6 Ways Associations Can Use Webinars to Engage Members and Increase Non-Dues Revenue

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Video conferencing and virtual events have never been more important to business as it is now - especially for associations who need to keep members engaged and revenues high. They’re a great way to engage your members and keep non-dues revenue flowing.

Are You Calculating Your Online Community’s Business Impact? [eBook]

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For business impact, you need to use metrics that are aligned with high-level business goals like increasing retention and revenue. To make calculating business impact easier for you, we put together and eBook with seven key business impact metrics and the formulas you need to calculate them. Revenue. To get the full explanation and formulas for these business metrics and tips for calculating them, download your free eBook now. Your online community wasn’t a whim.

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Are you ready to kick @$$ and take non-dues revenue?

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We all know the buzz word — non-dues revenue — but it’s really about more than bringing in more capital. How we make that happen is exactly where our latest eBook comes in. In “Kickin’ @$$ and Taking Non-Dues Revenue,” we re-examine a discussion between Arianna Rehak, Laura Taylor, Kelly Turner and Tamela Blalock during SURGE Co-Creation, our first digital conference of 2019. And best of all, the eBook is free.

[New eBook] The Community Module Guide: How to Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives

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This eBook will help you determine the best modules to support each of these six core objectives: Objective #1 - Recruitment + Retention. Objective #3 - Revenue. Have you ever heard someone say “there’s an app for that!” when you complain about your smartphone? Well, if you want to elevate the success and business impact of your online community, trust us – there’s a module for that.

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5 Things Your Association Should Do Before Attempting to Earn More Revenue

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Non-dues revenue supports associations’ missions in so many ways: Providing exceptional training and education for members, financing lobbying efforts, keeping membership dues affordable, and offsetting the costs of your communication program, to name a few. But for some associations, it’s difficult to find more or better non-dues revenue sources. Having the right opportunities available to meet the needs of your potential advertisers is important to maximizing non-dues revenue.

Sponsorship Mattering: From Logos and Noise to Emotional Experiences [Free eBook]

Velvet Chainsaw

Increasing sponsorship revenue is one of the highest priorities for our customers. The sum total of this work lays out four big concepts that can help guide your organization to higher revenue and improved experiences: Why a Change in Sponsorship Strategy is Urgent. We’re making this eBook available to our blog subscribers. The post Sponsorship Mattering: From Logos and Noise to Emotional Experiences [Free eBook] appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw's Midcourse Corrections.

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How a sales funnel approach can help associations attract members

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Downloadable content, such as ebooks or worksheets. Engage People Invigorate RevenueThe next time your association is looking for a new way to attract members , try taking a cue from the sales world.

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Association Innovation Delivers Growth

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What capabilities should your association have in order to deliver revenue growth and strong retention? For IARW , the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (Global Cold Chain Alliance Partner), these new and innovative capabilities are serving as an accelerant to revenue growth and retention. Business Outcome Focus Drives Revenue Growth. Association Innovation Delivers Growth.

How to gain new leads using content you already have

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This tactic allows your association to offer a free PDF worksheet, whitepaper, ebook or similar resource in exchange for the reader’s contact information. Engage People Invigorate RevenueInbound marketing might seem intimidating at first.

Disruptive Associations

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Be assured that the current slow growth environment or an economic downturn will inflict significant pain on your revenues and membership at some point. Since the great recession for profit firms are aggressively developing innovative solutions and products to more immediately help companies address business challenges and grow revenue. Disruptive Associations. A snapshot by the Conference Board of both the U.S.

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Funding Industry Innovation

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Instead ROI is defined as providing the means necessary to help an industry overcome impediments and grow their top line revenue. Free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement” is available upon request for all Association Executives at www.potomaccore.com. Anemic economic performance is unfortunately becoming a mainstay in the U.S. economy. The release of the 3 rd quarter GDP numbers where only 1.5%

Are you creating content you don’t actually need?

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When it comes to content production, it’s incredibly easy to continue producing the same, regular blog posts, newsletters, eBooks and case studies that have always been written. Invigorate RevenueWhen Hilary Marsh was at the National Association of Realtors, she remembers taking a look at all the newsletters that went out to their members. The newsletters, which went out to about a million people, were being opened by fewer and fewer people. . Why? . They were sending too many. .

