June, 2022

Tips and Tricks for Membership Recruitment at Trade Shows

Moery Company

Live Events are Back! I recently attended my first trade show since the pandemic struck. After two long years of selling memberships to prospective members over the phone and Zoom meetings, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to walk a busy show floor to prospect and build business relationships.

7: Membership 101: Exit Surveys

Spark Consulting

In position number 7 of the top ten all time Spark blog posts: Membership 101: Exit Surveys. (I I told you the Membership 101 series would be back!). Once again, the advice in the initial post remains solid.

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Secrets to Selling to Associations

Moery Company

“How do you get association clients?” We hear this question quite a bit. We’ve partnered with more than 100 associations over the years and have a pretty broad background in the space.

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19 Effective Nonprofit Accounting Software Tools

Wild Apricot

Nonprofit accounting can get complicated , especially for organizations using outdated systems. If you don’t have the right financial planning tools and strategies , you may find yourself making errors or taking hours to perform even simple, website-and-technology

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Create Engaging Scenario-Based Training on ANY Budget

Speaker: Tim Buteyn - President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

In this webinar, Tim Buteyn of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions will explore how to optimize learner engagement with scenario-based training. You'll learn what makes up scenarios, how they benefit the learner, and why this is important to your organization. You'll also dive into real-world examples across a wide range of budgets and look at how typical training content can be completely transformed.

Social Impact & The Jimmy Fund


Tune into our latest 5 Minutes with Andy -- hear about Team Russo and the Jimmy Fund and Virtual, Inc.’s s commitment to both! Tune into our latest 5 Minutes with Andy -- hear about Team Russo and the Jimmy Fund and Virtual, Inc.’s s commitment to both

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Foster the Prerequisite for Contribution

Smooth The Path

A sense of safety is a prerequisite for participating, contributing, and collaborating in a group. When people fear potential embarrassment, they clam up and let other people take the lead, which means we may lose out on the diversity of valuable insight.

8: Membership 101: Effective Renewal Cycles

Spark Consulting

In position number 8 of the top ten all time Spark blog posts: Membership 101: Effective Renewal Cycles. Spoiler alert: you’re going to see more of the Membership 101 series posts in the countdown.). When I reviewed the initial post, I realized everything I wrote still holds four years later.

Revenue Diversification for Associations

Moery Company

Diversifying your revenue comes in many shapes and sizes; that’s why associations are offsetting their revenue by adapting and putting additional emphasis on membership development. Here are four ways to diversify your association’s revenue.

Membership Level Names: The Secret Sauce for Super-Creative Tier Names

Wild Apricot

If you’re in the midst of planning your membership program, you’re likely thinking about what benefits you can offer to your members and how much to charge for them. Hopefully, you already know that offering more than one membership level. membership


Drips, Bots, and Blogs: A Non-Traditional Approach to Learning Reinforcement

Speaker: Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Rebels LLC

Today's work culture requires giving people the ability to control when and where they participate in their professional development. Learn how you can provide valuable, self-directed bites of learning content (and strategies to make that content stick) in this webinar!

Bridging a Generation Gap Between Your Members: What’s a “Next Gen” Committee?

Association Adviser

Did you know that there are currently four generations in the workforce? Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z). Your membership is almost certainly made up of a diverse group of professionals with varied ages and experiences – and, hence, different needs and wants.

Getting Ready for 2023…Already?

Aaron Wolowiec

The reality that the second quarter is almost over means it is time for a mid-year check-in and the ramping up for 2023. Specifically, as it relates to sales planning and business development, here are a few things you may want to prioritize in the coming weeks as we reach the mid-year mark


How American Medical Group Association is Innovating to Meet Member Expectations

Higher Logic

The post How American Medical Group Association is Innovating to Meet Member Expectations appeared first on Higher Logic. Joe DeLisle, Director of Council Relations at AMGA, walks us through how he made changes to keep members happy and engaged in their online community.

Five Tips for Conference Sponsorship Pricing

Velvet Chainsaw

In my experience, most large conferences this year are realizing about 80 percent of their 2019 revenue performance. For some of the major annual meetings we’re tracking, sponsorship revenue has been a bright spot when compared to exhibit revenue performance.

