Mon.Aug 01, 2022

Is Free Harmful for Your Pricing Strategy?

Smooth The Path

There is a brawl going on in the professional-speaking community. Maybe brawl is too strong of a word – how about a point of contention?). On one side, some professional speakers believe that you should never, ever under any circumstance, not in a hundred-million years, ever give a speech away.

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Professional Development’s Role in Membership Is Growing, per the 2022 MGI Report

WBT Systems

Combine uncertainty about the economy with post-pandemic reflections on how we value and spend our time and money, and you have the conditions for membership recruitment and retention challenges. But one thing is

Associations Trends Talk Blog – When Should You Increase Membership Dues??

Ewald Consulting

Pricing your membership dues is a delicate balancing act. You have expenses, you want to keep your value up, and you want to keep your members. David Ewald recently sat down with pricing expert Ben Malakoff to discuss pricing strategy for associations including when to increase dues, by how much, and how we can change pricing models to be more forward-thinking. Ewald’s biggest takeaways from Ben Malakoff: It is time to increase your dues.

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