March, 2006

The Big Picture: Do You Squidoo?

The Big Picture

Jeff mentioned in the comments of an earlier post that he had set up an Association Innovation Squidoo, which reminded me that I had started a Set Design Free Squidoo that I had almost completely forgotten about. My goal

City Government Internet Style

Idea Architects

On Friday, March 11, I completed an online form at the site for our Mayor's Action Center. I noted a large pothole had developed in front of my house and needed to be filled. On Saturday, March 12, I received confirmation of my form and a tracking number for my issue. On Monday, March 13, I noticed city crews had been by and spraypainted the area around the pothole, as well as noting a few other spots in adjacent streets that needed filling.

The Big Picture: The State of the Blogosphere (and the Blogoclump)

The Big Picture

David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati, recently posted his first update of 2006 on the state of the blogosphere. Here are a few interesting kernels. The blogosphere doubles in size every five months. On average, a new

Abscence (of Discomfort) Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

The Big Picture

Even without the advent of all of this talk of the experience economy, association membership has always been, at heart, a service industry. But a recent USA Today article about the general manager of the Peninsula in

The Big Picture: I Can Write 600 Words About Anything

The Big Picture

I know much of this topic of which he speaks with much authority - and fittingly. ;) Jason Alford, writing for The Onion, brags of his ability to write 600 words on any topic - even the topic of being