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How to Get Your Association’s Board to Approve Your Marketing Automation Strategy

HighRoad Solution

We’ve all been on the receiving end of emails that begin with “Dear Member” and then attempt to convince us to attend an association event for which we’re already registered.

Sponsored Content: A New Non-Dues Revenue Driver for Associations


Sponsored content, also known as branded or native content, is the solution to both your association's non-dues revenue challenge and content creation challenge. Read the blog post to learn more

Membership Marketing Words of Wisdom

Membership Marketing

One of the aspects that I very much enjoy in our survey research of membership professionals is when we ask the open ended question, “ In your own words, what are the most important or successful lessons you have learned in the area of membership marketing?” We receive hundreds of responses to the question that are provocative and insightful. I thought it might be helpful to share a selection of these recommendations with you. A catchy subject line goes a long way. Always test, never assume.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 167: Top Tips for Generating Winning Collateral Materials for Membership Recruitment

Moery Company

It’s very rare if ever that a prospect says, “Hey, send me your membership information,” and then they sign up off the bat, explains Host JP Moery. But, created and utilized strategically, collateral materials for membership recruitment can significantly benefit your sales effort.

4 Community Managers, 4 Common Scenarios, 4 Real Solutions [WEBINAR RECAP]

Higher Logic

Been craving some community management advice? Good thing, because w e've got some scenarios we think you might find relatable. Maybe you’ve got product enhancement requests coming out of your ears – maybe you’ve got a record lack of participation.

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#Tech18: Forecasting Cybersecurity Risks and Rewards

Associations Now

ASAE’s Technology Conference & Expo kicked off on Tuesday with former White House CIO Theresa Payton urging attendees to be vigilant about their cyber vulnerabilities and to stay on top of tech trends that come with both risks and potential rewards.

Take the Quiz: Is the Member App a Good Fit for your Organization?

Wild Apricot Blog

Engage your members with our free mobile app for associations, clubs and nonprofits. Take the quiz to see if it suits your org! events Member-App mobile app-for-associations app Associations

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Association Marketing: They Said/We Said

Smooth The Path

When members talk about the value of their membership they tend to talk about outcomes: I feel more confident. I realized I am not the only one. It has broadened my perspective. I am more valuable to my employer. I now have many solutions to my problem. It gives me a competitive edge over my peers.

Does Your Online Member Marketplace Need an Overhaul?

Associations Now

Many associations have an online marketplace where they sell books, gear, and other swag to members. But not all e-commerce platforms are created equal. An association executive shares his secrets to creating a marketplace that engages members and maximizes sales.

9 Ideas for a More Fun and Fulfilling 2019


December 31 seems to creep up faster and faster every year. While resolutions aren’t for everyone, I think we can all agree that a new year is the perfect time to start fresh with something, whether that’s a new initiative at the office or working on something a little more personal.

The Many Associations of George H.W. Bush

Associations Now

The late president, who died last week at 94, had affiliations with a wide variety of associations, especially in the world of skydiving. Really.). George H.W.

Elevated Events: There's an App for That!


If you’re like most organizations, events are the second greatest revenue driver for your association or chamber. Membership dues rank first, of course.) So naturally, you want your events to be as successful - and engaging - as possible! But what makes a successful and engaging event?

How to Improve Technology the Agile Way

Association Success

Is your organization too busy to make improvements or ready to commit to change? When I think of organizations looking to make improvements to their technology, I always picture this cartoon : a team of cavemen pushing materials on a cart made of square wheels while two friends stand next to them waiting to install round wheels. The team struggling to push the cart refuses the offer of help, claiming that they’re too busy to upgrade their cart.

Can Using iPhone Night Shift Avoid Disrupting Your Sleep?

Beth Kanter's Blog

Photo by Kris Krug. Note from Beth: I’ve been presenting workshops on technology wellness and other ideas from the Happy Healthy Nonprofit. One of the most important aspects of self-care is getting a good night’s sleep. The best way to do this is to stop using your mobile phone too close to bedtime or kick it out of your bedroom entirely.

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Expert Roundup: Top Tips on Associations, eLearning, and Technology

Blue Sky eLearn

Over the past year, we had the pleasure of interviewing a variety of experts in the association, eLearning, and technology industries. Today we’ve put together a compilation of some of the top tips they shared. For all of their expert advice, you can find their full posts here.

Give Your Data the Muscle to be Convincing


What would you expect a conference called Solutions Day to deliver? Answers to tough questions, strategies to tackle challenges and new perspectives. Our speakers made good on that promise. In the next few posts, I’m highlighting some of my personal aha moments from the November 15 event.

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