August, 2010

Association Subculture: Lessons for Associations From a Peeved.

Association Subculture

Nonprofit trade and professional associations have a lot to learn from different sources outside" of our normal circles. For example, I recently ran across a fascinating blog post by Alex Bogusky formerly of ad agency Crispin

What ASAE10 meant to me

Association Advocacy Chick

The catalyst for this blog came from my experiences at ASAE’s annual meeting in LA. Here are some of my professional and personal takeaways from this meeting. Technology and social media continues to improve the annual meeting experience. Following the ASAE10 Twitter feed gave me a chance to learn what was going on in sessions I couldn’t attend. I made new Facebook friends and gained new people to follow on Twitter. Smartphone apps helped manage our schedules.

20 Great Google Docs Templates for Non-Profits

Wild Apricot Blog

Creating a presentation for your board? Wading into the end-of-project paperwork? Or maybe you’re signing up a new crop of volunteers for your non-profit. Whatever the task, odds are that there’s a time-saving template, free at Google Docs, to help you do more with less effort. Browse the Template Gallery , or narrow your search by Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Drawings.

Learnings, Musings and Afterthoughts from #ASAE10

Robert M Barnes

There was a point during my flights to the US that I wondered why I would invest so much of my own time and money being away from the family and attending ASAE10. It felt indulgent and frankly a little … Continue reading → Dangerous Minds


Pulling it All Together: The 360 Degree Marketing Communications Strategy

Guilt by Association

We’ve seen several distinct stages in the association sector’s journey into and through the world of social media. At first, the evangelists spread the good news, and a few eager souls experimented.

The Hourglass Blog: Only Xers Care about Work/Life Balance

The Hourglass Blog

So I finally got around to reading the article in the August 2010 issue of Associations Now about Generation X moving into leadership positions in the association world. You would've thought that someone who runs a blog

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I wasn’t expecting this

Association Advocacy Chick

When I started this blog last Thursday, I was not prepared for the outpouring of support that I’ve received. The feedback from the association blogging community has been tremendously helpful. I value your advice and hope to continue receiving your feedback. The fact that ASAE staff has taken the time to not only read, but also comment on the posts serves as reminder of how much they care about their members.


20+ Free Webinars for Nonprofits: September 2010

Wild Apricot Blog

September is a busy month for just about everyone – a new school year for many, harvest time for both fundraisers and farmers - and a whole new crop of free nonprofit webinars is here. Have a look – you’re sure to find an online learning opportunity that’s of interest to folks in your organization. As always, you’ll want to check back from time to time through the month, as late-coming webinar notices are often added in the comments section, down below.

Associations Live: Brett Favre and Credibility

Associations Live

It's the first Tuesday of August, and as folks in my neck of the woods (Minnesota) have learned, if Brett Favre sticks his head out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi and sees that he isn't the focus of the news, we'll get six more weeks of

ASAE 2010 Annual Meeting & Conference: A Look Back

Association Okie

I spent Friday through Tuesday of last week in Los Angeles attending the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo. This is an event that I look forward to all year. It is my chance to immerse myself in my profession. So in review how did it go? In my opinion, it was a mixed bag. This years General Session Speakers were average at best. We started with Bill George, who focused on how bad things were in the association world today.

Meeting Design: What would make the conversation more compelling?

Idea Architects

Whether it be a staff meeting or an annual meeting, you know there will be a whole lot of talking going on. But quantity does not equal quality and in our time-starved world, ensuring conversation is compelling is critical. So what makes a conversation one that causes you to sit up, lean forward, eager to participate? The people Good perspectives. Good thinkers. Good energy. That's what comes to mind when I think of the people I'd willing converse with on just about any topic.

Team 57

Thoughts on #ASAE10 - BlogClump - Yes


I knew that I had to get my thoughts out yesterday as early as possible because a much more eloquent post from Maddie Grant would be on its way. If you haven't read it yet, you should, especially the comments. I wanted to

Back to the Grind (need coffee)

Association Advocacy Chick

If you attended ASAE10 last week, it’s likely that you’re making your way back to the office today. For the first time in a long time, I purposely did not touch my work e-mail while I was out of the office. Sure, I deleted them off of my soon-to-be-discarded Blackberry (more on that in a future post), but I didn’t log onto my work’s e-mail system.

System 100

What Makes a Good Non-Profit Website?

Wild Apricot Blog

A lively LinkedIn discussion was kicked off when Elizabeth Watkin , program coordinator at Africa Carbon Credit Exchange,asked, “ What makes a good non-profit website? What do you like to see on a charity/non-profit/NGO website and what do you dislike? Would a website encourage you to donate or get involved? If you have been inspired by a particular website, can you pass on the link?

Assessing Risk – Sadie the Risk Dog

Risky Chronicles

Sadie teaches me about assessing risk. Sadie learned how to dock dive recently; it was harder on me than her. The process included her personal risk assessment and concluding that it is a cool thing to do (and a good way for us to tire her out).

ASAE 2010

Association Okie

In less than a week I will be attending the American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting and Exposition in Los Angeles. I can’t wait. As Elizabeth Weaver Engel said in her blog,, it is the “associations geek fest (that’s people who geek about associations0”. I didn’t attend last years ASAE Annual meeting in Toronto, and I missed it greatly. For me, it is a chance to fully immerse myself in my profession.