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Authentic eLearning Localization: Challenges and Best Practices

Speaker: Chris Paxton McMillin, President of D3 Training Solutions

People prefer to learn in their native language, so localizing eLearning helps genuinely engage learners and gives them that much-needed sense of inclusion. In this exclusive webinar with Chris Paxton, learn how to ensure that authentic translation and localization work for your organization!

Tips for Associations: Building a Brand

Moery Company

Building a brand is more than a logo or slogan, it’s about building trust and credibility with the audience that matters to you. Your brand is how you are perceived by your audience, from their first interaction to their last.

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How to Ask for Donations

Wild Apricot

Donations are a BIG DEAL to your nonprofit: they’re a primary revenue stream , support your base costs, and give you the resources you need to keep growing. However, many people get nervous when it comes to the big question: how to ask for donations? fundraising

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When to Add Videos to Your Online Engagement Strategy

Association Adviser

An online engagement strategy is important to help guide how your members interact with your association’s online presence. It is only natural that when you are planning your annual member engagement strategy that video is included.

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11 Trends Impacting Association Events Right Now

Aaron Wolowiec

Here are 11 trends Event Garde has found to be impacting association events right now, including both an overview of the challenges we’ve experienced first-hand and a recommended solution for you and your team to consider

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Localization: Revolutionize Your Global Content Strategy

Speaker: Zak Haitkin, Localization Manager

From broad communication to eLearning and virtual content distinctions to understanding the unique cultural nuances of a new demographic, there are many factors at play when it comes to localization projects at scale. Join this webinar with localization manager Zak Haitkin to dive into the details!

7 Tips for Making the Move from Listserv to Online Community

Higher Logic

The post 7 Tips for Making the Move from Listserv to Online Community appeared first on Higher Logic. Ready to make the move? Here are 7 tips to help you successfully transition your association and members from a listserv to an online community.

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[GUEST BLOG] 2 Reasons People Join and What it Tells You About Members


by Frank Kenny. Have you ever thought about the different reasons people join your chamber or association? It often comes down to two big things. Some people want to get something FROM your organization, while some people want to get something done THROUGH your organization.

An Update from us on solar panels in North Carolina


Recently, the Supreme Court of North Carolina handed down a decision (in Belmont Association, Inc. Farwig ) which greatly affects the ability of planned communities to regulate the location and placement of solar panels on lots within the community.

The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Budgets

Wild Apricot

Running a nonprofit is a lot like learning to juggle—exciting as the skill is, it’s harder than it looks! If you’re looking for a way to keep all those balls in the air, nothing is more valuable than a foolproof nonprofit budget. organizational-management


What AMS Vendors Don't Tell You About Implementation

AMS vendors often boast about proven implementation processes. And while yes, the right strategies are imperative, they are also not enough. Discover 3 often-overlooked requirements for successful AMS implementations by downloading!

How Associations Can Build Engagement on Social Media

Association Adviser

In our previous article on social media tone and voice, we detailed what you need to do to make sure your association sets the right tone with your audience.

Braving Trust at Work

Aaron Wolowiec

We often think of trust as something that is important in establishing healthy personal relationships, but trust is important in our professional relationships as well. But how do we build this professional trust


Turning Ideas Into Action


The 2022 Innovation Summit When I was looking for something unique to say about innovation at.orgCommunity’s June 9, Innovation Summit, I came across these quotes. Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”—

Professional Wellness: Better Health Through Better Living


Each June, Professional Wellness Month sheds light on the workplace’s role in creating a healthy environment for employees to thrive in, while also providing employers with helpful tips and resources for maintaining productive, engaged employees.

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Here's How to Write an Effective New-Member Welcome Email

Welcome emails have an incredibly high open rate (50-60%). Read here to learn tips for taking full advantage of your valuable, one-time opportunity to reach new members.

HOA and Condo Manager Association Management Group (AMG) Builds Hope for Triad Area Pediatric Cancer Patient



21 Association Management Software (AMS) Options to Transform Your Org

Wild Apricot

“I’m drowning here! I wish I could afford an admin assistant!” ” This is what an association manager posted in a Facebook Group I’m a part of. I got in touch with her and replied, “Maybe you can’t afford an assistant, website-and-technology

Finding Your Association’s Social Media Voice

Association Adviser

When it comes to social media marketing, the first thing most people think of is consumer businesses. Companies like Wendy’s with their fun and engaging Twitter strategy, or Duolingo’s creative TikToks really capture their audience’s imagination with their edgy and trendy campaigns.