The Documents to Include in an Association Board Manual


Any association worth its salt should provide their board of directors members with a detailed manual. Board member contract / letter of agreement. List of all current board members: Bios of current board members and key staff. Roles of existing board members.

Q&A: A Balanced Approach to Member Engagement

Association Adviser

Download a recording of “A Balanced Approach to Member Engagement” here. We recommend surveying your members about their demographics and preferences at least once every two years, but preferably once per year. Ask what parts of their membership they value the most and which aspects of their membership they use the most, so you know what keeps them engaged with your association and more likely to renew their membership.

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Member Engagement and Retention


I’ve also noticed that many associations have a fair degree of churn in membership; they gain quite a few members each year, but they also lose quite a few. Interestingly, when they want to address membership growth, there is sometimes a tendency to focus on how to get more members, rather than on how to keep the members that they have. This onboarding process creates a sense of engagement for the new member. member engagement

Online Communities in 2020: 28 Key Facts + Statistics to Know

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Online Community Engagement Stats. On average in an advanced community, a member contributes $67 of value per year and receives $614 of value per year. As communities age, the cost per member decreases dramatically – dropping significantly after year three. staff members.

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Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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If a document like this doesn’t exist, hold some informational interviews with your executive director and the head of the board to figure out what the association's main goals are for the upcoming year. New Member Acquisition. Use community to reach future members.

Strategic Planning: Issue Driven vs Member Engagement

Tom Morrison

When your next strategic planning retreat takes place, will your board's focus revolve around being "issue driven" or "maximizing member engagement." Many members aren't intimately familiar with the strategic plan and think that is something only privy to the board.

How to Use Google Tools for Member Engagement

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With Google you can search, send documents, email, have a business account, find places and many others. Did you know all of these tools can help engage your members? Each message should be unique to that members needs. When you use social media tools, 60% of the time you should be tweeting, posting, talking about or sharing news about your members. All members are different, its up to you to decide which tools will help create enthusiasm within your membership.

Keeping Up with the Waterfall

Eric Lanke

It's not unusual for three or four Board members to be unable to attend any particular Board meeting. Thankfully, these are not the same three or four Board members every time. It's not just busy schedules keeping Board members away from Board meetings.

4 Community Managers, 25 Community Building Questions Answered [WEBINAR RECAP Part 2]

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This week, Lindsay, Will, Annie, and Emily are back to share their answers to 25 questions on topics like increasing engagement, finding an expert for your Q&A session, and encouraging lurkers to participate. Increasing Engagement.

3 Types of Online Learning Experiences Association Members Love (And How to Provide Them)

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Because with online learning, associations can provide training to a larger number of members in more flexible formats, something that is helping online education become a popular member benefit. Let Members Choose the Learning Experience that Fits Their Needs.

Building a Member Community Now

Smooth The Path

One question associations are grappling with is how do we continue to build, foster, and nurture our member communities when in-person meetings, a key community driver, is suddenly gone? Connect – they are convening members virtually who care about the same issue.

An Inside Look: 2019 Association Survey Results


Every year, the Association Survey Results report is our most downloaded document. Productivity Member Engagement GrowthWith up-to-date statistics and broad feedback from association professionals, this year’s report is our most comprehensive ever. Download the free.

[New eBook] The Community Module Guide: How to Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives

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Customization capabilities and mobile-friendly access are also vital features at the core of delivering the seamless community experience your members want. Drive a Better Member Experience with Additional Modules. Objective #6 - Online Member Experience.

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3 Features to Look for in an Online Community App [Research]

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So if your association or business wants to make engaging mobile users in your online community a priority, an app is the way to go. The app should be intuitive, making it easy for members and customers to learn how to use it quickly.

4 helpful tips for communication during a health crisis

Nimble AMS

Keep members up to date with valuable information. Keep your members up to date on your association’s response, including your office work procedures, events calendar and any other necessary news. Requests for personal information about you or family members.

The Facilitator's Job

Eric Lanke

Like I've done a dozen or more times before, I live-edited a document that was projected up on a screen for the whole audience to see. I let that go on for the first half of our session time, listening the whole time for common ideas and concepts and populating my document with them.

Shining a Spotlight on Your Association’s Member Benefits


Better question: How many of those benefits do your members actually use? Do you have benefits that your members don’t even know about? But since members are already paying dues, don’t you want them to take advantage of all that they can? AND we include them in our onboarding documentation. association management member engagement membership management Association ViewsHow many benefits does your association have?

How to Build an Association Board of Directors


Membership pro, Frank Kenny, explains how to build a board of directors that is representative of your members (and why it’s important you do so). When you scan the faces of your board members, what do you see? Choosing good board members is critical to your association’s success.

How to Create an Association Crisis Response Plan


The goal is to not only limit the amount of harm to the association’s reputation, but also to make sure it does not affect member retention. Don’t point fingers – it’s time to take responsibility and retain the trust of your members. Social Media Member Engagement Growth

Proof You Can Design a Giveaway that Supports Community Growth

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The research is undeniable —gamification increases participation and engagement across practically any digital platform. While our idea was to encourage members to check back in the community on a regular basis, there were too many details for the participants to keep track of.

Frank Kenny Part 1: Social Media Relationship-Building


Why Member Engagement No Longer Means Face-to-Face. And, just like any relationship in real life, that requires engagement. ” can garner astonishing engagement. The social media platforms report that engagement is significantly higher for video posts over image and text posts. Document. Social Media Member Engagement GrowthAssociations are in the relationship business.

