Mon.Oct 03, 2022

When the Talent Does the Shopping—Recruiting in a Crowded Market


Are you Gucci or Goodwill? Both brands have an audience. But when employees are shopping for a new look, it’s best to be the high-end option. Customer centricity doesn’t apply just to members anymore. Today, it’s equally important to give your employees that white glove treatment.

Volunteer Leader Sessions that Lead to Action

Mariner Management

This past year saw a return to in-person volunteer leadership training. This means we’re all back to figuring out how to make those annual chapter leadership workshops, volunteer trainings and sharing sessions impactful.

Building Customer Community: A Complete Guide (2022)


Customer relations are quite important for companies. Listening to their problems, providing a great service, and solving their problems are. The post Building Customer Community: A Complete Guide (2022) appeared first on Raklet - Membership Management Software. Community Platform How-to Guides