AE on the Verge: 3 Reasons to use only text in your e-newsletter

AE on the Verge

I'm sometimes asked why our association e-newsletter isn't loaded with a template, graphics, colors, and pictures. In fact, it's only text (and links.) 3 Reasons: 1. Want it to be readable. Many members are now reading

10 Thoughts on #ASAE10 - BlogClump


Ok, so I could have spelled out the title, but chose the hashtag - #asae10. Supposedly there were over 8000 tweets with the hashtag, but probably countless more direct messages of messages that left out the hashtag but were

Welcome to Association Advocacy Chick!

Association Advocacy Chick

I’ve been considering a blog for the last couple of years, but could never find the time or motivation to do it. I had an idea of what I wanted to talk about, but just couldn’t take that next step. Los Angeles changed that. Earlier this week, the American Society of Association Executives held its annual meeting and expo at the LA Convention Center. It was my first time in this city and third annual meeting.

6 Social Media Lessons for Nonprofits

Wild Apricot Blog

Wild Apricot Blog welcomes a special guest today: Carol Buckheit of NonprofitMediaWorks. Carol’s been studying Idealware’s Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide – the latest in a line of Idealware’s terrific research-based publications – and she’s kindly agreed to share her top “take-aways” from this new publication.( read more ).


Executive Connections

Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden, and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) annual congress.

The Hourglass Blog: Association Advantages for Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

Here's part three of the "innovation for associations" white paper I'm helping to write while chairing the Innovation Task Force for the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives. As I've described before, our overall goal is to

Membership Marketing Blog: Membership Renewals: A Couple of.

Membership Marketing

Here are a couple of quick thoughts you might want to try to improve your membership renewal rates. Frequency  How many touches do you have in your membership renewal program and how do you know how many

Meeting Design: What would make the community more connected?

Idea Architects

Meeting design and facilitation should help create and enhance the connectedness and community among participants. This is as true for annual conferences involving thousands of attendees as it is for a committee or staff meeting with only a handful of participants.

Change At The Top Part 3

Moving through the Association World

My last post I talked about going through an executive director transition and what I see as important to focus on at the start. That message was to game plan what you are going to do; in addition to that I want to say that part of that is not rush into anything. When an association losses its executive director it can be natural to think that the position must be filled right away, and that thinking can get you rushed into a position you may not want to be in.

How “Facebook Questions” Can Help Small NonProfits

Wild Apricot Blog

Facebook is rolling out a new feature called Facebook Questions – similar to what’s offered by LinkedIn, Yahoo Questions, and other Q&A sites. Ask questions, answer them, and rate (or be rated) for best answers. What does this mean for nonprofits? A new way to reach potential supporters, and to spread the word about your cause! read more ).

"She's got BIG plans," said the Association Exec : Off Stage

Off Stage

I had a call yesterday from the AE of an 1100 member association where I'd recently facilitated a strategic planning session. I I don't get it, she said. We We spent a lot of our resources on designing a strategic plan, and we voted

The Hourglass Blog: The Role of Trust in Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

If you didn't see it, Maddie Grant asked me to do a guest post on her SocialFish blog last week, and I shamelessly used it as an opportunity to promote the innovation project I'm spearheading for the Wisconsin Society of

Membership Marketing Blog: Will You be Attending #ASAE10 this.

Membership Marketing

Will You be Attending #ASAE10 this Year? This year I will be attending the ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership Annual Meeting & Exposition in Los Angeles, CA. If you will be attending, I would enjoy meeting you in

Offense Doesn't Have to Be Offensive

Idea Architects

I find myself more frequently facilitating or being involved in discussions that are challenging because of choices individuals are making. I rarely find that. Talking more loudly results in more listening; Repeating your points elicits a different response; Sighing indignantly ignites agreement; or Interrupting others gets their attention. While a monologue can make an enjoyable night of theatre, it isn't the best way to have great conversation.

Trade Association CEO Support: Projects Unique to State Associations

Trade Association CEO Blog

The role of association CEO is diverse and whether you're a volunteer or a paid staff executive director this blog is the starting line for concepts and ideas to solve your leadership challenges

Social Networks vs. Real Life Networks

Wild Apricot Blog

There is no end to the challenges of social media for nonprofits. How can we keep our personal and professional lives separate online? How can we identify the "influencers"? Which social media tools are best? Here, Paul Adams, Senior User Experience Researcher at Google, shares his team's insights into how people actually connect and behave online.( read more ).

Changes Coming

Moving through the Association World

In a few of my earlier posts I went through some of my thoughts on when an association goes through an Executive Director change. Well it looks like some more changes are coming up on the horizon. After two and a half years I will be moving on from my current post. While I am not leaving Talley Management Group , I will be moving from my current association and onto some new projects. I have had a great time and enjoyed the work I have done and grew a lot professionally over the last few years.

The Hourglass Blog: The Unsung Heroes of Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

Here's an interesting post on innovation from the Harvard Business Review. In it, Columbia Business School Professor Rita McGrath shares her insights on what makes innovation work in many of the companies she's