Wed.Jan 12, 2022

How to Find Out What Your Members Want from Your Association

Higher Logic

The post How to Find Out What Your Members Want from Your Association appeared first on Higher Logic. Successfully giving your members what they want isn’t about luck. It’s about paying attention over time, and sometimes coming right out and asking them what they want.

How To 241

How to Reevaluate the Member Experience in 2022


The pandemic affected industries and professionals differently, but most of your members probably experienced big changes at work and home.


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Knowing when to fold ’em

Mizz Information

I just want to say one thing off the bat: I am horrible at saying goodbye. So horrible, in fact, that I mostly just don’t do them–I ghost, I avoid, I say I’m not saying goodbye yet…then just let the clock tick down until the opportunity has passed.

Expand the capabilities of your slim marketing team and budget

HighRoad Solution

Associations, non-profits, and societies tend to find themselves in the perfect storm of resource-deprivation and program decentralization. This equates to small marketing teams with lean operating budgets working as in-house agencies to a suite of program managers.

Team 78

The Four Culture Decisions that will Make or Break Your Return to the Workplace

Rethinking Work, Office, and Culture in the New Reality - How will you design the workplace for the needs of employees? How will you define what it means to collaborate or supervise? Find out here.

Data Management Strategy

Effective Database

Data Management Strategy Do you know what your data management strategy is? If you have one written down, congratulations! If you don't, well I have news for you: that IS your data strategy. You have a data strategy, whether you know it or not. It's your choice as to whether it was created actively or passively. … Data Management Strategy Read More » Wes's Wednesday Wisdom