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Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.14.17

Reid All About it

Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… Last week, after a day of hiking in Capitol Reef National Park, I got on Facebook to share some photos and learned about the consolidation of Aptify, Abila, and YourMembership under the new Community Brands umbrella.

Does Social Media Make You a Better Leader?

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Recent research from a leadership development firm finds that CEOs who use social media are stronger than others in six positive leadership behaviors. Not every CEO is savvy on social media, but the ones who are often have a lot of other traits considered desirable in leaders.

Know Your Culture, Show Your Culture: The Authenticity Project #MMCon


Powerful video requires authenticity. Authenticity is rooted in alignment between your internal culture and your external communications. It’s not about being cool , but about being what’s core to you and your organization. And then, about being able to talk about it in a trustworthy way.

Gone Hunting: Add Scavenger Hunts to Your Meetings

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Associations are hosting scavenger hunts for attendees during their conferences. Not only are they fun for attendees, but they can also help you market future conferences and secure extra revenue. Come Sunday many kids will be gearing up to go hunting—for Easter eggs, that is.

How an Organization Monetized My Engagement

Association Success

I'm sharing because these are strategies associations can use as well! A company that provides business education recently fell under my radar, as one of their primary lessons is on building an engaged audience. That is why it is a fascinating exercise to consider how they built their own audience.

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Friday Buzz: Mine Your Meetings for Content Gold

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How to use your meetings to create valuable content. Also: Refine your call-for-presentations process. Don’t let another annual meeting go by without taking advantage of the gold mine of content that your event generates.