Data Fuels Active Innovation

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60% Revenue Growth Reflects Inspiration and Momentum. Free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement” is available upon request for all Association Executives at www.potomaccore.com. Association CEO Best Practice Interviews Association Growth Strategies Innovation Non Dues Revenue Growth Strategic Member Engagement dc association consultant dc association consultants dc association consulting DC association consulting firm dc association consulting firms

Intro to Customer Communities: 3 Ways a Branded Online Destination Builds Your Business

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Check out our eBook, Building a Seamless Digital Customer Experience , which outlines how you can align your tech stack with the customer lifecycle. Find out more in our eBook: Unlocking Better Customer Experience (CX) Through Engagement: How Communities Create Successful Customers.

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Association Marketers Choose Ca$h to Power Membership Marketing

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The survey’s 1,170 participants said they use a variety of digital marketing tools, such as association-sponsored social networking sites, search engine marketing, and lead generation content (white papers, downloadable eBooks, etc.) budget membership marketing revenueFor our November poll, we asked Association Adviser readers if they’d rather have more staff to help with membership marketing or more money to help power their membership marketing plans.

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Why Every SaaS Company Needs a Branded Customer Community

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Benefits from the community trickle down to increase satisfaction, revenue, and help grow entire businesses. To learn more about how a branded customer community can impact your customer experience, download our eBook. Increase customer retention and revenue.

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Reignite Your Member Engagement Strategy in 2021


In this eBook, we’ll look at how your organization can use engagement tools to solve four of the biggest challenges to associations today: Member acquisition. Non-dues revenue. Strengthen Your Association’s Value Proposition.

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6 Ways to Repurpose Your Webinar Content

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Here are some tips on ways to repurpose webinars for future engagement and revenue! Produce a white paper or eBook. You can develop a full white paper that combines all of the blog posts or create an eBook that dives deeper into the subject or covers multiple webinars on similar topics. These are just a few of the ways to start thinking about how you can use your webinar content to create more content, expand your reach, and potentially grow more revenue.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing to Your Existing Customers

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Engaging current customers positively impacts overall business goals in several ways, including increasing revenue by generating opportunities for sales of additional products and services. Top performing businesses understand that when the right marketing messages reach current customers at the right time, they can have a measurable impact on revenue goals and customers' lifetime value. Increase revenue. Well, that was a nice segue into our next point: increasing revenue.).

7 Situations Where Customer Communities Improve Customer Experience

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When executed with proper planning and resources, a customer community can have a tangible impact on key business performance indicators, including ticket deflection, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction. Download our eBook for more details: 3.

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Online Communities in 2020: 28 Key Facts + Statistics to Know

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Check out the eBook below for tips. Revenue growth. Every year, The Community Roundtable releases the State of Community Management Report. It’s always filled with insightful analysis on how online communities, both internal and external, are making a difference.

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2017 Member Engagement Strategy

Potomac Core

Annual revenue up. Fee for Service revenue up. Those organizations who have pivoted to this approach are impacting industry outcomes and reporting impressive operating performance: Global Cold Chain Alliance – Revenues have grown by 25 percent in two years. The Fertilizer Institute – Despite a down cycle in the industry the organization’s revenue and retention are up.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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Your organization needs to bring in new members to meet revenue goals, and often, this includes increasing the young member base. Growing Non-Dues Revenue.

Association Outside In Case Study

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growth and global market volatility, companies are seeking new and innovative approaches to grow revenue. You are far more more likely to report strong performance in Member Retention, Annual Operating Revenue, Registrations to Primary Annual Meetings, Annual Revenue from Fee for Service Offerings, and Timely Membership Renewals. Association Outside In Case Study.

What is Association Management Software?


Here at SilkStart , we just launched the 2017 ‘What is Association Management Software’ eBook as a step-by-step guide designed to help you understand how an AMS can transform your member-based organization. Download the eBook here. 6 ways an AMS can generate and collect revenue. Download the eBook here. Operating a member-based association is hard work. It requires massive amounts of time, which in turn, translates into high administrative costs.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.29.20

Reid All About it

Virtual event ebook. Ellipsis Partners and Achurch Consulting have been burning the midnight oil on a virtual events ebook that’s definitely worth checking out. In cases of cancelled/postponed events, associations are struggling to find ways to save sponsorship revenue.

3 Association Growth Strategies

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Association revenues have grown by 25% in the last year and a half. NWPCA has experienced 60% revenue growth over the last three years. The Smart Electric Power Alliance has seen annual revenues grow 23% (2015 to 2016) and also in 2016 experienced a 62% increase in total staff (to 35 employees from 22). Free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement” is available upon request for all Association Executives at Potomac Core – Association Consulting.

