Tue.Aug 29, 2017

Energizing Member Engagement

Potomac Core

Driving Sustainable Industry Growth Helps Trade Associations Energize Member Engagement . With global economic uncertainty dominating most conversations, we’re learning that Trade Associations who drive sustainable industry growth are helping their organizations by energizing member engagement.

How to Increase Nonprofit Website Traffic (And How That Translates to Revenue)

Higher Logic

Websites are par for the course. Your nonprofit probably already has one, but you may be leaving money on the table if you’re not consistently working on improving your website’s visibility. Just having a website isn’t enough.

Mastering the Art of Work/Life Balance in a Digital World

Beth Kanter's Blog

I love connecting with nonprofit technology colleagues who are also promoting work/life balance and how to avoid digital distractions. Meet my colleague, Meico Marquette Whitlock, who is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Techie.

3 Ways to Capture the Attention of Volunteers


Whether you’ve found them or not, your association’s membership is filled with potential volunteers. The trick is just getting them to come forward. Where, oh where are they?! How can you entice them to get involved?

Ready for the Great App Store Purge?

Associations Now

A major change coming to Apple’s App Store is a great reminder that if your organization isn’t keeping pace with modern tech trends, you’re ensuring a lot of future headaches for yourself.

It’s Time to Get Creative

Association Success

How some associations are being bold with their marketing campaigns - and why it's working. People love to be surprised. When our familiar contexts are re-arranged, or we are met by the unexpected, we are provoked into feeling something new and unanticipated.

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How to Leverage the Marketing Power of Social Proof

WBT Systems

Association members encounter an overwhelming amount of information every day from organizations pushing themselves into the already crowded professional development space. No matter how hard you sell your online course or educational program, your prospect’s purchasing decision is most influenced by what others tell them or what they see others do—that’s the power of social proof.

LMS 48

The Right Office Move Can Change More Than Your Address

Associations Now

The place your organization calls home can have a big impact on your mission. Case in point: the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, whose new office gives it some new neighbors in the medical world—and more opportunities to collaborate.

Tuesday Buzz: Why You Need to Say “No”

Associations Now

Saying “no” to extra demands may sound simple, but it’s something many people have to learn how to do. Also: Maximize your time with these productivity habits for event professionals. When you’re in a leadership position, it’s easy to get spread too thin.

After Settlement with Trade Groups, NYC Halts Menu Labeling Rules

Associations Now

New York City, which originated many of the menu labeling standards that the Food and Drug Administration is trying to implement, won’t jump ahead of the FDA’s own planned deadlines after a coalition of trade groups sued the city.