Thu.May 23, 2019

Onboarding for Retention: How to Engage New Members for the Long-Term

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Onboarding new members is a critical step for associations, and often one that is missed or under-emphasized. That first year of membership has a big influence on whether that member will renew with you.

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You Might Need an Association Management Company If.


Perhaps you’ve heard the term “AMC” before, short for association management company. But what is an AMC? Well, according to the AMC Institute , an AMC is “a for-profit business that manages associations to help them grow and prosper.”. Sounds great , you might be thinking.

What Your Conference Needs to Embrace Now

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Three conference practices that associations need to put into action now to ensure your attendees feel welcome, happy, and included. For my final blog post of 2018, I identified three conference elements I didn’t want to see stick around this year.

6 Steps to Create a Donation Website for Your Nonprofit + 10 Great Examples

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Here's an easy, step-by-step guide on how to create a donation website that will drastically boost your online donations — plus ten great examples to inspire you

Restaurant Association Celebrates Milestone With New Credential Program

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The National Restaurant Association’s ServSuccess program—its launch timed to coincide with the group’s 100th anniversary celebration—aims to improve paths for restaurant worker advancement and improve employee retention.

How often are you meeting with your AMS vendor?

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I’ve written before about how your relationship with your vendor is much like a marriage. Can you imagine if you only talked to your significant other when there is a problem? Yet that’s exactly how most associations treat their relationship with their AMS vendor.

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The Full Potential of the Changing Freelance Economy

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Do you know how you can leverage changing freelance economy trends? The American workforce or rather the workforce around the world is seeing trends of independent workers increasing in numbers , Millennials with strong entrepreneurial spirits wanting to take matters of financial stability into their own hands, increased virtualization of association offices, increased technology-enabled efficiencies and time savings, etc.

Associations Provide Tools to Keep Ramadan Healthy

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The International Glaucoma Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators have each created free resources aimed at keeping Muslim patients healthy as they participate in the holy month of fasting.

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20 Ideas: June Social Media Posts for Associations


Tweet. Fishing Week, Gay Pride Month, and Paul Bunyan Day are just a few June holidays. Easily schedule your organization’s social media feed with these themes: June Monthly Holidays and Observances. Dairy Month. Zoo and Aquarium Month. Adopt-a-Cat Month. Gay Pride Month.

The Association Maintaining Memorial Day’s Lasting Impact Overseas

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The American Overseas Memorial Day Association, created to honor American troops whose final resting place was overseas, has been active for nearly a century. One chapter is working to keep its ongoing mission alive through a new website.

A New Calculation Leads to Better Association Strategy

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Have you calculated the lifetime value of a member for your association? This exercise could lead to some very positive strategies for the organization overall. It may be easy for a board member to assume that the loss of each new member is merely the cost of one year of membership.

Conference Circuit: Global Educators

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Rundown Attendees: 10,000. Exhibitors: 350 plus. Concurrent sessions: 200 plus. NAFSA’s 2019 Annual Conference & Expo begins next week in Washington, DC. Around 10,000 are expected to attend.

Mindful In May – Reward What You Want To Become

Holly Duckworth

Reward What You Want To Become“The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.” ~ John Ruskin In a world that is always challenging us to become more, it can be easy to covet the person who is or has what we want to become. […