Thu.Mar 14, 2019

Debugging Your Members’ Experience

Smooth The Path

Member retention rates are falling, or perhaps they just are not rising. Or your new member renewal rate is far below the average member renewal rate. Or members join but they do not move up in the engagement hierarchy. These metrics probably indicate there is a leak in your membership pot.

Coming up Green: MDA Ties Fundraising Campaign to St. Patrick’s Day

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Capitalizing on the feel-good vibe of the Irish holiday, the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Shamrocks campaign raises millions during March. While lots of people use St.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Advocacy As a Key Driver of Member Value

Association Success

Is the full potential of communicating advocacy efforts being reached? For years, technology has been disrupting the traditional portfolio of association member-value offerings. Long gone are the days when associations were a one-stop shop for all their members’ needs, from information and education to discounted products and services. That’s why associations large and small are spending countless hours (and dollars!) these days searching for the next big thing to attract and retain members.

Spring Clean Your Routine: Four Ways to Boost Your Productivity

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Don’t just focus on your closet or your file cabinet: Spend some time this season working on ways to minimize distractions while maximizing productivity. You may think of spring cleaning as a phenomenon to do at home, but you might want to devote a little time toward making room for it at work.

3 Ways to Make Your Events Hassle-Free Using Attachments

Wild Apricot

Organizing events can be stressful, but using the new attachments feature can make it easy to accept submissions, upload certificates and allow members to share notes

Help Prospects Make the Case for Attending Your Conference

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Convincing prospective attendees to come to your conference is one thing; selling their bosses on it is something else. What can you do to help prospects persuade their managers? You may have convinced a potential attendee that she can’t miss your conference, but guess what?

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Reintroduced Equality Act Gets Support From Businesses, Associations

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Among the supporters of the just-reintroduced Equality Act: trade and professional associations and a 164-member business coalition. The Equality Act, a proposed law that would ensure federal protections for LGBTQ individuals, was first introduced in 1974.

The Importance of Creating an Online Customer Portal with a Sense of Community

Higher Logic

Have you ever spent time with a toddler who is discovering their independence? The moment a growing tyke learns how to do something new, they feel the need to try and do it themselves.

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Daily Buzz: Use Tech to Boost Meeting Engagement

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Attendee participation can make or break a meeting. That’s where event tech comes in. Also: The downside of narrative content, plus how to fix it.

Success Requires Discipline

Effective Database

When it comes to data management, most of us know what to do; we just don’t do it. What is required is discipline. Discipline is absolutely critical when it comes to managing data effectively.

Conference Circuit: Nanny Knowledge

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Rundown Attendees: 250 plus. Workshops: 30. Sponsors: 6. The International Nanny Association’s 34th Annual Conference begins next week in New Orleans. Attendance is expected to top 250.