an LMS consultant who narrows it down for you based on your requirements and their market knowledge. Doing your own research using a variety of methods: website review, calls, conversations with peers and technology vendors, and peer review sites like ReviewMyLMS. It gives technology providers an opportunity to understand your association and its resources, goals, challenges, and core requirements. What are your market challenges?

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The Three Vs Of Big Data As Applied To Conferences

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Some organizers know the 4Ps of marketing: product, promotion, place and price. It also comes from social technology including community posts, check-ins, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, conference mobile apps, photos, audio, videos, web, GPS data, sensor data, relational data bases, documents, SMS, pdf, flash, etc. Marketing automation and demand generation systems can help conference organizers know when specific customers are ready to purchase registration.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Get It in Writing

Observations on Association Management

Rather, Im saying its helpful to document the commitments we make, and the commitments others make to us. Fortunately, I was able to direct the person to an email that documented what we had agreed and asked for any corrections to my notes. gas prices. (1). marketing. (1). technology solutions. (2). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Wednesday, October 20, 2010. Get It in Writing. Get it in writing.". It sounds so cold and mistrusting.

Implications of Big Data

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All of these algorithms base their documentation off actions made by consumers. The price? The price alone is enough to create an inequality in the market, providing wealthier and more developed firms with the ability to gain a competitive advantage in evaluating the data faster and cheaper. But data alone means little in the competitive market if you can’t find a way to offer its services to your customers.

Peace Sells.But Who's Buying - Association Membership?

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Before we go down this road let me quickly identify what I am not: I am not anti-profit, I am not above paying a significant price for value and I am a realist. We bought music, watched movies, or disavowed movies and read books (or did both so we could grouse about how the movie butchered the books) , we went to theatre, paid high prices to obtain bootleg recordings from overseas and (more importantly) wore the uniform. marketing. (2). skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Association Certification and Accreditation Programs: Minimizing the Liability Risks

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Standards should never be arbitrary or capricious, or vague or ambiguous, and procedures should be developed that document the development and reasonableness of, and the objective basis for, proposed standards. Moreover, nothing in excess of a reasonable price should be charged to apply for or receive certification or recertification. In addition, document any and all complaints or concerns about the standards and revise the standards accordingly if appropriate. by Jeffrey S.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Training for Performance

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An untrained staff member can deliver a ruinous member service experience or can destroy an important document without knowing what he or she is doing. gas prices. (1). marketing. (1). technology solutions. (2). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, February 9, 2009. Training for Performance. Occasionally, I will use this blog to admit guilt. This is one of those occasions. And my admission today is this: I am guilty of saying one thing and doing quite another.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Small Associations Can.

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Spread the load, and be careful to ensure that you document the processes as you go, in case you need to quickly shift to another volunteer. Labels: technology solutions. gas prices. (1). marketing. (1). technology solutions. (2). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Sunday, January 27, 2008. Small Associations Can Perform "Big". Small associations often lament the fact that they do not have the resources to perform as well as their larger brethren.

100% Attendance, Part 1 : Off Stage

Off Stage

The price (this call is toll free, but not all services may offer this). If you are using slides or documents, its always a good practice to host them somewhere (like so participants can access them after the event. This information is pretty basic, particularly if you have an association which has a high dependence on technology and a long history of using it. Technology. Association Marketing. Off Stage. 16, 2010 - 100% Attendance, Part 1.

Coronavirus Updates for Association and Events Professionals – What You Need to Know


They also talk about the impact of the global health situation on the Association market and how technology can help the industry become more sustainable in the future. The Price of the Coronavirus Pandemic (source: The New Yorker) April 13, 2020 – As April arrived, businesses, large and small, decided not to pay rent, either because they didn’t have the cash on hand or because, with a recession looming, they wanted to preserve what cash they had. About this list.

Daily #COVID19 Updates for Association and Events Professionals – What You Need to Know


They also talk about the impact of the global health situation on the Association market and how technology can help the industry become more sustainable in the future. The financial markets are a bellwether, at least.

Challenge Your Association: Three Ways To Aim Higher in 2014

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The Chromebook, which saw a big surge in market share during 2013, has a lot of the stuff the average user needs at a smaller price than much of its competition. (It Ultimately, the operating system shouldn’t matter—as long as your employees can plug into the same websites and send the same documents as everyone else. You put all this work into effectively positioning yourself in the market.