Tue.Jan 15, 2019

7 Ways to Refine Your Buyer Personas with Community Data

Higher Logic

All great buyer personas are alike; each bad buyer persona is bad in its own way. Sound familiar? Well, it’s not exactly how Leo Tolstoy began his classic novel, Anna Karenina, but if he’d been a marketer, we’d bet at least a dollar that he would have.

Why Your Organization Needs a Member Directory

Wild Apricot

Wondering how to keep your members connected? Consider creating a member directory for your organization to facilitate outreach, support your communications, and more

Resources of the Association Community

Smooth The Path

Where do you get knowledge and insights about the association industry? I am lucky. I conduct member research all the time, so I get direct access to the bright spots in our industry.

Focusing on the Association Chapter

Moery Company

IStock/Credit_Nastco. One of the significant trends developing in 2019 is the increased interest by national organizations in strengthening their chapter operations.

Use a Content Calendar to Engage Members in 2019

Associations Now

The member experience ebbs and flows with activity throughout the year, which is why a content calendar can help you plan for member engagements in 2019. Here are a few tools and techniques to get you started.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 173: How to Structure a Killer Brainstorming Session

Moery Company

Host JP Moery doesn’t hold a brainstorming session without a plan – otherwise, you’re doomed by the same old back and forth – “Hey, John. What do you think? Hey, Bob. What’s your idea?” During his latest podcast, he shares a few ways to successfully map out your approach.

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Enhance Your Career Resources through an Internship Module

Association Adviser

Do you remember searching for internships while in school or as a freshly minted graduate?

Daily Buzz: Market Your Meeting on the Cheap

Associations Now

A robust event marketing campaign can be expensive—but you don’t have to have a big budget to succeed. Try these free strategies, from the Event Manager Blog. Also: embracing remote workforce culture.

Amanda Kaiser Webinar: The Stickiest New-Member Engagement Programs


Get 1 CAE credit and and improve your organization’s renewal rates! Save your seat for GrowthZone’s upcoming live webinar, The Stickiest New-Member Engagement Programs , presented by association expert, Amanda Kaiser. We’ll be live on Thur.,

The Pros and Cons of Evolving Workplaces

Association Success

Is remote working the answer for the many or the few? My friends were planning a get together last November at a cabin in Virginia. While we were chatting and figuring out arrangements, one of my friends said, “We can head up on a Friday, but if we do, I’ll have to work from the car. I can turn my phone into a hotspot for internet.”. I didn’t bat an eye at that at all. It’s become normal to be able to work from anywhere, even a moving car.

How to Use Association Website Analytics for Member Recruitment


Believe it or not, your website acts as a sort of membership salesperson. In fact, it’s probably the best “employee” you have! It never complains, and it always lets you know what’s going on. How does your website tell you anything?

Lessons in Crisis Response from Coachella

Associations Now

Over its two-decade history, the organizers of the popular music festival Coachella have dealt with numerous crisis situations, whether related to last-minute changes, safety issues, or even financial problems. Here’s how the organization has tackled them.

“The Beach Was too Sandy”—Happy Members Are a Nonnegotiable


I’ve been thinking, writing and talking a lot about Association 4.0. That’s how I describe best practices in a game-changing time for the association community and across the business world. Technology is driving the most visible disruption.

The Association Keeping NBA Coaches Focused on Health

Associations Now

With the help of outside vendors and an on-call nutritionist, the National Basketball Coaches Association is encouraging NBA coaches to actively focus on their health as they go through the grind of a long season, just like the players.

5 Things Your Association NEEDS in a Learning Management System


We’re willing to bet that your association has educational resources you’d like to share in an easy, organized and professional way with your members and industry stakeholders. The tough part is finding a seamless solution for hosting and delivering that information.

Meet Amber Hulsey - Sales Development Representative


Meet Amber Hulsey, a Georgia native and die hard Bears and Cubs fan who recently joined our MemberSuite team as a Sales Development Representative. Learn more about her background in this month's Employee Spotlight

Talent Demonstrated Not Time Served

Idea Architects

When it comes to staff hires or promotions and volunteer elections and appointments, it's long overdue that we shift emphasis from time served to talent demonstrated. Marking time alone is not qualification. It's what was contributed and accomplished in the time served that matters more.