Compelling Member Engagement

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Report an upward trend in 3-year annual revenue. In today’s dynamic environment topical, needs evolved much more quickly and the online community fell out of date, driving member resentment and caused the organization to lose revenue. Click here to receive your free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement”. Polarization in Washington, DC, and market disruption are opening doors for Associations to create more compelling member engagement experiences for their members.

Just Another Association

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Associations who seek to grow or expand revenues need to be more than just another association. Having this connectivity is the critical ingredient to making your association durable and more able to grow revenue. If your association wants to grow revenues then it must shift its focus to an industry or profession perspective. Organizations who transform and become strategic allies are better positioned to address member challenges and therefore be more likely to grow revenue.

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7 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Reporting and Prove Your Worth

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Answering these kinds of questions will only help you plan better and keep those revenue numbers up! You’re probably already tracking event registrants and revenue, but have you looked at these data points? Check out our eBook , available below. Proving your association marketing team’s effort’s worth to upper management and a board can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be!

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What The Connection Economy Means To You

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On one side is membership engagement and retention, and keeping the rope taught from the other side is the opposing pull of non-dues revenue efforts. This knowledge will ultimately allow you to tailor your non-dues revenue services to your members’ needs, and to solve their problems while increasing your bottom line. In our new eBook, we look at this and other ways to increase your non-dues revenue without sacrificing membership engagement.

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5 Reasons Your Executives Don’t Participate in Your Online Community (And How to Fix It)

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You can also show how your community is impacting other business metrics, including acquisition and revenue, by comparing metrics before and after your community. For more help finding business impact and proving value, download our How to Calculate the Business Impact of Your Online Community eBook. An online community is a tool. It’s designed to help members get involved, make connections, and develop relationships with their peers and organizations.

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Friday Top 5

Thanks For Playing

IBM (and they should know) has a free ebook. Lots of talk about measuring member engagement, what to watch out for, and how to turn engagement into revenue. My Top 5 Takeaways from this week's ASAE #Tech12 : I loved Dave Coriale 's IGNITE on technology trends and innovations. If you read this blog at all, you know I'm a huge proponent of MIT's Technology Review. Dave's presentation highlighted why.

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Membership Recruitment Book Release

Membership Marketing

That is why I am happy to share many of these lessons with you in my just-released book, MembershipRecruitment: How to Grow Recurring Revenue, Reach New Markets, and Advance Your Mission. You can order your copy of the book in print or as an eBook on Amazon.

Energizing Member Engagement

Potomac Core

Corey Rosenbusch, President & CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance ( GCCA ) notes, “the impact beyond driving revenue was shifting our mindset and Strategic Plan from an inward focus to an outward focus, with an intended impact on member’s Business outcomes.” Two years after their plan was approved, the Trade Association reports a 25% increase in revenue. Click here to receive your free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement”.

Advocacy or Business Outcomes?

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Despite an improving economy, today’s executives face more pressure than ever to innovate, improve operating margins and grow top line revenue. Free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement” is available for all Association Executives at www.potomaccore.com , www.icimo.com, and www.verticalleapconsulting.com.

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3 Association Radical Transformation Strategies

Potomac Core

Since adoption of its new strategic plan GCCA has experienced 25% growth in annual revenue. The Aluminum Association is experiencing 11% membership growth, retention improved 3%, and their core revenue is 6% higher than the prior year. Free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement” is available upon request for all Association Executives at Potomac Core – Association Consulting.

How Engagement Tools Improve Association Event Management

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Download your copy of our eBook, The Community Module Guide , to learn more about tools that work to support other core objectives (like recruitment, revenue, advocacy, and more). Interested in filling more chairs at your next event? Achieving this goal is easier said than done without effective tools, but it’s a common core objective among associations (for good reason).

Tools 178

3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth

Potomac Core

The Aluminum Association is experiencing 11% membership growth, retention improved 3%, and their core revenue is 6% higher than the prior year. Free eBook “Accelerating Strategic Member Engagement” is available upon request for all Association Executives at Potomac Core – Association Consulting. Global economic challenges from modest growth to market uncertainty continue to drive changes on how Trade Associations deliver value.

Public Social Network or Private Online Community? 11 Tips to Guide Your Decision

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You add a huge revenue opportunity. Someone else gets the ad revenue. Why send members and prospects somewhere else when you could be bringing that traffic – and potential ad revenue – to your own site? Ads are a great way to increase your organization’s revenue if you have control of the platform. They generated nearly $14,000 in non-dues revenue in a year. Learn more in The Community Roundtable's eBook, The Value of Community: Behavior Change to ROI.

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