Tue.Jun 18, 2019

Higher Logic Joins Team Rubicon to Tackle Community Disaster Response in Houston

Higher Logic

HIGHER LOGIC CARES: Through our 2019 Charity Program, we sent a group of nine staff volunteers to Houston, Texas, in May 2019 to assist Team Rubicon in disaster response efforts. This story is about their personal experiences on-site and what it’s like to participate.

Association Hustle – Episode 193: Members Hire Tomorrow’s Associations, with Dan Varroney – Part 2

Moery Company

During the newly branded “Association Hustle” podcast, Host JP Moery and guest Potomac Core CEO Dan Varroney offer the second installment of their series on “Why Members Hire Associations.”

7 Tips for Boosting Online Membership Renewals


If we had to guess, we’d probably say that you would prefer members pay their dues online, rather than mailing in their payment. And that makes sense! Online dues renewal is a win for everyone: It’s quick and convenient for the member, and it makes for a more streamlined renewal process for you.

Tips 82

Four Internet Trends Affecting Membership

Associations Now

At the 2019 Code Conference, venture capitalist Mary Meeker detailed numerous internet trends giving shape to businesses. Many of them also have implications for associations and their members.

Many Organizations Accidentally Ignore New Members

Smooth The Path

Last year I was talking to a colleague, and she recommended a particular national professional association. This group sounded like it could help me with some of my professional goals, so I joined. Right off the bat, I ran into a few issues.

With Retail Concept, Group Looks to Make Plant-Based Food Easier to Find on the Go

Associations Now

The Plant Based Foods Association is aiming to make grab-and-go plant-based food more accessible with a turnkey retail concept it’s piloting at college campuses to start.

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Daily Buzz: The Research Poster Disrupting Scientific Conferences

Associations Now

Scientific posters aren’t designed to effectively communicate insight. So, one man designed a new type of poster to accelerate discovery. Also: why you need a membership development pipeline.

How to Livestream Events without Losing Your In-Person Audience


For many event planners, their initial reaction to the word “livestream” is to worry about how it’ll impact attendance. The overarching goal with any event is to drive registrations - but with new technology, who says that attendance has to all be in-person?

Get More Out of Your Conference Planning Sessions

Association Success

How can you create a more effective agenda at your conference planning sessions? Do you start your conference planning sessions by asking a big group sitting at a U-shaped boardroom table , “So what kind of content would you like on the program this year?” Do you proceed to repeat that same question all day long? Then you likely already know that this approach doesn’t spark new ideas or help you find solutions to make your conference more engaging.

B Lab Pushes Growth of Mission-Focused B Corporations

Associations Now

The B Corp designation is awarded to socially minded businesses that meet high standards of transparency and accountability. B Lab, the nonprofit that awards the certification, is working to build on the model’s success so that more companies adopt a mission-focused mindset.

Meet Julie Carswell - Sr. Customer Success Manager at MemberSuite


Meet Julie Carswell, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) that loves family time, traveling, animals, and Halloween. Learn more about our CSM in this month's Employee Spotlight