Tue.Nov 06, 2018

What’s In It For Me? 5 Life-Changing Benefits of Volunteering

Higher Logic

“I would love to volunteer…but I just don’t have the time!” Sound familiar? Life is busy, no doubt. But isn’t it funny how you can hear someone say this, and then in the very next breath they’ll ask you if you’re caught up on the 10-hour Netflix series they just binge-watched? Okay, I’m guilty too.)

7 Items to Include in Your New Member Welcome Packet


Note: This post was originally published on 10/20/15; Updated 11/6/18 for added value. When it comes to onboarding new members, welcome packets go a long way. Not only do they help your new members get up to speed, but they make your new members feel welcome and relaxed about their decision to join.

Things We Should Not Have to Tell Members (But We Do)

Smooth The Path

Sometimes we have to tell people things we do not think we should have to say to them: The vibrant association is dynamic because members like you tell professionals like you all about the association.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 163: Why Associations Should Evaluate their Public Affairs Infrastructure, with Stuart Roy

Moery Company

Is your association equipped to manage the next public affair crisis – quickly? How should you best deploy your team and assets when urgent scenarios develop? What’s your narrative on the latest issue?

Team 233

8 Virtual Meeting Etiquette Essentials for In-Person Participants

Wild Apricot Blog

Has your organization been struggling with engaging virtual participants? These virtual meeting etiquette tips from meeting expert Nancy Settle-Murphy will help. virtual-meeting-etiquette virtual-meetings

Tips 152

Use A Conference Story Arc To Shift Your Participants’ Brain Architecture And Strengthen Their Neural Connections

Velvet Chainsaw

We are helpless story junkies says author, journalist, and storyteller Michelle Weldon. We can’t help it. It’s part of our human nature to crave and connect with stories. Your brain on story acts very differently than when your brain is receiving data, facts and information.

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November Social Media Post Ideas for Associations


November kicks off one of the busiest times of year for social media. Plan ahead with these holiday and event ideas for your November posts: MONTHLY: Health. National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Diabetes Month. National Epilepsy Awareness Month.

Study: Gender Gap Remains Prevalent at Events

Associations Now

A new report from Bizzabo found that less than a third of event presenters globally were women, with the gender gap most pronounced at technology events.

Online Communities and Online Events: The Perfect Match


Online communities have become a valuable component of an organization’s engagement strategy. According to the advisory firm IDC, the online community market will reach $1.2 billion dollars by 2019.

Why Flickr’s Model Shift Could Shake Up the Commons

Associations Now

The photo service Flickr, once owned by Yahoo, is moving to a subscription model and limiting free accounts. While the shift could lead to the deletion of millions of photos, the organization Creative Commons is working with the company on a solution that could keep many of them available online.

Meet the Onboarding Team!


It’s quite likely that you have a great relationship with at least one person on this list. After all, as a MemberClicks customer, you once went through (or perhaps are currently in) our onboarding process!

Team 52

How to Prepare Your Association for U.S. Data Privacy Laws


In the spring, association forums and blogs were buzzing about GDPR. Five months later, crickets. So, why should you care about GDPR now? Because federal regulations are inevitable, so it’s wise to prepare your association for new data privacy laws

Escape the Ordinary

AMR Management Services

A vile of poisonous gas was just dropped, you’re locked in the lab with your fellow scientists and you’ll all be dead in an hour if you can’t hack into the system to override the lockdown

Daily Buzz: Pizza at the Polls

Associations Now

This nonprofit sends fresh pizzas to the polls for voters facing long lines. Also: developing a meeting planning process. Picture this: It’s Election Day, and you’re on your way to your local polling place to partake in your civic duty.

Your Association Business Model Might Require a Closer Look

Moery Company

Recently, I was on my way to Washington, DC, to make a client presentation – feedback based on our review of their entire business model.