Tue.Sep 21, 2021

In-Person Meetings Right Now – Association Field Report (September 24, 2021)

Moery Company

Hi, it’s JP Moery with some Observations from the Field. As I record this message for you today, a number of associations are in the throes of implementing some of their first national meetings since the pandemic in person. There is a lot of change and a lot of first times.

Report 212

The Gift of Time = Association Staff Efficiency


Investing in a powerful AMS is essential because it allows associations to optimize operations and scale ef?ciently, ciently, effectively, and sustainably while providing the foundation which supports their strategy.


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Roundup Report on Networking Events of the Future

Smooth The Path

Have you tried a few virtual networking events and felt they delivered a meh experience? You are not alone! Sometimes the virtual sessions during the reception time slot are entertaining, like bringing in a chef or a mixologist. While enjoyable, it’s hard for members to connect.

The Forgetting Curve: Explained


People learn, and people forget. Sometimes, forgetting can seem inevitable. Think back to when you were in school. You stayed up all night cramming for an assessment, only to forget all the information you worked so hard to retain a few days later.


WW2 to COVID-19: How Remote Tools Help Reinforce Development Post-Program eLearning

Speaker: Pat D'Amico, Founder and CEO of About-Face Development

In a world where virtual learning is here to stay, answering the question of “What now?” requires us to thoughtfully evaluate how we got here and how we can leverage the knowledge gained during the pandemic to address one of trainings greatest historical challenges – how we reinforce learning to move from knowledge to behavior change. Join Pat D'Amico, Founder and CEO of About-Face Development, LLC, for this illuminating discussion on how to keep the gears turning

State of Association Workplaces Post-Pandemic Survey Report


The 2020 COVID pandemic thrust employers into a great experiment, with the U.S. becoming a primarily Work From Home (WFH) economy overnight.