February, 2018

Walk a mile in your members’ shoes to identify areas for improvement.

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Your members’ needs and expectations are always changing. Are you doing all you can to give them a stellar experience? What better way to find out than to walk a (virtual) mile in their shoes? Creating member journey maps is an effective way to see your members’ experience from their point of view. Journey maps. The post Walk a mile in your members’ shoes to identify areas for improvement. appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement Member Retention

4 Challenges for Trade Associations and How to Tackle Them with Community

Higher Logic

We know the value of trade associations – they play a vital role in social and economic dialogue. They bring competing organizations together to protect and promote entire industries, products, services, and workforces.

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Are Your Dues a Commodity? - Moery Company

Moery Company

I keep reading about associations considering lowering their dues or even, *gasp* considering “freemium” memberships. This seems to be a race to the bottom and an admission that associations are simply offering a commodity.

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Run Your Next Welcome Reception Like an Apple Store

Eric Lanke

This week I reviewed the free e-book, Fueling Exceptional New Member Experiences , from Amanda Kaiser at Kaiser Insights and the Smooth the Path blog. My favorite part was the section that talked about the importance of making a positive first impression with new members.

Gardian of the Month: Michelle Mason

Aaron Wolowiec

Michelle Mason, president and CEO of Assoication Forum, is Gardian of the Month


Members Hire Customized Advocacy

Potomac Core

Members hire Customized Advocacy because they have no choice. They face turmoil driven by ever increasing new technologies , evolving consumer preferences , and political polarization.

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4 ways to increase member engagement.

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Member engagement is the lifeblood of an association. Active, engaged, passionate members renew their memberships and help to bring even more new members into the fold. But this isn’t simple to achieve. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the daily operations of your work, forgetting that you’re also supposed to be a cheerleader and champion for the issues. The post 4 ways to increase member engagement. appeared first on YourMembership.

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How to Differentiate Yourself in Association Sales - Moery Company

Moery Company

Not a month goes by in which a very well-meaning and ambitious person calls me and asks, “Hey, I’d like to pick your brain about how you sell to associations.”.

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The Young Professional – Tracking down the Future Leaders of Your Association

Association Adviser

Part 4 of our 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Study series. Acknowledging a challenge is the first step to finding a solution. This year, more than 50 percent of associations said that engaging young professionals is one of their Top 5 communication challenges.

Mentoring key to developing talent

Aaron Wolowiec


Step Two: Creating Scenarios Based on Megatrends, Part 2

Eric Lanke

Two weeks ago, in Step Two: Creating Scenarios Based on Megatrends , I continued a description of a Scenario Planning exercise my Board chair and I decided to conduct at our just completed Board meeting.

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Is It Time for a Digital Detox?

Spark Consulting

Over-work and too much stress are pretty much the norm for most association executives. Every day, we’re trying to do a lot for our members, and most associations are perpetually understaffed and tight on budget. This makes a digital detox sound like a really great idea. “Yeah!

Connecting Brands, Clearing Inboxes, and Cultivating Employee Engagement with an Intranet Community

Higher Logic

Ascend Learning uses 12+ brands to deliver custom products and services to high-value industries like healthcare. They have over 1,000 employees with over 30 percent working remotely.

What Three Things Do Your Members Want From You? - Moery Company

Moery Company

A recent trip to Starbucks left me thinking about the core value proposition of association membership. Your organization’s value prop is the #1 reason your members remain members and also determines whether a prospect comes on board or continues to shop. So, what makes your association different?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.16.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events for the association community… ASAE members, check out the excellent GDPR resources and advice shared on Collaborate last week by the Technology Section Council.

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Content is still king for events

Aaron Wolowiec

Organizations are rethinking content curation. That’s according to a new report by Omnipress, which, for the fourth year, surveyed organizations on how they use content for events

Step Two: Creating Scenarios Based on Megatrends

Eric Lanke

Two weeks ago, in Step One: Identifying the Megatrends , I continued a description of a Scenario Planning exercise my Board chair and I decided to conduct at our upcoming Board meeting.

Usability Tips for a Seamless LMS

Web Courseworks Associations

Michael Hartman of Sandstorm Design will be presenting during our February eLearning Thought Leaders Series Webinar ! During this webinar, viewers can expect to learn about how usability testing can help drive a significantly improved user experience for your members.

