[New eBook] The Community Module Guide: How to Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives

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Customization capabilities and mobile-friendly access are also vital features at the core of delivering the seamless community experience your members want. After all, online communities exist to help people forge meaningful connections, so shouldn’t your members be able to do that from any screen or mobile device? Drive a Better Member Experience with Additional Modules. Objective #6 - Online Member Experience.

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How Associations Are Using Community to Support Their Members During COVID-19

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Over the past month, as our customers shared ideas about responding to COVID-19 in our users community, HUG, we noticed some simple but impactful ways associations are using their communities to support their members and their industries.


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6 Ways Associations Can Use Webinars to Engage Members and Increase Non-Dues Revenue

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Video conferencing and virtual events have never been more important to business as it is now - especially for associations who need to keep members engaged and revenues high. Onboard New Members. Onboard New Members.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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This is how you can prove your new member community will be a valuable technology investment. New Member Acquisition. The goal: Every year, bringing in new members is likely to be on your association’s list. Use community to reach future members.

How Engagement Tools Improve Association Event Management

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It is incredibly gratifying for associations to see a spike in event attendance, as participation plays a valuable role in their impact, but poor event management can cause your members to disengage. Exploring new ways to keep your members engaged and informed about your events can increase overall member satisfaction and translate to a boost in event attendance. Building on that reputation can help you retain members and ignite interest in upcoming events.

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The New Member Engagement Rule of Three

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There is a short window of opportunity to engage new members. Most new members join with high hopes. During the first few days of their membership, new members are inherently very engaged. Their excitement is at an all-time high the moment they click join , and they are super receptive, at least, for awhile… We only have 3 emails to engage some new members. We only have 3 days or 3 weeks to engage some new members.

Your Guide to Effective [Not Annoying] Marketing Personalization

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After all, Accenture Innovative found that almost all consumers (91 percent) are more likely to shop with brands who personalize their experience. Instead, think of t hese points as guidelines as you’re crafting your member experience , so you can do personalization well. You’ve got a customer or member database that holds all your member information. The clicks you’re putting in are the data they’re using to create your customized experience.

Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Don’t Have to Be Scary. But They’re Scarily Connected.

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Artificial intelligence understands data: It’s a machine or system programmed to: seek patterns, learn from experience, and. For example, they might register to join a webinar about community management and then also download an eBook on social media best practices. Download our eBook, the Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation, to learn more. Engagement Marketing Customer Experience Member Experience Marketing Automation

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5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


That doesn’t even get into branding, navigation, or walking your loyal members through the transition. By doing your due diligence in the planning stage, you’ll help ensure that your new website is successful and meets staff, customer, and member needs. If you don’t, your redesign could fall flat, or worse, chase valuable members and prospects away. Instead, redesigns should be based on your members and meeting their expectations. There was wood everywhere.

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The Association Value Trigger Point Explained by New Member Background

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When I speak about a way to engage new members early in their membership by using an Association Value Trigger Point (AVTP), association professionals often ask me if their association should have just one AVTP or should we have many for our different members? I find that association’s that have an AVTP put a lot of time, effort, and resources into their AVTP so funneling new members through one great experience is recommended.

EdTA’s Online Community Energizes + Inspires Theatre Educators

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Members flock to the Educational Theatre Association’s (EdTA) public member community, the Theatre Education Community. We caught up with Ginny Butsch, community engagement manager at EdTA, to hear more about how the community connects and empowers members. Act 1: Creating a Valuable Professional + Personal Member Benefit. That’s why the member benefits that EdTA provides, like its online community , are so crucial. Theatre Education Community Member.

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Traditional Association Thinking?

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Today’s corporate and individual members view their participation with associations through a very different lens. Does your Association have the capability to assess your association’s impact on “up at night” issues and business outcomes?( [link] ) If you do you are well on your way to align your association to the things that help foster member success including: Discussing and address member challenges. Helping your members achieve their business outcomes.

