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Partnership v. Membership: Prospecting Dos and Don’ts

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In Lewis’s last post in our ongoing series , he shared some great advice on prospecting for corporate partners. Lewis highlighted DO items, such as: Weed out “dead ends” Understand your potential partners’ business challenges and goals for your audiences. Focus on mutual benefit. He also called out time-wasters to eliminate (I love that framing!), such as: Pursuing a company that has no connection to your profession/industry.

How to Spot Useful Nonprofit Tech Tools — And 3 You Can Use Today

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Here are several useful nonprofit tech tools, as well as how you can select the right ones for your nonprofit, from guest poster Amy Neumann, founder of Free Tech for Nonprofits

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Tips to Skyrocket Your Association’s Job Board Revenue

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At the top of every association’s priority list is growing non-dues revenue and driving more member engagement. But how do they do it? We’ll fill you in on their secret: a successful career center. The constant evolution of career centers has made them the go-to destination for all career development opportunities for association members. The post Tips to Skyrocket Your Association’s Job Board Revenue appeared first on YourMembership. Career Solutions Non-Dues Revenue

How to Start a 501c3 Nonprofit the Right Way in Nine Steps

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Congratulations — you're on your way to changing the world! In this guide I cover how to start a nonprofit or 501c3, from setting your goals to getting your first paying members

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How Omnichannel Marketing Can Build Relationships With Your Members

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Two new reports point to member engagement challenges for associations, which could mean it’s time to test out an omnichannel marketing strategy—and, no, that’s not the same thing as multichannel marketing. Here’s what the omnichannel approach looks like. Is your member engagement rate dropping?

The Case for Human Connection in a Techie World

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In today’s digital era, the world is changing to favor convenience. Technology and automation give us bots to answer our questions 24/7, personalized messaging, and curated recommendations for what products to buy or shows to watch based on our past interactions.

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The First 3 Months of Association New-Member Onboarding


New-member onboarding is crucial for associations. A touch plan to improve the process builds a strong foundation for engagement and for a long-term membership. The new-member onboarding and first-year renewal processes work hand-in-hand and should be a 12+ month program (at a minimum).

Business Roundtable: Corporate Purpose Goes Beyond Shareholder Profits

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In a statement supported by almost 200 CEOs, the Business Roundtable is broadening its definition of corporate purpose to encompass serving the interests of customers, employees, and others—not just shareholders.

8 Ideas for Promoting Your Job Board to Employers


If your organization has a job board on its website, then you probably already know just how much value it can add to your organization. And not just value in membership terms, but in how you’re viewed by employers in your industry or community.

Daily Buzz: Highlight Members With a Social Media Takeover

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Switch up your social media routine and let members take over for a day. Also: how one MLB manager’s open discussions strengthen his relationship with his team. Fizzling out on social media inspiration? Let members take the wheel with a social media takeover. “By

Halfway to the Horizon: A Look at the Chambers 2025 Report


In 2014, the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) took on a major project.

Free Membership Might Actually Discourage Membership

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Somewhere around a decade ago, just about every cloud-based consumer software companies that wanted to reach the masses included a free customer plan. As a non-paying customer, you are allowed to use the software for free up to a certain point.