Energizing Member Engagement

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Driving Sustainable Industry Growth Helps Trade Associations Energize Member Engagement . With global economic uncertainty dominating most conversations, we’re learning that Trade Associations who drive sustainable industry growth are helping their organizations by energizing member engagement. By following this approach these Association Executives are now energizing member engagement. Energizing Member Engagement is a Must for Trade Associations .

2017 Member Engagement Strategy

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Presidential and Congressional Elections, economic performance inside and outside the United States, mergers and acquisitions, baby boomer retirements , terror threats, and technology disruptions will influence whether or not professionals and corporate executives engage in their associations. Actionable Data can help organizations surface opportunities that can help members drive their professional and industry outcomes. Engage More and Sell Less.


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Compelling Member Engagement

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Polarization in Washington, DC, and market disruption are opening doors for Associations to create more compelling member engagement experiences for their members. Associations can be more proactive and less reactive by providing more opportunities for their members to share knowledge and build new solutions that drive business and professional outcomes. Compelling Member Engagement Using “Pull” and “Push” . Compelling Member Engagemen t.

Accelerating Member Engagement

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Accelerating Member Engagement. How does this or any financial news connect to Association member engagement? Is Member Satisfaction A Solution? Interest in the Association’s success, member benefits, products or services won’t get or keep their attention for long. Members don’t really care about the association’s “outputs.” Engagement is not about an Association. There are no “one-trick” ponies when it comes to member engagement.

11 Elements of a Winning Member Engagement Strategy

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The numbers represent speculated percentages of online engagement, with 90 percent of participants only viewing content, 9 percent responding to content, and 1 percent actively participating in the creation of new content. It's difficult not to get discouraged by such speculation when your member engagement is so critical to the success of your association as a whole. Achieving great engagement requires a commitment to a great member engagement strategy.

Modernize your association with an integrated, cloud-based solution.

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Leverage mobile capabilities to access member information anytime, anywhere. eBooks Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management association management software business productivity solution cloud-based technology data and security free ebook integrated solution member engagement member retention membership growthAre your strategies limited by your technology?

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The New Member Engagement Rule of Three

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There is a short window of opportunity to engage new members. Most new members join with high hopes. During the first few days of their membership, new members are inherently very engaged. Their excitement is at an all-time high the moment they click join , and they are super receptive, at least, for awhile… We only have 3 emails to engage some new members. We only have 3 days or 3 weeks to engage some new members.

[New eBook] The Community Module Guide: How to Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives

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Customization capabilities and mobile-friendly access are also vital features at the core of delivering the seamless community experience your members want. After all, online communities exist to help people forge meaningful connections, so shouldn’t your members be able to do that from any screen or mobile device? Drive a Better Member Experience with Additional Modules. Objective #6 - Online Member Experience. Mobile-Friendly Apps: Keep your members connected.

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Reignite Your Member Engagement Strategy in 2021


Although “engaging people” might not seem like the most groundbreaking approach to organizational growth, it’s a simple idea that has wide-reaching effects. Making connections and growing professionally is most likely one of the top reasons why members join your association.

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Q&A: A Balanced Approach to Member Engagement

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Download a recording of “A Balanced Approach to Member Engagement” here. We recommend surveying your members about their demographics and preferences at least once every two years, but preferably once per year. Ask what parts of their membership they value the most and which aspects of their membership they use the most, so you know what keeps them engaged with your association and more likely to renew their membership.

How Onboarding Is Key to Future Member Engagement


So, act to influence your members across that whole lifecycle arc. With a solid inbound marketing plan , you can expect membership rates to continually increase, but it’s also important to proactively focus on delighting those members throughout their time with your association — not just a month before they’ll need to renew. Try these 10 foolproof steps listed in our ebook. You need to deliver on the reason they became a member. Member Engagement

6 Ways Associations Can Use Webinars to Engage Members and Increase Non-Dues Revenue

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Video conferencing and virtual events have never been more important to business as it is now - especially for associations who need to keep members engaged and revenues high. Onboard New Members. Onboard New Members.

Online Communities in 2020: 28 Key Facts + Statistics to Know

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Online Community Engagement Stats. On average in an advanced community, a member contributes $67 of value per year and receives $614 of value per year. As communities age, the cost per member decreases dramatically – dropping significantly after year three. staff members.

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How Associations Are Using Community to Support Their Members During COVID-19

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Over the past month, as our customers shared ideas about responding to COVID-19 in our users community, HUG, we noticed some simple but impactful ways associations are using their communities to support their members and their industries. Community Engagement is Skyrocketing.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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This is how you can prove your new member community will be a valuable technology investment. New Member Acquisition. The goal: Every year, bringing in new members is likely to be on your association’s list. Use community to reach future members.

