Fri.Jul 21, 2017

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

Reid All About it

Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… Yesterday I went on an ebook buying rampage thanks to BookBub.


Q&A on D&I

Spark Consulting

Did you miss the July 12 webinar my Include Is a Verb co-author Sherry Marts and I presented for the Wild Apricot Experts series on living your talk on D+I? Never fear!


Conference Advisory Boards: What Should Their Role Be?

Associations Now

Associations frequently use advisory boards to develop a meeting’s curriculum or to help identify industry trends and breaking news. But what other roles can these experts play?


Brew Your Own: Homebrewers Association Launches Beer Clone Guide

Associations Now

The American Homebrewers Association is making available specific recipes for brewing small batches of popular craft beers. The group notes that many of the original brewers of these beers started out as homebrewers themselves.


With New Name, Detroit Sports Media Group Makes a Pitch for New Members

Associations Now

Long the home for TV and radio journalists, the Motor City group now welcomes sports journalists across media and will boost initiatives to support emerging professionals aspiring to cover Detroit’s sports scene.


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