Sun.Nov 03, 2019

Lead With a Coaching Mindset

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When employees serve in multiple roles, leaders are under pressure to manage better—which calls for a more questioning, encouraging management style. In associations, we tend to think about those familiar “many hats” through one perspective: the people who have to wear them.

Evaluating the Health of Your Association’s Chapter Program

Mariner Management

A healthy chapter program delivers valuable benefits for an association. It drives member engagement, member satisfaction, and overall member growth. At the same time, managing a chapter program can be a tricky business. It requires sustainable chapter leadership, a supportive administrative structure, enthusiastic member involvement, and valuable member services. So how do you know if your chapter program is truly healthy?

6 Ways to Ensure Collaboration is at the Heart of Your Life Sciences Event

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Collaboration is key to a successful meeting, allowing the greater purpose of these events to be achieved. In a field as vast as the life sciences, no two meetings will be quite the same.