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20 Best Community Engagement Platforms for Nonprofits and Associations in 2022

Wild Apricot

Membership organizations thrive on the power of community. When members feel like they’re a part of something special, they’re much more likely to not only stick around, but encourage their friends and family to join. If you were a membership. website-and-technology

10 Steps to Choosing Your Association’s Next AMS


Imagine, it’s your second day on the job when the CEO asks you to find a new AMS for the association. I mean, really, they couldn’t have mentioned that in the interview?


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What is Member Engagement?

Association Adviser

Associations exist to bring people together who share common interests for a joint purpose. That purpose could be for educational opportunities, social advocacy, community, and even public charities. Those who make up the association are members.

15 Best Practices for Virtual Site Visits

Aaron Wolowiec

In partnership with ConferenceDirect, I recently began exploring and conducting virtual site visits. Based upon our recent experiences sourcing a number of venues for national events, following are 15 best practices for making the most of your virtual site visits


What AMS Vendors Don't Tell You About Implementation

AMS vendors often boast about proven implementation processes. And while yes, the right strategies are imperative, they are also not enough. Discover 3 often-overlooked requirements for successful AMS implementations by downloading!

Designing an Effective New Member Onboarding Process: 7 Tips

Wild Apricot

You’ve designed a value-packed membership program that offers amazing benefits and gives your members access to highly sought-after resources. So how is it possible that your renewal rates keep declining? Why are members dropping off when they. membership

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Is Your Association Facing a Crisis? What Great Leaders Do in Times Like These

Association Adviser

Leaders are expected to stand tall and embrace change in times of crisis. The same goes for associations. Members rely on the directional leadership of associations — even more so during uncertain times.

Research Says it Might Be Time to Give Your Brain a Break

Smooth The Path

What are you doing reading this post?!?! It is the Fourth of July week here in the US and an excellent week for a summer vacation. I recently read somewhere that a research study discovered that a high degree of perseverance is one of the critical behaviors of successful people.

20 Volunteer Stats for Your Summer Reading

Mariner Management

Hope you are all enjoying the summer! As I write this, I’m in Colorado Springs enjoying time with my grandkids (yes, I have grandkids!). Meanwhile, Peggy & Peter are planning their well-deserved vacation coming soon. That said, we can’t neglect our promise to bring you our monthly top 20 lists!

Your Customer Service Problems Could Be Rooted in Transparency Issues


Nearly every organization has a version of this customer service problem: customers or members reach out to you because they need some specific answer or piece of information, but frequently the person they get a hold of (phone, online, in person) doesn’t have that information/answer and has to get back to them later.

How to Sell Your Board on Better Technology

Use this helpful blueprint when you need to convince your board to invest in better software. It includes talking points and tips for your presentation, including quantifying ROI, outlining indirect benefits, and selling the potential of the purchase.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Event Management

Association Adviser

Is your association hosting an event soon? It’s pretty overwhelming, right? There’s no question that events are stressful. From brainstorming and planning to organization and logistics, there’s just so much to do in so little time — and that’s all before the actual event even begins.

Satisfaction survey: Homeowners overwhelmingly happy with community association living


Maintenance-free, safety, and cleanliness are top features that make community associations a popular housing choice and lifestyle for millions of Americans, according to results from the 2022 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey.

Always look for the MVP

Effective Database

Always look for the MVP I first wrote about minimum viable product (MVP) just three years ago, but the term itself was coined over 20 years ago. But I've been thinking about this more and more with all of my new projects, for one significant reason: Even compared to five years ago, much less 20 … Always look for the MVP Read More » Wes's Wednesday Wisdom

What to Look for in a Culture Assessment


A lot of organizations are realizing that the craziness of the last two years has had a big impact on workplace culture, to the point where they may not even know what their culture is anymore. That has them thinking about implementing some kind of formal culture assessment.

10 Common AMS Implementation Myths Debunked

Voicing the need for a new AMS may not win you any popularity contests. But if your business objectives aren’t being met, it’s time to broach the subject. Turn skeptics around with 10 hard-to-argue responses designed to showcase the value of a new system.

The American Way: How Manufacturers and Motor Carriers Remained Resilient in Adversity


The last two years have proven to be unusually volatile, even for the roller-coaster-ready manufacturing, consumer products, and truckload industries.

Without Trust, You Don’t Have a Team


Do you ever wonder how you’re doing as a leader? What’s the best way to evaluate your skills? There are a variety of metrics that might be useful. You could distribute a survey, conduct 360-degree performance evaluations, analyze the financials, and assess your progress against goals.

Team 52

Convince Industry Employers to Eliminate Unnecessary Paper Ceiling Requirements for Hiring

WBT Systems

In September 2022, common sense will hopefully prevail. A national advertising campaign will challenge the hiring status quo by championing skills-based hiring. Opportunity@Work wants to convince employers to get

Association Brain Food: 7.8.22

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. Paper ceiling. WBT Systems writes about a new ad campaign coming in September from Opportunity@Work, a coalition asking employers to get rid of unnecessary bachelor’s degree requirements for hiring.

How to Select an Association Credit Card Processing Company

Right now, every penny counts. It’s an ideal time to check if your association’s credit card processing provider is offering competitive terms. However, there are many important factors to consider if when researching options.

The First 5 Marketing Steps You Should Take After Launching Higher Logic Thrive Platform

Higher Logic

The post The First 5 Marketing Steps You Should Take After Launching Higher Logic Thrive Platform appeared first on Higher Logic. You’ve launched! Now what? Find out how to maximize the new marketing capabilities you’ll get with Higher Logic Thrive Platform. .