Mon.May 22, 2023

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The Competition for Time: Convincing Members to Commit Time to Professional Development

WBT Systems

The fundamental marketing challenge for associations is this: you’re competing for a share of your member’s time. Since this blog’s focus is professional development, I’ll be more specific.

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Why Quiet Learners Matter in Online Communities Too

Associations Now

Whether you call them lurkers or learners, every online community has members who prefer to listen and read rather than post. While understanding this audience may sound daunting, it allows associations to gain a better sense of what members value and develop a stronger online community. Lauren Kelly, director of membership and community at the International Society for Technology in Education, has been working to uncover a mystery within ISTE’s online community—members who log onto the platform

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The Executive's Guide to Work-Life Balance: Tips and Techniques for Balancing Career and Personal Goals

The Journal by EXEC

Welcome to the new world of work-life balance. A time when remote work is at its peak, and executives are blurring the fine lines between life, family, friends, and career. Unfortunately, clocking out of the office doesn’t necessarily mean your day is done; many carry their burdens home with them. Striking a harmony between professional pursuits and personal aspirations is a challenging feat, especially for executives who face the constant pressures and demands of leadership.

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