October, 2012

Do Association Members Ignore Your Signs Too?

Association Subculture

So here's the lesson for today kids. and the link for those who can't see the embedded video). This video is hilarious!

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My Interview With Julie Cottineau of BrandTwist (Part 1)

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

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It's Not About the Notices

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Membership retention isn't about renewal invoices: how many you send, when, in what format. Or at least, it isn't ONLY about the invoices. When someone decides to join your association, she's responding to a promise made - your brand promise.

Lifelong Learning is a Requirement, not an Option

Reid All About it

“It’s a tragic fact that most of us know only how to be taught; we haven’t learned how to learn.”.

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Member Engagement Solution #6: Provide Structure, But Not Too Much

Eric Lanke

image source I've mentioned previously that I'm leading another innovation effort for WSAE, something we're calling an Innovation Circle. Ours is focused on member engagement, and you can get an overview of what it is and what we're trying to achieve with it here.

25 instructional strategies guaranteed to refresh your signature programs

Aaron Wolowiec

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: People are busy these days. They’re also moving at a faster pace and have limited dollars to spend on professional development. Period. Combine this competition for time and resources with the endless access to information and content available online and you have a long list of continuing education providers competing for market share.

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One Foot In Front of The Other

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

I've lost six pounds. After allowing the excuses to pile up (stress, knee injury, time, motherhood, travel), I joined Weight Watchers with a good friend of mine and started following the plan and I've lost six pounds over the last two weeks.


Friday Top 5

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It's the information overload trifecta! Top 5 Interesting Facts about Information Overload: Although the concept has existed since at least the first century C.E. , the term itself was originated by Alvin Toffler in his 1970 book Future Shock.

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Think Responsive for Your Association Website

Reid All About it

Have you ever pulled up a website on your phone and been frustrated by the tiny text and tabs? Unless I’m desperate to do something there, I usually give up. In either case, I’m frustrated by the awful user experience. Don’t they care about their customers?

Member Engagement Solution #8: Effective Orientation and Interaction Is Key

Eric Lanke

image source I've mentioned previously that I'm leading another innovation effort for WSAE, something we're calling an Innovation Circle. Ours is focused on member engagement, and you can get an overview of what it is and what we're trying to achieve with it here.

10 tactics to ensure your strategic plan addresses member learning

Aaron Wolowiec

Whether your association has just recently penned a new strategic plan or you’re three or more years into a long-term strategic planning cycle (however impractical that may be given today’s environment), do me a favor and locate this document. Whether in hard copy or (preferably) electronically, open it up and conduct a simple search of the following key words: Education. Learning. Professional Development. Conference. Meeting.

Association Management - FIX IT

Association Subculture

"It's really very simple Seth. Step One - Fix, Step Two - It, Step Three - FIX IT! Repeat steps one through three until it's all FIXED!". Some of my all time favorite skits on Saturday Night Live involved this character - "Oscar Rogers" - that debuted during the financial crisis of 2008.

Social Media and Disaster: Hospitals On Facebook

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

It was the scariest day of my life. I was settled in on the couch with my husband and daughter enjoying our Sunday evening when my phone rang. Giving it a quick look, I saw it was my cousin Sarah calling from Texas. I'd never in all my 30+ years received a call from her. Something must be wrong.

Is It Ever OK to Fire a Member?

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Of course you know I'm going to say "yes," right? So the real question is: when? And how do you do it without creating a PR nightmare in a social world? Here's one tip: don't use a post-it.) We all have "problem" members. You know - the person who calls or emails constantly to complain.

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Reads of the Week: October 19, 2012

Reid All About it

The coolest thing I saw all week, no contest, was Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic free fall skydive. Nothing beats that. Red Bull has two short videos of the event: a 1:30 minute highlight version and a 4:30 minute full recap version. Both are exhilarating to watch.

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What Does Member Engagement Mean to You?

Eric Lanke

I've been busy prepping this week for the presentation that will be leading off an exciting new webinar series on member engagement.

Social Media for Associations: Challenges and Opportunities

Association Navigator

Associations and non-profits are very busy trying to figure out social media. How can we use them to enhance our communications and how can we prepare for attacks launched using these new tools? The opportunities for enhanced sharing and collaboration presented by social media are mind-blowing.

Advice from the front line: Social technology, engagement and events

Aaron Wolowiec

I was recently asked by Maddie Grant of SocialFish to answer a handful of questions about social learning. One, in particular, caught my attention. I’m including here both the question and my response. I’d love to see how many people are willing to add their advice (and life experiences) to this post. What advice do you have for someone trying to incorporate social technology and engagement into: - the formal online learning programs they manage?

