Mon.Nov 05, 2018

Daily Buzz: Conference Swag Beyond the Bag

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Tote bags, notepads, and USBs: You’ve offered them as meeting giveaways too many times, and they end up in the trash. Ditch these tired ideas for more earth-friendly options. Also: the benefits of a young professionals committee. Meeting swag.

When to Fire Your Best Salesperson

Moery Company

I bet I’ve got your attention today with the headline. Let me give you some context. About a month ago, the Moery team came together, and we reconfirmed our values as a company. They are collaboration, dedication, and integrity.

Team 190

We're Number Two!

Eric Lanke

Something interesting happened this week. The office building where our association is located had a Halloween door decorating contest.

Course 130

4 Ways to Build Flexibility Around Innovation

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Sometimes the root of your organization’s future might come in the form of not only finding the right idea, but finding the right way to sell innovation both inside your organization and to the broader world. A recent experiment in the world of publishing offers a lot of lessons on this front.

SURGE Optimism: Know Before You Go

Association Success

SURGE Optimism starts this week! SURGE is our free interactive virtual conference for association professionals - and it’s happening this week on November 7-9th! Here are some things to know before you go : The Basics.

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Foundation Study: Many LGBTQ Employees Face Discrimination Challenges

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One in 10 LGBTQ employees at philanthropic foundations say they’ve left “not very accepting” workplaces, and nearly six in 10 aren’t “out” to their coworkers, according to a new Funders for LGBTQ Issues report. The study is the first comprehensive report on the issue in the foundation space.

Your Holiday Social Media Schedule Is Here!


You know you need to be posting on social media, but hey, who has the time? And for that matter, the content? You do! You just have to plan ahead and get a little creative. And good news: The holiday season is one of the BEST times to engage with people (both members and prospects) on social media.

Professional Learning Communities Educate, Connect & Empower Members

WBT Systems

Professional Learning Communities Educate, Connect & Empower Members. Read more about Professional Learning Communities Educate, Connect & Empower Members