September, 2007

The Big Picture: It's magic

The Big Picture

Photo via I'm giving a speech next week at the annual meeting of the Mississippi Public Health Association on improving collaborations and partnerships between hospitals and health departments

Wild Apricot Blog : Top 10 cool, easy-to-use web poll and survey tools for your blog and website

Wild Apricot

Polls are always a good way to get a conversation started with your website or blog visitors. Most of us have participated in polls on websites and blogs. Recently I also conducted a poll about our own blog asking readers about their

Survey 103

Associapedia on membership


Just thought I'd give a little plug to Elizabeth Weaver Engel, who I met last night at the ASAE Welcome Back Reception. She's on the Membership Section Council of the ASAE and is looking for topic ideas for the membership section of the Associapedia. She can be reached at elizabeth.engel @ Let her know if there's any membership-related topics you often have questions about, or would like to see defined in the wiki. Mention me and you'll get a lollipop. or not. :).

Executive Connections: Adding Value

Executive Connections

Things are moving along at a very fast pace here at SLA HQ. While the staff works to implement a new Association Management System (AMS), our leaders and committees are making great progress on the activities occurring

Baby Steps

Idea Architects

Babies taking their first steps have a lot to teach us about getting in action and achieving results. They get back up when they fall down. They are generally surrounded by lots of supportive hands in case they need help balancing. And once they get a rhythm going they are off like lightning.


The Big Picture: Bears Stearns' Required Reading List for Interns

The Big Picture

Paul Kedrosky shared Bears Stearns' Required Reading list for their interns: Barbarians at the Gate, by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar Beyond Greed and Fear: Understanding Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of

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Wild Apricot Blog : Online Member Services Best Practices (Part 1 of 2)

Wild Apricot

How do you interact with hundreds or even thousands of members and supporters worldwide - and with very limited resources? How can you improve member satisfaction, increase renewal rates and reduce the costs and time spent on member

Cost 90

Wild Apricot Blog : Wild Apricot is now certified in Microsoft tests

Wild Apricot

We did it! We have a long history of cooperation with Microsoft - we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner - specializing in Software Solutions and Business Process Integration. The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is the highest level

Listerve - 1, Forum - nil


I'm considering shutting down my forums temporarily. given the tumbleweeds blowing through them and the wind whistling in the canyons. I think I have too many, for a start. I have five Members' only forums, including a Bulletin Board, several discussion forums, and a Newsletter discussion forum.

happy days


In honor of the anniversary of the emoticon, and of my exactly one month old blog, I have added a wink to my blog title; just in case anyone was wondering if I was still "reluctant".! For you, here's some: and some (_)3 (_)3 (_)3 (beers) Here's me in my party hat: ~/:-) Here's me dancing a happy dance: (o_o o_o)> ^(o_o^) (^o_o)^ (^o_o)> ^_^(>O_o)>.Ok. Enough.! Have a good weekend all.


Six degrees of. marketing?


Everyone seems to be talking about word-of-mouth marketing vs. traditional marketing around the blogoclump - here , and here , and here , and here. and I chimed in somewhere with a comment about how I'm thinking about reevaluating the marketing vehicles I've been using for some of our programs. But something is bothering me about all of this, and it's the same thing that bothers me about any scenario where the "marketing department" butts heads with any other department.

Going to the ASAE Authors Forum today.


Will be hearing the author Jerry Jacobs for a presentation of his book The Association Law Handbook. The invite says, "The handbook is a layman staple, making the laws and regulations affecting non-governmental professional certification and entity/program accreditation accessible." I'm mainly going to get the book for free, hahahaha. Anybody know the author or heard him speak? Hopefully some of you CAE's out there can tell me how much of this stuff I really need to know. : ).

Jerry Jacobs and the Association Law Handbook


As I mentioned, I went to hear Jerry Jacobs talk about his book, the Association Law Handbook. It was actually a really good session - he's a fun, animated, friendly speaker and was able to make a very dry subject into a discussion we could all participate in. "We",

Hey, did I tell you my plan for world domination?


So we've started, with four other area groups in the field, a "regional listserve" for relevant events and lectures. There's a webpage calendar managed by one of the Baltimore groups (to be updated quarterly), and my job is to manage the listserve (to be updated continuously). It's "read-only" for now, and I'm the only person who can post event listings to it, but any member of the four groups can email me to ask me to post something. Creating this listserve today confirmed a few things for me.

No guts, no glory!


Since we've been on the subject of generational issues, here's a great example of Millenial verve and ingenuity. My administrator, David, called our local DC radio station (Hot 99.5) in response to a request for people to call in to the Kane Show if they wanted a day off - the show would call back, and if their boss agreed to give the caller a day off, the company gets a free 15-second radio ad. Lo and behold, David got through, and we got a spot this morning! How rockin' is that!

DC 50

oh, all right then.


Been blogging for exactly 22 days and yes, I've caught the bug. Like I *really* needed more stuff in my daily to do list. : ) 71% How Addicted to Blogging Are You


I'm baaaaack!


Did'ja miss me? Must say I am really NOT happy to be back in the office, especially having seen the discussions going on on the ASAE marketing and exec listserves - one on Myspace and Facebook, the other on generational differences. I can't summarize properly for anyone who has not seen them, so won't try, because my brain is mush after a seemingly endless day trying to catch up, but suffice it to say that there's a lot of negativity being expressed by a lot of people.



Just got dragged to a motivational seminar - nothing gets me LESS motivated than a lady in a loud suit telling me to jump up and down and cheer. In fact, I am so unmotivated, that I am actually signing off and going on vacation. I'm off to Maine for five days - see you on the other side

Maine 50

Gen X. or bust.


Well, you can definitely tell it's the week after Labor Day. I can't answer emails fast enough - I had to set my Outlook to download them only every 20 minutes so I would have five minutes of peace in between! Today is also the day of our first Board meeting of the year.

Eliminating the Nice, But Not Necessary

Idea Architects

As I prepared to enjoy my mid-afternoon snack today (a small carton of yogurt) I was reminded that only two years ago this container with a foil top would have also had an additional plastic lid. While that lid may have once been seen as valuable or necessary, over time it became just wasteful.

Cost 52

Your Name in Lights

Idea Architects

I wish more people would focus on making a difference rather than making a name for themselves. Contributing to a greater good almost always brings the rewards that meet any self-interest needs you have


The Leadership Paradox

Idea Architects

This past weekend I had the good fortune to facilitate a multiple-day leadership conference for 50 future leaders of a professional association. Designing and leading such events is my favorite work, and I am grateful to do so for a few organization annually. Despite the efforts of many people for many years, several of the discussions from the conference suggest that leadership is still too frequently associated with positional power as opposed to the contributions individuals make.

Literate, But Unaware

Idea Architects

"I don't have time to read blogs" said several people in their posts to a recent listserver conversation. "I I don't have time to read newspapers" say workshop participants when I ask them if they follow the news. We are poised to become a nation of people able to read, but unaware of the world around us because we fail to do so. I get it. I, too, am busy, and browsing the mounds of information coming at me from so many sources requires a strategy and a skillset I am still developing.