The Kindness of Strangers


Association communities can depend on “the kindness of strangers” to bring huge benefits to all association members. Association member engagement requires association member time which is a valuable commodity. Why should a member answer a question or make a comment?

EdTA’s Online Community Energizes + Inspires Theatre Educators

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Members flock to the Educational Theatre Association’s (EdTA) public member community, the Theatre Education Community. We caught up with Ginny Butsch, community engagement manager at EdTA, to hear more about how the community connects and empowers members.

Do You Know Why?


Very frequently the answer to this question is “We want our members to be able to interact with one another” or “We want to create more engagement with our members.” For an association community to succeed, you need to understand what your members need and how an online community will address those needs. It is unlikely that your members will see the association’s online community as a good place to discuss family events, or sports teams, or hobbies, etc.

8 Ways to Know Whether You Are Ready for an Online Community


Would it promote greater engagement between and with your members? In most online communities, only a small fraction of the active members contribute content. To get a community started you need to figure out who those core members are and turn them into your “community team.”. Are you producing a lot of documents that your members cannot find elsewhere? Are your members interested in connecting with others from their profession?

The Conference Compression Factor


But have you ever tried to work collaboratively on a document in either system? I see an online community as a powerful way to deliver value to members, potentially even more valuable than an association’s annual conference. So, while I encourage association leaders to continue to strive for the best in their conferences, I encourage you to consider what your members are doing during the rest of the year and how you can strive to make the best of that as well.

Losing Members?


Putting 2 and 2 together, it looks to me like a fairly significant problem faced by associations is that people join expecting to get connected with other members, but for many of them that sense of connection never occurs. To a certain extent this is yet another example of the traditional horse/water conundrum, that is, you can’t force members to connect with each other. So, you can see what documents they’ve shared, what comments they’ve made, etc. member engagement

Stay in Touch


Tim Knue, the Executive Director of Washington Association for Career and Technical Education (WA-ACTE) had the foresight to create an AssociCom community web site for the members attending their summer conference. The solution to the wish I overheard was the community’s web based document sharing library which allows any member to upload documents and web sites. engage in a discussion about it.

Higher Logic Acquires Kavi: Powerful Collaboration for Thriving Communities

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Last month we announced our acquisition of Socious, bringing the best minds in member engagement together to lead in product innovation and the community industry. Community Platforms & Updates Communications Engagement2017 is shaping up to be our best year yet!

How to Justify an AMS Purchase to the Association Board


Or, maybe you’re starting from scratch and it’s time to push your organization forward with membership, engagement, and retention strategies that you can’t accomplish on your own. time savings, such as the benefits of automating manual tasks, reporting capabilities, member engagement, etc.).

Membership 101: Life Time Value

Spark Consulting

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “How much should I be willing to invest to recruit a member?” For example, let’s say you invest $1000 on a recruitment campaign and bring in five new members. That means you spent $200 each to acquire those members.

Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

Blue Sky eLearn

For your association’s member businesses, this may mean mastering new emerging technologies in your industry or even hitting specific success metrics within their own internal processes. This ensures no credentials are lost (while also allowing you to recommend courses to members accordingly).

5 Reasons Your Executives Don’t Participate in Your Online Community (And How to Fix It)

Higher Logic

It’s designed to help members get involved, make connections, and develop relationships with their peers and organizations. Community professionals know that and are engaged in keeping the community active and getting other staff members involved. An online community is a tool.

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The Paperless Association

Association Management

Just about all non-verbal communication among members, with staff and to external stakeholders is via email, discussion forum or blog. Same for documents. We took our clients paperless for the sake of higher productivity and member engagement.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.11.19

Reid All About it

The resulting report from this survey provides benchmarking data and insight into how more than 1,000 associations recruit, engage and retain members and certificants. Dynamic Video Interactions for Increased Engagement. But what about in our member’s business lives?

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How to Grow Your Community Management Career Faster

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It shows increases in engagement and progress toward fulfilling your business-level strategy over time. Your framework might include metrics on: Customer engagement. Community member growth. Member activity, such as the number of discussion forum posts or blogs published.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.24.19

Reid All About it

Associations put a lot of effort into educating their members and market, but meanwhile, no one in the association is focused on educating their own staff. Tue 5/28 at 12:30 p.m.* – Digital Badges for Associations: Using Micro-Credentials to Boost Member Engagement.

Webinar Recap: Let’s Learn Together: Enhancing Online Learning with Communities

Blue Sky eLearn

Recently, Heather McNair, VP of Engagement Strategy over at Higher Logic , teamed up with Blue Sky’s Channel Manager, Jodi Ray, to discuss how organizations can enhance their online learning with communities. Many associations are falling short of providing members value.

Growth Hacking Your Community with Vanessa DiMauro

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It should attract new members, offer smooth onboarding and persistent attention, and ultimately embrace marketing tactics like great content, campaigns and social media outreach. NSBE was founded in 1975 and has around 30,000 members. Focus on event engagement. Showcase members.

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NAASF Crowdsources Customer Support and Advocacy with Online Community

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The North American Association of Subway® Franchisees (NAASF) uses online community to advocate for members and solve industry problems for fast food franchises. In NAASF’s early days, it used a basic website and email campaigns to reach out to members. of community members.