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Don't Put Association Benefits Before Member Outcomes

Eric Lanke

Amanda Kaiser on her Smooth the Path blog had a good reminder last month for all us association professionals about the importance of speaking to members in a language they understand.

How to Create Marketing Personas for Your Association (and Use Them to Make Better Decisions)

HighRoad Solution

Imagine if you could run every decision your association makes by your members and prospective members before you take action? You would increase engagement in every phase of membership. Your messages and events would never miss the mark.

New Year, New Association Goals: 3 Online Community Building Mistakes to Avoid

Higher Logic

The good news: there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s Cup. The bad news: there are at least a few wrong ways for an association to approach online community building. And by wrong, I mean misguided – you may not recognize that you’re making these mistakes, so how would you know to resolve them?

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My Top Business Tip

Moery Company

IStock/Credit:phototechno. M y daughter, Grace is home from college and we were chatting about business and some of things that make you successful. It heartens me that at her age – she has an active interest. But, from our conversation, one aspect came up that is so basic – you’re going to laugh.

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Conference Reform Requires Cultivating Leaders With Moral Purpose To Make A Difference

Velvet Chainsaw

Many conferences are stuck in the rut of legacy routines, age-old rituals and cloned programming. Conference organizers and its advisors replicate the past maintaining the traditions and well-established procedures of yesteryear.

2019 Tech Trends: 3 Factors Associations Should Watch

Associations Now

After what feels like a decade of aggressive innovation, things are starting to slow down a bit—which might make tech a little easier for associations to manage in 2019. I have a lot to live up to with this year-beginning column.

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4 Tactics to Boost Your Email Trustworthiness

Associations Now

If your association’s email program loses its reputation among messaging providers, it can create major headaches down the road. To avoid that fate, many marketers have improved their tactics. You put a lot of time into the emails you send—and you want those messages to hit your members’ inboxes.

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What is rewarded is repeated

Effective Database

The phrase is a bit trite, but nonetheless true. What we give attention to (i.e., praise or rewards), especially as managers, gets done again. And so it is with data management. What behaviors are you praising? Are you praising at all ? Too often, like payroll, it is just assumed that data is being managed correctly, until the day comes when someone notices an error. Then all hell breaks loose. This is why I advocate for “ database PR.”


Government Shutdown Puts Damper on Association Meetings

Associations Now

State of the Parks As Associations Now reported last week , the National Park Service has felt some of the strongest effects of the shutdown, leading to the closure of some parks.

5 Trends & Opportunities for Association E-Learning in 2019

WBT Systems

5 Trends & Opportunities for Association E-Learning in 2019. Read more about 5 Trends & Opportunities for Association E-Learning in 2019


Daily Buzz: Start Building Your Persuasion Skills

Associations Now

Effective communication is no longer just a soft skill; the ability to persuade gives you a competitive edge. Also: how to deal with an executive transition.

Pivot Point: Reshaping Your Business When it Matters Most

Blue Sky eLearn

Last month Sheri Jacobs, founder of Avenue M Group, presented the webinar ‘ Pivot Point: Reshaping Your Business When it Matters Most ‘ For all of the great insights she shared, we recommend you tune and watch the webinar on-demand by clicking here.

How We Turned a Hacking Disaster Into an Opportunity

Association Success

What do you do when your websites go down just before the event of the year? Picture the scene: it’s six weeks before our annual conference. Preparations are in full swing. Members are registering through our websites as usual. Then, our main site and all of its components are hacked. End of the world, or an opportunity for improvement? The Special Libraries Association (SLA) has 107 component websites hosted on WordPress, for geographic chapters and special interest groups.

The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018


We looked back at our 2018 website traffic data to discover which MemberSuite blog posts attracted the most page views last year. Here is a break down of the ten most popular blog posts of 2018 and our thoughts on why they were important