Tue.Mar 12, 2019

On Becoming the Netflix of Associations

Association Success

How we are building a purpose-driven structure, and why. What does it mean to build a purpose-driven organizational structure? I don’t mean just aligning various departmental visions, or stamping down silos that might be blotting out communication in your existing organizational hierarchy. I mean actually creating a structure that is, from every angle, purpose-driven. Answering this question has been an integral part of a radical, full-fledged business model transformation at my association.

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Your 5-Step Guide to a Streamlined Member Communications Schedule

Higher Logic

Picture this: Last month, your marketing department sent five emails to members promoting your annual event, while your membership department called members three times about the event. On top of this, your events team sent out two reminder emails.

How to Energize Association Staff Around Using Your Database


Are there some people on your association staff who are less than thrilled when it comes to database use? We get it. For many, learning how to use technology can be tedious - even downright stressful if it’s a particularly robust system.

Three Small-Scale Ideas for Free Membership

Associations Now

When you rely on member dues as a significant revenue source, free membership sounds scary. But you don’t have to go big: Limited free membership offers might provide just the boost you need. As the old adage goes, “The best things in life are free.”

What Every CEO Needs to Know About Member Engagement

Smooth The Path

Member engagement is what makes associations successful. Member engagement should be every association’s first goal because everything from revenues to member satisfaction to advancing the profession or industry flows from this single goal. Member engagement is everyone’s job.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 181: Building a Key Accounts Program at Your Association

Moery Company

Host JP Moery is fired up about selling the key account this year for his association partners. During this episode, he offers a 5-point plan to help build out this specialized sales approach for landing the big fish at your organization.

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GrowthZone AMS vs Excel Spreadsheets: An Unequal Battle


Tweet Spreadsheets aren’t enough. Here are 8 ways association management software will improve your workday. Most associations use association management software to manage their data, process joins and renewals, track finances, cultivate member engagement, and streamline tedious tasks.

Daily Buzz: Preventing Burnout Through Membership

Associations Now

Employee burnout is a real problem—and your association might be the answer. Also: Leverage learning post-meeting. A work-driven mentality can be great when it comes to achieving goals, but too much work and employees are faced with potential burnout. A surprising remedy: association membership.

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Let the Light in—Creating an Organizational Culture Around Passion and Partnership


Closed office doors, break room gossip and a CEO who gives Tony Soprano a run for the money—culture gone wrong is easy to spot. Where work moves forward and employees treat each other civilly, culture may be the caboose on a long train of priorities.

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Two Years in the Making: Organic Trade Association Launches Anti-Fraud Program

Associations Now

The association’s new Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program, finally out in the wild after a multiyear warmup period, aims to pinpoint potential cases of fraud in the organic supply chain.

6 Benefits of an Online Submission and Review Process


Picture this: Your organization’s awards presentation is coming up, and it’s time to ask for nominations. Suddenly, they’re coming from all corners: Your email, your voicemail, in person! Before you know it you’re completely overloaded with a ton of unorganized submissions.

How to Save Staff Time on Tedious Certification Tasks


Don’t you wish you could spend less time answering the same set of certification questions, doing data entry, and dealing with other tedious administrative details? Read the post to learn three ways to minimize the time spent on certification tasks