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Personalization and data security for your association


Provide a personalized experience while keeping your member data safe. . Your member’s expectations for a personaliz ed experience are high. These days, your members expect a high level of personalization. Collect member data in one safe place.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.29.20

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Reboarding members. WBT shares ideas for using what you learn during reboarding to better serve members. Virtual event ebook. More info/register – fee for MPI non-members.

The Intersection of Online Communities and Marketing Automation

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While once thought of as members-only online discussion groups, online communities have taken on even greater importance given the generational shift in workforce and associations adjusting to the mobile-first and always connected user. Online communities help organizations to maximize retention rates, attract new members, and grow their relevancy. Those insights feed into marketing automation systems to make them more effective at delivering messages that provide value to members.

AARC Brings Back 800 Lapsed Members with Automated Win-Back Campaign [Case Study]

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A flat line in the association’s core group of active members was even starting a bit of a downturn. This steady decrease in membership renewals gave rise to a growing number of lapsed members. Knowing new member cultivation would not be a quick and easy fix, AARC identified great potential within the growing lapsed member base. By 2015, the organization had over 18,000 lapsed members within a 24-month period. Members lapsed in the past 3-6 months.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.7.19

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MemberSuite recommends a member-first approach to your association’s email strategy. Should suppliers be members ? On Sunday morning, after fishing a few hours in Jordan Lake (Jim got a good-sized bass, me, nothing), I made whole wheat blueberry buttermilk pancakes from The Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger (the ebook is only $1.99), along with creamy scrambled eggs with chives (from the deck!) The Road to Member Engagement Is Paved with Personalized Marketing.

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7 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Reporting and Prove Your Worth

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You might find that you gain a quarter of your membership in May and September but lose members in December. This data shows you what kind of content your members like and can help you decide what content strategy to pursue. Digging into your community data can provide you with valuable member insights, which you can use to improve your member experience. Are you losing more and more members every year and supplementing with brand new members?

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5 Questions to Ask Before Jumping Ship on Your AMS

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An effective association management system (AMS) helps your association improve functionality, streamline operations, empower your members, and increase growth rate. Our experience tells us you can save your association from months of costly deliberation and implementation woes. At its core, an AMS houses your member data and processes payments related to things like membership dues, donations, and registrations. This data can then be added to the member profiles in your AMS.

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Are You Delivering the Right Value to Members?

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Member value is complex, and members are evaluating whether they are getting value from the association all the time. Member value is all of these elements and more. The quality of their relationships – are other members like me? Do we share similar experiences and world view? Types of experiences – do I have great memories of association related experiences? Related: How association members evaluate value.

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Read Your Community Members' Minds

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Sure, communities can help you with customer acquisition and retention, but they can also help you forecast what your members want or need -- improving your membersexperience and your organization’s bottom line. How can your community help get you inside a member’s head and learn what they truly think and what they really need? of the time reading your members’ minds is not going to be simple. Other ways to address members’ needs.

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5 For Friday: Resources & Reading for Association Web Design and Website Management

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An interesting report from Econsultancy shows that 45% of companies are not conducting regular user experience testing their websites. As they say in the introduction to the report,” It seems a lot of companies are happy to work on 'hunches' and best guesses when it comes to user experience.”. Are you regularly testing your site to optimize your user experience? Are you sure your association members are getting the best experience from your site?

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Engagement in Action: Key Takeaways from EAF.

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We’ve all been sent event feedback surveys, asking us politely about our experience, and collecting comments, concerns and suggestions for improvement. After observing the event carefully over the two days, and gathering responses from people attending, these were the most powerful takeaways: Participation enhances the learning experience. I’m a physical learner; I have to physically do something in order to retain it, so the more I can experience the more I will learn.

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Social Media Roundup: Customization in the Age of Limited Resources

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Members want more options, but there’s only one of you. Customized member experiences would be awesome, right? “But providing a customized member experience for everyone is hard work and one that requires resources that many associations don’t have,” she writes. What do you do? Also: The benefits of repackaging your best stuff in different forms. Sure would. But so would more resources—something you don’t have right now.