Mon.May 20, 2019

What’s the Impact of M&A on Your Association?

Moery Company

Istock/Credit: natasaadzic. Currently, we see mergers and acquisitions on the rise in the industry. Companies are buying each other and, often large companies buy each other as well. What happens at the association?

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I Want the Right Pageviews

Eric Lanke

This week's blog post is partly inspired by this post on Seth Godin's blog. In it, he makes the case that the idea of "reach" is overrated. Why do you care if you can, for more money, reach more people? Why wouldn’t it make more sense to reach the right people instead? I agree entirely.

Who’s in Charge of Talent Development at Your Association?

WBT Systems

Who’s in Charge of Talent Development at Your Association? Read more about Who’s in Charge of Talent Development at Your Association


Want to Be an Effective Leader? Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Associations Now

A series of recent studies highlights numerous ways that sleep deprivation negatively affects the ability of leaders to do their job properly. Take the hint!). Want to get a little better at leading your organization? A good night’s sleep might help.

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Xperience 2019 Registration Is Now Open!

YourMembership Blog

Ready for something innovative, insightful, and inspirational? We’ve got just the thing! Xperience 2019, the preeminent technology show for association, nonprofit, and K-12 school leaders! Created by Community Brands, the immersive digital experience is packed with new product announcements, user training, inspirational keynotes, research, education, a bustling expo hall, and valuable networking opportunities. Last year, The post Xperience 2019 Registration Is Now Open!

Open-Source Software Is Everywhere. What’s Your Maintenance Strategy?

Associations Now

For years, open-source software has had a rep for being risky compared with managed alternatives. But perhaps the real problem is less about how it’s made and more about how it’s maintained.

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Daily Buzz: “Game of Thrones” and Your Association

Associations Now

Think your association has nothing to learn from Game of Thrones ? Think again. Also: the key to protecting your accounts, according to Google. Oh, Game of Thrones. Whether you watch the show or not, you can’t deny the HBO drama’s ability to captivate an audience and get people talking.

Winter is Over: Lessons from the Last Season of Game of Thrones


After nearly a decade, eight seasons, and over 70 hours of medieval fantasy, battles, and scheming.HBO’s Game of Thrones came to an end last night. And you probably know that even if you haven’t watched a second of the show because it’s all anyone can talk about.

Three Strategies to Keep Cloud Spending in Check

Associations Now

It’s surprisingly easy to spend way more than you expected on cloud services. But with a careful reading of your bill and a willingness to change things up, you can keep the expense under control. Cloud computing is increasingly important to how modern organizations work.

Personalization: The Key to Increased Member Engagement

HighRoad Solution

Low member engagement is a major concern for every organization. member engagement

20 reasons for associations to love Salesforce

Nimble AMS

The benefits of having your member management software built on Salesforce. As Salesforce celebrates 20 years in business, the Nimble AMS team reflects on the reasons why associations benefit from an AMS built on Salesforce. This year, Salesforce celebrates 20 years in business.

Meet Hector Alicea - Implementation Consultant at MemberSuite


Meet Hector Alicea, a New Yorker born in Puerto Rico with 20+ years of experience implementing software. Learn more about our Implementation Consultant in this month's Employee Spotlight