Wed.Jan 09, 2019

Helping Your Members Achieve Their New Year's Resolutions


With a new year comes new resolutions. They’re different for everyone, but quite often, there’s at least some common ground. For example, exercise more, read more, save more money, etc.). So then, how can your organization help your members achieve their New Year’s resolutions?

Daily Buzz: Refresh Your Annual Meeting

Associations Now

Legacy rituals and age-old programming will keep your meeting—and organization—from future growth. Improving your conference starts with the right leaders at the helm. Also: Learning programs should be transformational.

Why Launching an Association Podcast is a Must in 2019

Moery Company

More than 110,000 million Americans listen to podcasts and among these are your members, so what are you waiting for? Podcasting is the #1 way to connect with them – drive thought leadership, enhance engagement, and reinforce the association’s value proposition.

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Empowering Conference Registrants To See Learning As A Journey Not A Finish Line

Velvet Chainsaw

Do your conference learning opportunities—from the general session to networking to breakouts to deep dive workshops—empower registrants to participate in their own learning journey? Or do your conference education sessions motivate participants to see the finish line?

Aviation, Travel Groups Warn of Shutdown Ripple Effects

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The impact of the federal government shutdown on air travel is being felt acutely this week at airport security checkpoints, but other effects could linger long into the future, according to aviation and travel associations.

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3 “Must-Haves” for a Powerful New-Member Welcome Email


A new-member Welcome Email is categorized as a “triggered” email which is generated when there is a meaningful change or event in a prospect’s behavior or profile. In this case, when a new member joins an organization.

Report: Social Media Gaining Ground as Talent Recruitment Tool

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A new report from the B2B firm Clutch found that nearly 15 percent of recent hires in a survey got their jobs via a social platform. But don’t shutter your job board just yet.