December, 2016

Harley Davidson Stumbled Upon Community (And it Saved Them)

Higher Logic

What makes a Harley Davidson motorcycle special? You don’t have to be a motorcycle enthusiast to answer this question - almost anyone can name something. Harley bikes have a distinct sound, look and feel. Even if you’ve never been on one, they’re an iconic part of American culture.

’Tis the season for product roadmaps.

YourMembership Blog

Here’s where YourMembership is headed in 2017, and beyond, to drive more member engagement + increase membership for forward-thinking associations. Around this time, everyone is eager to learn what the New Year will bring. YM customers and partners are no different.

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‘Tis the Season for Giving

Association Management

We’re fortunate at Virtual to be in a position to support many worthy causes in the Boston area.

Are Chapters Worth It? Infographic


This infographic captures the highlights from the 2016 Chapter Benchmarking Study and Report. Where do your chapters compare? Where do your chapters produce value? Are they worth it

23 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Start 2017 with a boost to your professional skill set with some free education. Each month we compile a list of the best free nonprofit webinars for you to attend. This month's webinars feature online fundraising best practices, software training, and how to find new donors this year. training Education webinars nonprofit free

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.9.16

Reid All About it

It’s the most wonderful time of the year …Christmas, Hanukkah, frosty nights, comfort food, warm fires, cozy slippers, wool sweaters, and ASAE Tech. One of those things doesn’t belong, you say? Well, it does in my world and the world of my fellow association tech geeks – you know who you are.

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Twas the Night after Christmas - 2017 Idea Search


Twas the night after Christmas and all thro' the office not a creature was stirring, not even a virtual log-in … so brings me to blog? The freedom to not do a single item on my to-do, no calls to members, volunteers, leaders or clients, no frantic deadlines to meet.


Put Your Marketing Gloves on and Bring on Member Engagement


by Vivian Swertinski, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Informz. One of my goals this year was to start and stick with a consistent exercise program. I’ve never been much of a runner, but have been intrigued by the emotional calm or “runners high” that runners seem to speak of.

3 Things Your Conference Attendees Want to Do on Their Phones [Research]


77% of people say that when they’re attending live events they often (or always) use their smartphones for business. Another 13% say they sometimes use their smartphones, while only 10% say they rarely or never use their phones. That means that 90% of your event attendees are on their smartphones.

Successful Communities Give Up Power

Higher Logic

It may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true - successful communities give up power. No, that doesn’t mean they throw out their community guidelines and nix all the rules - a certain amount of structure is important. But over-management is sure to kill engagement, which is the last thing you want.

5 questions to better market your career center.

YourMembership Blog

Nothing promotes a career center like putting relevant, niche jobs in front of professionals. When it comes time to look for a new job, professionals turn first to associations, which are among the best places to start.

6 Insights The Sharing Economy Tells Us About The Future Of Fundraising

Beth Kanter's Blog

Note from Beth: December is a time when start to reflect on the past year and future online trends for fundraising.

Take The Quiz: Are You Managing Your Membership Database Like The Top Nonprofits?

Wild Apricot Blog

To find out how your database management processes stack up against the top nonprofits, take this short quiz that Wes Trochlil (Founder of Effective Database Management) helped us put together. This quiz is designed to help you identify areas to improve, and give you expert tips. At the bottom of the quiz, compare your score against others. data management management trochlil wes membership database data quiz

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.16.16

Reid All About it

I believe. Who else is getting excited about Christmas? Now that I’m back from the ASAE Technology Conference & Expo , it’s time to get festive. Although, thanks to the good cheer of ASAE attendees and exhibitors, I’ve been feeling pretty festive these past few days.

4 Ways to Use Nostalgia to Grab Your Customers’ or Members’ Attention


Author Tom Wolfe made a statement with the title of his novel, You Can’t Go Home Again. Maybe he’s right that we can’t go back to our childhood rooms or the other good times in our lives, but you certainly can remember them through nostalgia. And many of us do.

Know Your Audience: Create a Community Editorial Calendar

Higher Logic

Content creation - and managing user generated content creation - is a big part of being a community builder. But how do you manage your content in an organized way that increases engagement?

Solving real-world problems through learners.

YourMembership Blog

No matter your politics, our country needs associations. The challenges are our industry’s to take. Collectively, we are at a pivotal point in U.S. history, and associations will be key to bring viable solutions to our country and its challenges. This is no lofty aspiration or illusion of grandeur.

