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Nonprofit Tax Compliance: Three Things You Need to Know

Wild Apricot

Learn three things you need to know about nonprofit tax compliance, and how to implement them from a filing expert

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4 Tips for Generating More Non-Dues Revenue from Advertising

Higher Logic

If you’re from the Midwest, you probably know someone who loves pickling anything and everything. (Or Or maybe you’re that person?). The picklers I know are all about pickling – from eggs to cukes to fruits.

Free Membership Can Be Risky

Smooth The Path

I have mixed feelings about associations giving things away for free. On the one hand, a free membership category is the most frictionless way to prompt participation from people in your target group. On the other hand, what we get for free, we tend not to value.

Reach Members on the Air with Podcasts

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Podcasts are growing in popularity right now, and it could be a medium ripe for associations to recruit, retain, and engage members. If you haven’t noticed, podcasts are reaching peak popularity for businesses and audiences alike.

The Lifelong Learner’s Guide to Success: Future Proofing Your Career, Part One

Blue Sky eLearn

Times are changing; and so are schools, jobs, and the correlation they have between learning and earning. A college degree used to be the main requirement for an individual to start a successful and cognitively-satisfying career. We pay tuition for higher education because we look at it as an investment in ourselves, assuming it will provide us with higher wages and thought-provoking work. This proved to be true for a number of decades, but there are several glaring trends that now say otherwise.

Sneak peek: Benchmark report on small-staff associations

YourMembership Blog

Associations with small staffs face big challenges. They must attract and engage new members and plan for their organization’s future. But what are their top priorities? Are they expecting growth? How are they preparing for the future? Community Brands set out to answer these and other questions in a recent survey of small staff (10. The post Sneak peek: Benchmark report on small-staff associations appeared first on YourMembership.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS)


Many associations and chambers toy with the idea of adding a Learning Management System (or LMS) to their tech ecosystem. This especially holds true if you’re in an industry that depends on continued education and certifications.

Daily Buzz: Event Registration’s New Frontier

Associations Now

Meeting registration technology is changing. With it comes the need for greater data security. Also: Finding a learning management system fit for your organization. Printed tickets? Confirmation numbers and long check-in lines?

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Why and How Rituals Build Resilience in the Nonprofit Workplace

Beth Kanter

Last week I presented a session at the Nonprofit Technology Conference called “ Activating A Culture of Resilience for Sustainable Impact ,” with fellow NTEN board members, Ananda Leeke & Meico Whitlock as well as Carrie Rice. We each tackled a different aspect of resilience.

How the 737 Max’s Grounding Affects Business Travel

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Issues with the aircraft, involved in two recent crashes, have led to its grounding. Even though it’s a somewhat uncommon plane, moving it out of circulation may still create headaches for travelers. The Boeing 737 Max is grounded in many parts of the world, including the U.S.—and

6 Steps to Generating a Brilliant Annual Report


Tweet An Annual Report isn’t just for your association’s Board of Directors.; it’s a valuable tool you can use to highlight your association’s successes and leverage to develop partnerships with sponsors. Here are six steps for writing an effective association annual report: Define the Audience.

A CEO’s wish list for association staff

Association Success

Caring about your organization means embodying the acronym ‘IF U CARE’. An organization is only as good as its people. This is also true for associations, who not only employ staff, but also attract volunteers to promote its work and advocacies. As a chief executive of an association, I embody the aspirations of my staff and volunteers. I label these aspirations through an acronym, “IF U CARE”, and here is what it stands for: “ I ” is for initiative.

Meet the Solution Advisor Team!


You’ve probably interacted with at least one of these Clickers along your MemberClicks customer journey. In fact, they may have been the very first Clicker you ever met! Our Solution Advisors work hard to get to know each organization and its unique needs before making their recommendations.

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Meet Cagin Orgen - IT Manager at MemberSuite


Meet Cagin Orgen, a die-hard Auburn fan born in Turkey that really enjoys working with new technology. Learn more about our IT Manager in this month's Employee Spotlight