Association Loyalty or Engagement Strategy?

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Whether it be Greece’s Debt Crisis , market access concerns, or industries seeking new and more opportunistic markets, your members are “in the know” constantly. Is it more impactful to deploy an Association Loyalty Strategy or an Engagement Strategy? Association executives still look for member “loyalty” and then measure it by retention rates. Why do members leave? Member Engagement. Association Loyalty or Member Engagement Strategy?

3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth

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These Associations are playing activist roles, they are engaging industry value chains and promoting the value that the industry and its products bring to customers and the marketplace. What is clear is that 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth. Strategic Member Engagement. Where member engagement once took a back seat to fighting fires and meeting budget expectations, a number of Associations have seized a new moment in time.

Association Innovation Delivers Growth

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In the Strategic Member Engagement Survey , Associations & Professional Societies reporting upward 3-year operating results are far more likely to have a very high level of board understanding and strategizing about the business and professional outcomes members seek, and actively engage members in creating new solutions. Return on Member Engagement. Association Innovation Delivers Growth.

Association Outside In Innovation

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Your association might want to understand what strategic initiatives it should put in place in order to drive your organization’s impact on member business outcomes. If technology is a delivery mechanism to deliver impact on member business outcomes, then it’s an example of Association Outside In Innovation. Rank the member’s desire for the Association to address these challenges. Plot each challenge on a matrix to drive your Association’s impact on member business outcomes.

Driving Member Business Outcomes

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Driving Member Business Outcomes. Can an Association transform itself and become a strategic business partner to the very members they serve? Seeking to understand their impact on their member business outcomes, the Association initiated the process with Board Interviews and a Member Impact Survey. The Member Impact Survey is forward looking by design and focuses on desired future outcomes that members seek to address their “up at night” issues.

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3 Ways to Strengthen Communication Using Smart Member Data

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If your organization manages a membership program, you know that it can be a real challenge keeping your members fully engaged while developing ways to grow your program. After all, no matter how many new members you attract, it’s your retention rate that drives real growth. Member engagement drives retention, and communication is the key to boosting engagement. Keep in touch with members through automated messaging.

Data Driven Engagement

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Data Driven Engagement is the best bet for Associations seeking to accelerate member engagement. Getting and keeping members engaged will be even more challenging. This means your Association needs to build strategies that help your members achieve their business and professional outcomes. In today’s world, many members are not interested in the standard and bundled benefits package. This requires a focused and Data Driven Engagement strategy.

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Disruptive Associations

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At a time of unprecedented change your Association can become a Market Disruptor and position your members for success in a slow growth world. Free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement” is available for all Association Executives at www.potomaccore.com , www.icimo.com, and www.verticalleapconsulting.com. Disruptive Associations. A snapshot by the Conference Board of both the U.S.

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Data Driven Innovation

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If member companies introduce more innovation to drive more profitability, is your association positioned to respond with equal or greater amounts of innovative solutions? More importantly, the data can uncover new engagement opportunities that increase your association’s productivity and profitability. When it comes to mining your Association’s Data, it’s especially important to identify: Predictive behaviors that lead to higher levels of engagement.

Funding Industry Innovation

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Associations who are Funding Industry Innovation can position themselves as essential partners in helping members achieve business outcomes. Through an “outside in” strategic planning process board members, CEO’s, and senior managers can utilize actionable data to identify opportunities to leverage the association to provide tools and resources to support business outcomes. Value is no longer about services that boards or members view as neither relevant nor impactful.

4 Association Disruption Strategies

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Organizations can help their members convert these challenges into growth opportunities by utilizing 4 Association Disruption Strategies. In today’s environment, members demand real time solutions that advance their concerns and achieve results. Utilizing an impact and member engagement focused survey can help you obtain more realistic assessments of how relevant and connected your organization is to the outcomes that members seek to achieve.

Association Outside In Case Study

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If your members face top line growth challenges, generational transfer issues, and evolving consumer expectations, how can your Association support member success? The process starts with a highly engaged and strategically focused board and concludes with a strategic plan amplifying industry growth objectives. Forward looking Associations can embrace this opportunity, partner with their boards and align their strategic plans to member business outcomes.

Innovative Workforce Solutions

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Associations are increasingly well positioned to help members and industries build innovative workforce solutions through their professional development and certification products. As waves of innovation, millennials, and baby boomer retirements alter future workforce design, forward thinking organizations can transform themselves and become professional development partners for their members.

