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4 Ways to Becoming the Best Continuing Education Resource in Your Industry

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How associations can support members through professional development. Members’ needs and expectations evolve as they move through their careers journey and look to associations for support. Here are some tips and tricks to take your online learning program to the next level. Your members look to your association to be a leader, especially when it. The post 4 Ways to Becoming the Best Continuing Education Resource in Your Industry appeared first on YourMembership.

Flipping the Script on Rebranding: How an Association Told Its Member Story

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SMPS went through a 2-year rebranding to better tell its story and those of members. Rebranding improved its messaging andand membership appeal. The post Flipping the Script on Rebranding: How an Association Told Its Member Story appeared first on Association Adviser.

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Hispanic Journalists Reject Conference Sponsorship From Fox News

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Protesting Fox News anchors’ on-air rhetoric against immigrants, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists will return its share of a $50,000 package of conference sponsorships purchased by the network.

Performant Recovery Company Review – Should you Fear Them?


Debt recovery is the process of pursuing payments of debts that are owed by individuals to either health insurance companies, banks, credit card companies, or any other creditor.

AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

Building Out a “Culture Ops” Function

Jamie Notter

I have a couple of keynotes at HR conferences coming up in September, and I am thinking about drawing some attention in those talks to a relatively new term in HR: Culture Operations, or Culture Ops. If you’re outside of the Human Resources world, you may not realize that the term, “human resources”, has become a bit out of fashion these days.

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IC Systems – Are they Legit?


IC Systems is a debt collection agency that was founded in 1938. They are located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and they usually collect debts on behalf of their clients in healthcare, education, dental, government, utilities, commercial industries, and financial services. In addition, they deal with many other small and medium-sized businesses. Like other debt collection companies, IC Systems usually buys debts from their clients, and then contract consumers who are meant to pay them.

Hospital Association Uses Grant to Build Opioid-Fighting Tactics

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The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania has launched a program, driven by face-to-face meetings, to encourage information sharing in fighting the opioid crisis in the state.

Hunter Warfield – How to settle your debts?


If your experience with debt collection agencies has been far from pleasant, you are not alone. It is a well-known fact that these agencies use the most unorthodox methods while collecting from consumers. It is however, essential to note that according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which is a body that seeks to protect you from harassment, they are not allowed to behave in this way.

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Membership Hack: An App to Track Savings

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The American Homebrewers Association gives members an easy way to track discounts and savings using an app, which helps AHA make the case for membership value and ROI. How to hack it? Do you know how much your members can save when they use your discounts and benefits?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.23.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Kaiser Insights and Dynamic Benchmarking invite your association to participate in the 2019 New Member Engagement Study.

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A short introduction to branded community websites

Disciple Media

Consumers are more empowered than ever because they can access and share information about the products and services they love (or hate) over the web. This has led to a dramatic change in the way brands work. Companies are no longer the ones in control now that we live in the Age of the Consumer. Every individual with an internet connection has the power to influence the purchase decisions of others.

Rate My Teacher (Is the class worth it?)


If you are about to take a new class, then it’s only reasonable for you to be curious about your new teacher, and whether they are good or not. Of course, everyone wants to take a class with an easy-going teacher, who is interesting, kind, and fair.

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Jefferson Capital Systems – Can you trust them?


This is an aggressive third party debt collection company that is headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota. They usually collect charge-off debt, which is what is commonly known in the industry as a junk debt buyer.