The social media dog that didn’t bark

Golden's Rules for Association

In the Sherlock Holmes mystery “Silver Blaze,” the solution turns on “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” ” Scotland Yard Detective Gregory can be forgiven for his confusion when he protests, “the dog did nothing in the night-time.” ” “That,” Holmes observes, “was the curious incident.” There are a number of dogs that didn’t [.]. Social Media & Associations Social Media trends

Are You a Digital Junkie?

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Preparing for an upcoming presentation, I found this terrific video that was, apparently, a student project, on the topic of information overload: video unplugging

Reads of the Week: October 5, 2012

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I’ve fallen in love with poetry! You knew it would happen eventually. Yes, I had a dalliance with Yeats when I was much younger – it was during my romantic Irish phase – but we drifted apart.

Member Engagement Solution #7: Advisory Groups Can Be Tremendous Win-Wins

Eric Lanke

image source I've mentioned previously that I'm leading another innovation effort for WSAE, something we're calling an Innovation Circle. Ours is focused on member engagement, and you can get an overview of what it is and what we're trying to achieve with it here.

Should Social Media Matter to Leadership?

Jamie Notter

Maddie and I put together a quick survey about social media and leadership a few weeks ago, and in no time at all we got 505 people to complete the survey (thanks to all of you who helped spread the word!).

Serious Questions: Are associations dead?

Principled Innovation

In August, I launched the P. Serious Questions newsletter. Each issue of the newsletter presents a serious question on which I offer my thoughts for newsletter subscribers. Today, I am publishing what I wrote on the September 2012 Serious Question of the Month on the P.I. The September 2012 Serious Question of the Month. Are associations dead?

Nine tips to promote win-win negotiating (no matter the contract)

Aaron Wolowiec

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, I’ll have the distinct pleasure of co-facilitating the final MSAE Emerging Professionals brown bag lunch of 2012 with Tammy Dankenbring, sales manager for the Amway Hotel Collection. Discussion will focus on successful negotiation techniques. If your schedule will allow, and you’re not yet registered, please consider attending.

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Little Billy

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OK, so Tuesday, I posted a serious video about information overload. Today it's time for a funny video on the same topic: video humor unplugging

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Reads of the Week: October 26, 2012

Reid All About it

Just scanning this collection of 99 creative life hack s will make you feel clever. This weekend you will find me wandering around the house peering at wood with wal nut in hand. Fellow liberal arts majors: no regrets!

Reduce, and Gain Power

Eric Lanke

image source I was recently inspired by Tim Leberecht's thoughts on preparing for and giving a TED talk. To paraphrase, he talks about the liberation that comes with focus, of reducing things down to their barest essential. It provides more than just clarity.

When it comes to advocacy, don’t ignore Gen Y

Association Advocacy Chick

The following post is a reprint of a guest post I did for XYZ University in September 2012. A special thanks to Sarah Sladek for allowing me to participate! Go to virtually any association’s website and you will find advocacy listed as a membership benefit. Is it really a benefit? Which of your members would rank advocacy among their top five reasons for joining your association? For a young professional, their reasons for becoming a member may be different. Some want to develop a network.

Associations Unorthdox Shift #6: Build a strategically legitimate board

Principled Innovation

This is the sixth and final post in my series on the six shifts presented in my new e-book, Associations Unorthodox: Six Really Radical Shifts Toward the Future , created in collaboration with CHIEF. Please check out the previous posts in the series.) As always, I invite your feedback in the comments below, or you can join the Associations Unorthodox conversation on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #auxsix. The Problem .

Feature Adoption is Key to Online Community Success

YourMembership Blog

Categories: Membership Management Tags: engaging members , feature adoption , social networking software , Technology At YourMembership.com we roll-out 150+ enhancements and new features a year. Some are huge undertakings meant to change (or better) the way you do business and some are more intuitive features designed to work behind the scenes. While all features are included in your price, you chose to implement the ones that make the most [.] ( Read more.

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It's Not Too Late!

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Small staff association executive? What are you doing next Tuesday, October 16? If the answer isn't, "Joining you and a bunch of really smart people at Intelligent Office in Alexandria for a 1/2 day of interactive learning focused specifically on the needs of small staff execs, of course!"

Reads of the Week: October 12, 2012

Reid All About it

Let’s start with a freebie! Jeff Cobb has a slew of great ideas about lifelong learning and he practices what he preaches, so it’s not a bunch of hoo-haw. He’s offering a free Kindle version of his book, 10 Ways to Be a Better Learner – but today is the last day to download it, so chop chop!

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Tap Into Emotional Design for a Remarkable Website

Vanguard Tech

Business websites – particularly staid, professional, work only sites like those for a professional association – are supposed to be about facts and figures. Not emotion. Right? Wrong.