How Engagement Tools Improve Association Event Management

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It is incredibly gratifying for associations to see a spike in event attendance, as participation plays a valuable role in their impact, but poor event management can cause your members to disengage. Exploring new ways to keep your members engaged and informed about your events can increase overall member satisfaction and translate to a boost in event attendance. Building on that reputation can help you retain members and ignite interest in upcoming events.

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Association Supply Chain Advocacy

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Association Supply Chain Advocacy can be a game changer for members. By uniting the Supply Chain through Associations members can better influence the destiny of their company and their Industry in ways they could not do on their own. Getting and bringing an entire Supply Chain to the table at an Association is a heavy lift but the long term impact will make the effort yield substantial member ROI. This could be the dawn of Member Engagement 3.0.

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Advocacy or Business Outcomes?

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Do members perceive these meetings as another Association “output” or as an opportunity to drive their business outcomes? Strategic Member Engagement. Members care about “outcomes” for themselves, their companies, their constituencies, and their customers ( [link] ). In order to change the conversation and accelerate participation and member engagement, all discussions should be focused on member business outcomes instead of your Association’s outputs.

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AARC Brings Back 800 Lapsed Members with Automated Win-Back Campaign [Case Study]

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A flat line in the association’s core group of active members was even starting a bit of a downturn. This steady decrease in membership renewals gave rise to a growing number of lapsed members. Knowing new member cultivation would not be a quick and easy fix, AARC identified great potential within the growing lapsed member base. By 2015, the organization had over 18,000 lapsed members within a 24-month period. Members lapsed in the past 3-6 months.

Engagement as a Sales Strategy?

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Creating a board and member driven process that identifies member “up-at-night” issues is only a first crucial step. Utilizing a highly engaged and strategic board task force will help your Association have a reality check. Member’s aren’t retaining their memberships or even joining new organizations just to buy things. Member engagement begins with changing the conversation from your Association’s “outputs” to your member’s “outcomes.”

Your 5-Step Guide to a Streamlined Member Communications Schedule

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Picture this: Last month, your marketing department sent five emails to members promoting your annual event, while your membership department called members three times about the event. But everyone thought everyone else was on top of reminding members about the upcoming advocacy initiative, so no one sent them anything about it. If so, interdepartmental silos might be keeping you from an effective member communications schedule. Do it for Your Members… and Your Staff.

Innovation & Association Relevance

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How well are you positioned to help your member’s achieve their business outcomes in a time of dramatic innovation and change? ( [link] ). Creative disruption in a twenty-four seven world makes it challenging for members to survive. Is it time to engage your board in strategic conversations? Associations who have highly engaged and strategically focused Boards have a very high correlation to the Association’s operating results ( [link] ).

3 Association Growth Strategies

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It’s all about alignment with industry and professional outcomes that your members care most about. Those organizations who utilize these 3 Association Growth Strategies can help impact member outcomes and as a result better position their members and their organizations for long term success. In doing so, GCCA is helping its members drive future outcomes. Here again the organization impacts member outcomes. Sluggish global growth and U.S.

Sometimes People Just Need to be Invited [Case Study]

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NASN wanted to approach nonmembers and members differently; among nonmembers, it wanted to differentiate between those with a previous membership history and those who were brand new, a level of segmentation made easier with automation. Someone was querying the members and pushing out the messages, so this was a big time-saver for us.” - Sharon Conley, Web-Based Technology Director, NASN. Staff reached 3,550 people through this campaign, of whom 276 became members.

Public Social Network or Private Online Community? 11 Tips to Guide Your Decision

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Could the same concept apply to building a community for your customers or members on social media? But communities built on social media and communities built on platforms designed for community serve different purposes, behave differently, and provide a different experience to customers, partners, or members. You have more engagement with your customers/members. You can try to engage your customers or members, but everyone else is also there.

Improving Association Retention Performance

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What Association doesn’t want to slow down its Member Resignations and improve retention performance? Member losses are difficult especially when an Association loses larger members. Yet the painful lessons from these resignations can help your organization reposition itself and drive accelerated member engagement and achieve improved operating performance. Improving Association Retention Performance.

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The Future State of Associations

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The future state of associations “envisions” their roles as communication hubs engaging members that share and capture knowledge. Members will be engaged on their business interests and outcomes, the one size fits all approach will disappear. Help members establish their own self forming “share” groups in real time. Future talent will be leveraged across the enterprise, and facilitate knowledge sharing among the members and industries they serve.

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