4 Ideas for 2017 Nondues Revenue Resolutions

Associations Now

As 2017 approaches, here are four questions to ask to create realistic routes toward accomplishing your resolutions related to nondues revenue. I love making New Year’s resolutions; keeping them is another story. Change is hard, and as a New York Times writer points out , it’s also exhausting.

Making Sure Your New Website Theme is Social-Friendly


You’ve launched your new web theme, and you need to make sure it’s going to convert visitors. Social shares are going to make or break your SEO, traffic generation, and your sales funnels. So, it’s time to make sure your new theme is social friendly. What is a Social-Friendly Theme?

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How an Uncashed Check Led to This Association Tripling Membership

Wild Apricot Blog

In 2012, Kim Elliot discovered that a check she’d written never got cashed. This discovery would inspire her to take over an association that was struggling and turn it around, tripling its membership within the first two years. triple membership check kim-elliott growth


Can Your Online Customer Community Be Fun?


How do you get people to join and return to your customer community? It’s one of the most persistent question in community management. There are many tactics, but one of the best ways is to ensure that customers enjoy themselves while they are in your community.


PREVIEW: Key Findings from the 2016 Community Benchmarking Study

Higher Logic

How has community engagement evolved, from setting benchmarks to developing custom measurements for your organization? I recently previewed our 2016 Community Benchmarking Study, and the overarching theme is clear: effective community management can positively influence member behavior.

Modernize your association with an integrated, cloud-based solution.

YourMembership Blog

Leverage mobile capabilities to access member information anytime, anywhere. Are your strategies limited by your technology? As associations evolve, they sometimes do not have the time or resources to think long term about scalable management software and business productivity solutions.

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Why Your Attendees Are Your Best Marketing Tools

Associations Now

Sure, direct-mail pieces and email newsletters can be compelling. But having your attendees market your conferences or events for you may be a sure-fire way to engage new audiences. One of my best friends came to visit me a few weeks ago.

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Happy Holidays From The Portage Group

Portage Group

News & Events


How This Mother Grew her Nonprofit 300%

Wild Apricot Blog

A few years ago, Sarah Rintamaki noticed her two-year-old struggling to speak. Sarah’s long and lonely search for help inspired her to found Connecting for Kids, an organization devoted to helping mothers like her quickly find the education and support they need. Although Sarah had no experience building a nonprofit, she did have one thing that helped her grow Connecting for Kids over 300% from 2012 to 2015. Read this post to discover Sarah’s secret behind this phenomenal growth.

12 Top Association Articles from 2016


Remember Cliffs Notes, the popular synopses of required reading and classic literature? For some of us, they were a go-to back in high school.

Yes, We Opened That Can of Worms

Higher Logic

It’s fun talking about community strategy at the 50,000 foot, theoretical level, but sometimes you need to dig in and ask the nitty gritty questions. At Super Forum 2016, Higher Logic’s team of six community managers did just that in a two part break out session, “Let’s Open a Can of Worms.”

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.9.16

Reid All About it

It’s the most wonderful time of the year …Christmas, Hanukkah, frosty nights, comfort food, warm fires, cozy slippers, wool sweaters, and ASAE Tech. One of those things doesn’t belong, you say? Well, it does in my world and the world of my fellow association tech geeks – you know who you are.

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Associations Share Industry Predictions for 2017

Associations Now

As a new year begins, associations reveal their predictions of what’s to come in their respective industries in 2017. A new year is a good time for associations to reflect on last year’s successes, think about what to improve, and consider where to go in the upcoming year.

LinkedIn to remove lots of search fields


Just came across t his interesting post. LinkedIn will soon be retiring the ability to search years of experience, function, seniority level, interested in, company size and when a user joined. Also receiving the axe is the ability for Premium users to search within LinkedIn Groups.

The Biggest List of Tips For Smooth Succession Planning

Wild Apricot Blog

Over the years, we’ve gathered tips from hundreds of board members who have all been through succession planning themselves. Right now, his is the biggest list of tips for succession planning on the internet! change succession leadership succession-planning Board

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5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


There was wood everywhere. Paper on the floor, nails on what was left of the counter, and a paint-splattered drop cloth was all that protected the kitchen tile. It was a mess. That’s how my kitchen looked during its recent upgrade.

Who Is Ruling the Community?

Higher Logic

People! Let’s talk about the moving mechanism behind the community. It may sound excessive to say that community is about people, because we all know it to be true.

Team 40