Mon.Jul 22, 2019

Eat the Frog First

Moery Company

Maybe you are still at home getting ready for the day or maybe its on your drive into the office – no matter how loud that radio is blaring, that one pesky to-do just keeps popping into your mind.

Keeping Up with the Waterfall

Eric Lanke

My association's Board of Directors has eighteen people on it.

An Association Disconnect

Moery Company

Istock_Credit: ismagilov. All right. I want to give you some advanced warning as you read this blog – I may come across as defensive but bear with me because I have a point to make.

Ask These Five Usability Questions Before You Choose Your Next Software Tool

Associations Now

Good apps provide a good flow—both in their own user interface and when they interact with other tools. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you look for tools that lend themselves to your users’ tech muscle memory.

Nickel and Diming Your Way to a Raise

Association Success

How can you help yourself get a raise? Association work can be rewarding in a number of ways—professionally, socially, intellectually, and even monetarily. That last one is a bit rarer, especially if you’re in a small to mid-sized association and if you’re not either in the latter stages of your career. But it can happen, and you can do something to speed it along. It’s important to remember that your boss most likely wants to pay you better, but they face constraints in doing so.

Team 58

Hometown Association Gives the Boss a Museum Treatment

Associations Now

The Monmouth County Historical Association will honor its most famous local resident, Bruce Springsteen, with a museum exhibit full of rare items. From the title of his first album, ?Greetings Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. fans always had a pretty strong handle on where Bruce Springsteen was from.

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New Genetic Testing Program Aims to Help Parkinson’s Patients, Boost Research

Associations Now

PD GENEration, a new initiative of the Parkinson’s Foundation, will give patients access to free genetic testing and counseling. The results will also be used to help uncover new treatments for the disease.

7 Tactical Tips for Using Digital Marketing to Drive Member Engagement

HighRoad Solution

Did you miss out on our webinar with OpenWater a few weeks ago? HighRoad’s Director of Client Services, Maneesha Manges, delivered a compelling webinar about using digital marketing to drive engagement in your membership base.

Beyond membership dues: 3 ways to boost your association’s revenue


Beyond membership dues: 3 ways to boost your association’s revenue. Great ideas to take to your board today. What do you do when your association’s revenue goes flat? Here are three revenue-boosting ideas you can take to your board today.

LMS 52

Summer Reading for Association and Chamber Pros


Who doesn’t love a little summer reading?! Whether it’s at the beach while you’re on vacation or on the porch one sunny Saturday afternoon, a new book paired with some sunshine and fresh air is just hard to beat.


Segmenting Prospects to Improve Membership Marketing


When it comes to marketing membership to prospects and leads, relevancy is key as they have unique goals and needs. Read the blog post to learn how to take a segmented approach to market membership to prospects

8 ways businesses can transform into thriving community brands

Disciple Media

Getting noticed in today’s dynamic marketplace isn’t easy. You can spend all your advertising dollars on outbound marketing strategies, but there’s still no guarantee you’ll get heard above the clamour of competition. Neither will it help you retain customers or build a loyal following. Now that our purchase decisions are more heavily influenced by our peers than ever before, the significance of communities cannot be understated. That’s why every business needs a community brand.

Mastering the Art of Writing Course & Product Descriptions

WBT Systems

Mastering the Art of Writing Course & Product Descriptions. Read more about Mastering the Art of Writing Course & Product Descriptions