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The #1 Way to Speed Up Event Check-In: How to Use QR Codes

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If you find that checking in registrants for your events is a slow and error-prone process, with the new QR code feature you can check in each attendee in under 2 seconds

Three Small-Scale Ideas for Free Membership

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When you rely on member dues as a significant revenue source, free membership sounds scary. But you don’t have to go big: Limited free membership offers might provide just the boost you need. As the old adage goes, “The best things in life are free.”

7 Lessons You’ll Learn When Upgrading Your Association Marketing Technology

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Rather than reinvent the wheel, you can simply look to other associations and find out about the important lessons they’ve learned during their digital transformation projects. Most of your peers in the association space will offer the following tips: Marketing Technology

How an Association Hotline Will Help Members Face Brexit Disruption

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The U.K.’s s Soil Association is helping organic farmers prepare for a likely no-deal Brexit at the end of this month with a new hotline and other support services. The organization intends to minimize pain while keeping organic businesses informed.

3 technology trends to improve your association’s member experience

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Is keeping up with technology trends on your association’s radar? These three should be on your priority list to ensure a great member experience. As your association grows and evolves, its needs change. Meanwhile, technology advances aren’t standing still for your association. They’re evolving, too.

Context Matters: Why Ads Do Better Next to Quality Content

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Advertising in the wrong context can damage a brand’s reputation, and brands are noticing—which provides an opportunity for creators of high-quality content to boost their ad revenue, a new report finds.

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Daily Buzz: Managing Tech Overload

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How do you adapt to a rapidly changing workplace? Develop your soft skills. Also: keeping remote employees engaged. Technology is constantly evolving, and that means so is the workplace. How can workers keep up? It takes the right set of skills, says Shawn Murphy on CMSWire.

Prepping for Renewal Time: 3 Membership Software Tips


With the end of the year comes renewal time for many member-based organizations. Even though renewal time is an annual occurrence, it can sneak up on you! Is your membership software in tip-top shape, ready to process all of those renewals and everything that comes along with it?

Planning with small teams to meet big expectations

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I’m part of an incredible team, small but nimble, with the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA). By working in this environment, it has allowed us to stay constant in our communication, ensure staff flexibility, and reduce the departmental silos inherent in larger organizations.

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2 Key Items to Work Into Your 2020 Budget


As we start to round the corner at the end of 2019, we’re sure “the budget” has come up once or twice (or a few hundred times) at your association or chamber. Small Staff Chatter learning management system

orgCommunity’s Solutions Day Honors Innovator in the Association Industry


For Immediate Release. Contact: Emily Hendershot, Managing Director. 810.610.1512. emily@orgcommunity.com.orgCommunity’s Solutions Day Honors Innovator in the Association Industry. Schaumburg, IL. September 19, 2019. Association professionals from across the country gathered at the American Society of Anesthesiologists in Schaumburg, Illinois for the 4 th annual.orgCommunity Solutions Day.

How to Get Members to Do What You Want Them to Do

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Have you ever noticed that members often do not do what we think they should do? They want to establish a new group on the online community, and then no one participates. They say they want a course but no on registers. We offer them a discount designed to drive sales, but there is no boost. Members do not always do what we think they should be doing. They have their priorities, their careers, their own goals, and a series of challenges that prevent them from doing what we think they should do.

Why Your HOA Needs A Website + 10 Examples to Inspire You

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Want to remove the manual effort associated with your homeowners' association? Here's how creating an HOA website can help and some great examples for you to follow

Xperience sessions focused on your members’ careers and your career center

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As you may have heard, Community Brands Xperience is the technology conference of the year, filled with inspirational keynotes, relevant sessions, and a bustling expo hall. While you plan out your week in Orlando with us, earmark these sessions dedicated to helping you advance your members’ careers and skyrocket your career center’s potential: Become the. The post Xperience sessions focused on your members’ careers and your career center appeared first on YourMembership.

Lyndsey Medsker Partners with The Moery Company

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The Moery Company (TMC) is pleased to announce the recent partnership with Lyndsey Medsker to offer digital marketing advertising strategy and services to grow membership sales and non-dues revenue for TMC’s association clients.

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The Moery Company Welcomes Joe Bates to the Research Team

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The Moery Company is pleased to announce the recent joining of Joe Bates to our research team. The Moery Company’s consulting business has increased more than 50% this year.

Kseniya Martin Joins the Moery Company as Communications and Marketing Consultant

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The Moery Company (TMC) is pleased to announce the recent joining of Kseniya Martin as our Marketing and Communications consultant.

The Moery Company Announces Three New Team Members

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The Big Red “M” is thrilled to announce the addition of three new team members to expand service offerings for our clients and to scale the distribution of association thought leadership.