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[Infographic] The Marketer's Toolbox: Indispensable Marketing Techniques and Technologies

Higher Logic

Modern marketing is complicated. But when you break down the components of a strong marketing program, it suddenly feels familiar and approachable. The best tools out there are easy to set up, easy to use, and get results.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 125: The #1 Onboarding Strategy - Moery Company

Moery Company

Just how much time does your membership department devote to the “onboarding process” of new members?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.9.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events for the association community… Ernie Smith at Associations Now provides really smart advice on SEO (search engine optimization) for your website and blog based on Google algorithm changes over the last few years.

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Voices and Views: February

Aaron Wolowiec

Event Garde is committed to professional development, for ourselves and for our industry. As such, we’re avid readers of industry news. We’d like to share these must-reads with you

Oranges Are More Important Than Apples

Eric Lanke

Lately, I've been spending more time than usual on my association's financial operations.

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Drive traffic to your association’s career center.

YourMembership Blog

Your association’s career center helps you boost member engagement, gain insight into prospective members, and generate valuable non-dues revenue. So, how do you drive more traffic to your center? Here’s how … The post Drive traffic to your association’s career center. appeared first on YourMembership. Career Solutions Career Development Industry Trends

Combining Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies

Higher Logic

In recent years, digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, and blogging, have replaced traditional marketing tactics as the preferred methods for promoting products and attracting potential customers.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 124: What’s the Biggest Problem in the Association Profession? - Moery Company

Moery Company

An anemic approach to business development is holding associations back from achieving their missions, says Host JP Moery. He details three factors having the greatest impact on sales rigor within the industry and offers how best to tackle the issue head on.

Boosting Membership Retention from the Start: Your Members’ First 3 Months

Spark Consulting

Editorial note: the following is a guest blog from Callie Walker of MemberClicks. Does membership retention really begin the second a member joins your association? It should! The better you onboard, the more likely your members are to renew. So the question then becomes…how do you effectively onboard your new members? What should you be doing in their first few months? Here’s a breakdown: Month 1 – Welcome.

Designing Engaging Learning with Tracy King and Aaron Wolowiec

Aaron Wolowiec

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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Membership


This post originally appeared on MC Talks. ——-. There are thousands upon thousands of associations out there, but one thing all associations have in common: They all want to grow! Now you may have a growth strategy in place (as part of your association’s strategic plan), but does that growth strategy incorporate social media? If not, you may want to consider adding that in, as social media is typically a fairly cheap and easy way to reach new eyes.

5 tips to get your leaders to love new LMS technology.

YourMembership Blog

From our Community Brands Digital Member Study, we learned there’s a strong correlation between member loyalty and technology. Members who believe their professional membership organization is an early technology adopter are generally more satisfied and feel more connected to their organization. We see these loyalty metrics rise even more when members perceive their organization’s use of. The post 5 tips to get your leaders to love new LMS technology. appeared first on YourMembership.

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Web Tracking Is Your Marketing Automation Advantage

Higher Logic

Web tracking may not be the first thing that leaps to mind when you think about marketing automation, but it should be. Like perfecting a golf swing, marketing automation is all about the follow-through, and combining web tracking with automated campaigns is exactly the prep you need before stepping out on the green. Modern digital marketing is all about data.

Your Need for Control May Strangle Business Growth - Moery Company

Moery Company

IStock_Credit_releon8211. I have a quick tip about a unique barrier to growth within associations and small companies. I’ve observed this behavior for a long time and, frankly, I struggle with it myself. It’s the issue of control.

How Does Your Culture Serve You?

Jamie Notter

I was talking the other day to a leader in an organization whose culture was fairly traditionally “hierarchical.”

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Facilitator: Neutral Party or Expert Guide?

Aaron Wolowiec

?Facilitators should actually be expert guides. Their understanding of the subject matter allows them to have a deeper understanding of the goals of the group and how to assist them in achieving those goals

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Bookmark This: 2018 Social Media Image Sizes



#Trust is yours: Will you take it on or drop the ball?

YourMembership Blog

Each day I read the news, and I prepare my mind with a “who’s-going-to-resign-today game,” while scanning the headlines. It’s a bit surreal at times, and troubling, to see future generations surrounded by these hurtful stories and the path of victims. And, I think—in this era of eroding trust—associations can, and must, step up. The post #Trust is yours: Will you take it on or drop the ball? appeared first on YourMembership. Online Learning Professional Development Industry Trends

Building Personas: Defining Your Audience

Higher Logic

Creating personas is a valuable practice for many departments across organizations. From marketing and sales to product and client success, personas help teams to focus on understanding the needs and pain points of their prospects or customers. This helps organizations deliver more personalized experiences, content, and solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of specific segments of your audience. To serve your audience well, you have to know them.