Thu.Jan 10, 2019

How your association can work smarter in 2019 

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Make 2019 your most efficient and effective year yet with these tips. Work smarter on the go Cloud-based technology allows you to work from anywhere and at any time. But most legacy association management software (AMS) restricts your association staff to one version of a browser and makes it nearly impossible to access your member database through a mobile device or tablet. The post How your association can work smarter in 2019 appeared first on YourMembership.

How to Write a Volunteer Program Report That Proves Your Volunteers’ Impact

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Want to help your organization see just how valuable your volunteers are? Elisa Kosarin, CVA, explains how to prepare a volunteer report that will prove their value

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Unique but Effective Ways to Measure the Health of Your Association

Smooth The Path

There are many ways to measure the health of an association. Revenues, renewal rates, opens, clicks and the number of attendees are a few examples. But any of these standard metrics can be hacked in the short-term which can hurt the association and members in the long-term.

Practicing Conference Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less And Better

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It’s hard for conference organizers to stick to planning the essential elements of their events. We are bombarded from every side from people who want us to add their components to the schedule.

Daily Buzz: Navigate a Digital Transformation

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Research shows that many leaders don’t think digital transformations are successful. Here’s how to lay the groundwork for a good outcome. Also: habits that help meeting planners save time (and their sanity).

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An Inside Look: 2019 Association Survey Results


Every year, the Association Survey Results report is our most downloaded document. With up-to-date statistics and broad feedback from association professionals, this year’s report is our most comprehensive ever. Download the free. 2019 Association Survey Results report now ».

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“Experience is unobservable to everyone except the person who it happens to.”

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In Dan Gilbert’s book Stumbling on Happiness, he writes: “Experience is unobservable to everyone except the person who it happens to.”

Rethinking Your "Most Valuable Members"


You’ve heard of most valuable players. They’re the stars of a team; the ones who directly impact the team’s success. Well today, we’re talking about most valuable members. How do you determine who your most valuable members are? For every organization, the answer varies.

The Power of Person Accounts: Customer 360 

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Nimble AMS has always been an advocate for Salesforce’s Person Account model where Business Accounts and Individual Person Accounts are treated as “Account” equals. In the world of associations, both businesses (B2B) and individual customers (B2C) engage with the association to collaborate, participate, and transact.

Data Hygiene: Why Bother?

Association Adviser

Your association has a mountain of data from member profiles, job listings, transaction records and more. The amount of data your association hosts in its website, career center, and association management system may feel overwhelming, but it shouldn’t. Data: .

Growing Membership through Winback Marketing

Membership Marketing

There are several very good reasons why associations should focus their attention on trying to winback or reinstate former members. First, a former member is aware of who you are and the basic benefits that you offer. There is not a need to educate them from scratch.

Games Done Quick Gives Gaming—And Charity—Another Swift Kick

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The popular Games Done Quick series of events have become reliable charity fundraisers in recent years—all while helping to respect the culture of video games. A look at how the Awesome Games Done Quick event is doing these days.

Conference Circuit: Air Quality

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Rundown Attendees: 1,100 plus. Exhibitors: 300. Sessions: 40 plus. The Indoor Air Quality Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting begins this weekend in Atlanta. Attendance is expected to top 1,100.