Mon.Jun 10, 2019

JP Moery Launches Rebranded Podcast – “Association Hustle”

Moery Company

Is Your Content Generalizable?

Eric Lanke

I attend a fair number of education programs and, as a result, listen to a fair number of speakers and presentations. Sometimes, the most rewarding kind of speaker is someone from outside my industry, speaking on how they address and solve challenges in their industry.

Daily Buzz: The Value of Online Communities

Associations Now

Research highlights how communities benefit organizations—and how leaders can provide better support. Also: why it’s worth your time to do a short weekly self-evaluation.

Team 91

Associations Provide an Antidote to the Loneliness Epidemic

WBT Systems

Associations Provide an Antidote to the Loneliness Epidemic. Read more about Associations Provide an Antidote to the Loneliness Epidemic


Online Moderation: Don’t Fan the Flames With Your Messaging

Associations Now

Moderating an online community is already hard enough. Don’t make it harder by failing to follow your own rules. Just ask YouTube, still smarting after a recent painful misstep.

Distinguishing Points of View.

Association Success

How can you better frame your value and appreciate the contribution of others? Distinguishing point of views (POVs) can help better frame one’s value and appreciate the contribution of others. Consider this: Our POV is the world we live in. it’s neither right or wrong, good or bad! However, our POV has us often more committed to being right about something in order to look good, be comfortable, and/or remain safe within specific situations and circumstances.

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Why Do People Join a Trade or Professional Association?

Association Adviser

Understand your audience's needs first, and they'll be more receptive to your association's story — and want to be part of it. The post Why Do People Join a Trade or Professional Association? appeared first on Association Adviser. Features Membership


Micro-Surveys: 4 Quick Ways to Capture Member Feedback


You already know the importance of collecting member feedback, but actually doing so is MUCH easier said than done. You can create and distribute surveys all day long, but if your members don’t complete them,’re a bit stuck. Enter micro-surveys.

Introducing e-Learning to Your Association: An Easy Q&A


Jake Fabbri, Chief Marketing Officer at Fonteva, provides his perspective on prioritizing a well-conceived approach to education design and selecting the ideal LMS for your organization. CommPartners and Fonteva understand to achieve success with one’s learning initiatives, it’s important to have a seamless integration between your AMS and LMS. We appreciate Fonteva’s focus on education […].

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