Mon.Apr 17, 2017

The Psychology of Trade Shows

Eric Lanke

I recently attended my association's trade show. It's a major event for our industry, taking place only once every three years and co-located with the much larger trade show of one of our industry's key customer markets. Our association staffs its own exhibit booth in the middle of the show floor.

Cultural Differences on Your Board? Set Some Ground Rules.

Associations Now

One association uses six guiding principles to make sure that leaders from multiple countries can speak in one voice. Board members don’t have to agree on everything. But they do have to agree on the terms by which they’ll be disagreeing. That’s something Magdalena N.

Strategic Planning in an Hour or Less? Yes, It IS Possible!


Strategic planning is crucial to your organization's success. It’s a roadmap for how you’re going to get where you want to go. Now, because strategic planning is so important, it’s crucial that your board members are involved in the process - and not just once a year.

Association Uses Facebook Live to Expand Education

Associations Now

Using Facebook’s live-streaming capabilities, the Association For Creative Industries has taken a meeting-based education session and made it accessible year-round.

A Little Less Costco, A Little More American Express

Association Success

Why do we ask our members to spend money to buy more things? For a number of years, I’ve heard conversations about “changing membership models.” This is a difficult discussion to have across individual membership societies and trade associations because who joins (individual v. company) in each model dictates the types of membership categories and/or access provided. We all know that the “reason for being” for a professional society v. a trade association is also completely different.

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Member Email Fails (And How to Recover From Them)

Association Success

Once you've hit the "sent" button, you can't take it back! If you have sent a mass email to your members before, I’m sure you can relate to the nervousness as you hit the “Send” button.

Ohio 52

Heart Association Takes Quality Improvement Program to Middle East

Associations Now

AHA is expanding the reach of its Get With the Guidelines Program to improve the ways that hospitals in the United Arab Emirates treat heart disease and stroke. The program could help UAE meet an ambitious World Health Organization goal.

5 Tips for Sponsorship Packages and Pricing Optimization Webinar - Moery Company

The Moery Company

Selling sponsorships is hard work. We will cover the key considerations in developing sponsorship packages and pricing.

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As United Airlines Controversy Dies Down, Groups Make Case for Overbooking

Associations Now

With the treatment of United Airlines passenger David Dao putting negative attention on airline practices, industry groups are making the case that the practice of overbooking—which is getting additional scrutiny as a result of the incident—has an important place.