Thu.Mar 01, 2018

Associations and Thought Leadership – A Triple Win: Exclusive Moery Webinar - Moery Company

Moery Company

So, how can associations capitalize on this game-changing opportunity? JP Moery and the Bloom Group’s Bob Buday will host a complimentary 30-minute webinar on the value of thought leadership and how it can help cultivate your brand and help transform your sponsors as thought leaders.

How Automation Will Save Marketing

Higher Logic

I may be biased, but I don’t consider most marketers to be inherently “shady.” There’s a difference between educating someone on your products and services and bombarding them with thoughtless advertising. The downfall of advertising might be part of marketing evolution, but let’s not make it the underlying narrative. Let’s refocus on marketing for people, not at them. Why haven’t we embraced marketing automation as a true opportunity to market with a conscience?

Member Participation, Volunteerism, and Contribution are Declining

Smooth The Path

Today it is harder to engage a member than it was ten years ago. Ten years ago it was harder to engage a member than it was ten years before that. Why is member engagement becoming so difficult? Well, because our members might be dividing their time between multiple associations.

8 Unprofessional Words and Phrases to AVOID


Whether you’re addressing the board of directors, calling members, or emailing colleagues, it’s important to convey your message professionally. You already know the obvious no-nos words – swear words.

Facebook Usage Declines: What Does It Mean for Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy?

Beth Kanter's Blog

As we all know, in early January, Facebook announced some sweeping changes in the News Feed to prioritize content from friends and family and fewer updates from brands and news. The intent as described by Zuckerberg was to encourage meaningful interaction and ensure that time on Facebook was well spent. The changes have also prompted nonprofits to reevaluate their digital strategies and make changes in strategies and tactics.

Before They Get Away: Board Member Exit Interviews

Association Success

Learn from your board members before they leave. An association volunteer has committed four years of their professional life to serving on your association’s board of directors. They have been involved in the most important decisions that your association has faced over the last four years. They have held innumerable conversations with your association’s members. They have interacted with the association staff and have developed professional relationships and even friendships.