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Is There a Science to Word of Mouth Marketing and Going Viral? A Q&A With Dr. Jonah Berger

Higher Logic

Do you ever wonder why certain videos go viral? Or why some articles get shared widely while others don’t? Dr. Jonah Berger has spent his professional life digging into why certain things take off and why people make different decisions.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.6.17

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free professional development events for the association community… Only 10% of Americans love cooking. Sure, “love” is a tougher bar to reach than “like,” but that stat still surprises me, probably because I love cooking, usually.

Using visualization to create the chapter of the future


How can you move members and legacy chapter systems into the future? Two associations – one state, one global – used visualization in two different ways to help evolve their models to meet their changing memberships

System 141

Are You Ready to SURGE?

Spark Consulting

I’m excited to share that I’ll be speaking at Association Success’s inaugural SURGE virtual event, November 7-9. Around the world, thousands of association professionals confront the same challenges. We all have insights to offer on how to grow, adjust, adapt and innovate.

From Personalized Marketing to Predicting Client Demand: Brad Klingenberg of StitchFix Explains the Power of Data

Higher Logic

Data science is a new and growing profession and many companies are scrambling to either find a data scientist or to increase their data team. But what exactly do these people do and how can they help all types of organizations?

Board Succession Quiz

Eric Lanke

As I said a few weeks ago, another association has invited me to speak at their Annual Leadership Conference on the subject of high-functioning association Boards. I'm going to hit four subjects during my presentation: Board selection , Board discussions , Board decisions , and Board succession.

Gatorade quenches thirst for innovation with sips, not gulps.

YourMembership Blog

Organizations facing disruption and the need for innovation are binary in their thinking. They consider 2 options: Either radically change or face peril. Rarely do the efforts work to successfully innovate, because organizations aren’t typically structured to adapt to major change. So, bringing in radical innovation more often fails. That’s what we’re learning by reading. The post Gatorade quenches thirst for innovation with sips, not gulps. appeared first on YourMembership.

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Why You Should Be Obsessed With Your Customer Experience

Higher Logic

Happy CX Day! For those of you who haven’t heard of CX Day , here’s the rundown: the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) organizes CX Day as a global celebration of the companies and professionals who create great experiences for their customers.

Three Ways To Help Support Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

Beth Kanter's Blog

It has been ten days since Hurricane Maria has devastated the Island of Puerto Rico. We have read the harrowing news reports about a lack of food, electricity, and water and people dying.

3 ways to promote and drive traffic to your career center.

YourMembership Blog

When it comes to social media, everyone is doing it. At least, they should be. However, just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean they are doing it well. Here are three ways to increase your association’s member engagement and help drive traffic to your association’s career center via social media platforms. Build a plan. The post 3 ways to promote and drive traffic to your career center. appeared first on YourMembership. Career Solutions Career Development Social Media

Is Your Association Breaking This Key Rule While Trying to Engage Younger Members?

Smooth The Path

I’ve come across many organizations who try endlessly to engage younger members, but to no avail. From my experience, it’s because they’re breaking one key rule without knowing it. But there is good news. Once associations start following that rule, they are able to engage younger members with ease.

Is Your Association Breaking This Key Rule While Trying to Engage Younger Members?

Wild Apricot Blog

Associations that struggle to attract and engage younger members typically break one key rule. In this post, membership expert Amanda Kaiser reveals what that rule is, and how you can apply it so your organization brings in younger members. younger-members engagement Amanda-Kaiser association membership

Happy Healthy Nonprofit Workplaces: How To Kick the Sit Out It

Beth Kanter's Blog

Last week, I was honored to do the keynote workshop at the Peel Leadership Center’s TimeOut Conference in Toronto, Canada. This conference is an opportunity for executive directors to build skills in resilience as part of a day-long seminar.

Oneness Remembrance – IMEX Las Vegas

Leadership Solutions International

Photo courtesy of Invitation for IMEX Attendees & Hospitality Partners. Oneness Remembrance A Celebration of Love. Monday, October 9, 2017 10:08pm. One week and one day will have passed since the tragic events in Las Vegas while we are in attendance at IMEX.

How To Create an Article That Is Impossible Not to Share


It would be impossible to know what the most shared blog post of all time would be, given the sheer volume of posts (including viral ones) that are released every single day. But if there is one website that embodies popular posts as a concept, it has to be Buzzfeed.

October Social Media Themes for Associations


Coming up with ideas for social media posts can be stressful and time consuming. The social media success formula indicates that only 10% of posts should be about your organization. So, what about the rest of your posts?

Two Examples of Nonprofit Social Media That Will Make You Smile (and learn a best practice or two)

Beth Kanter's Blog

Recently, my social media feeds have been anxiety producing, if not downright depressing. The parade of bad news: gun violence, hurricanes, earthquakes, nuclear war, fake news, and more.

Don’t Ignore the Contradictions In Your Culture

Jamie Notter

One of the reasons that I don’t particularly like “core values” exercises is that they bring culture up to a level that’s so high, it ends up ignoring some important contradictions inside your culture.

Course 103

5 Things You Should Aim to “Get” at Your Next Meeting or Trade Show


Your annual meeting or trade show is a BIG opportunity for your association. Not only is it a primary way to raise revenue, but it’s a huge opportunity to engage your members and attract potential members.

How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis for Association Planning


What is a SWOT Analysis? SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Taking time to regularly analyze these factors is an important part of strategic non-profit planning and analysis.

Associations and the Network Effect

Smooth The Path

The network effect is growing my public speaking business. For example, the Florida Society of Association Executives (FSAE) recruited me to speak at this year’s annual conference.

3 Ways to Use Text Emails In Your Email Marketing Strategy


Email is email right? A snazzy, HTML-stylized piece of art packaged with a header or hero image, fancy font, a button, and a footer. But not all emails need to be “pretty.” ” Have you ever thought of incorporating simple text emails into your email marketing strategy?

Re-Aligning Your Goals for a Strong Q4


Fall is officially in full swing! Hard to believe, right? That means we only have a few months left in 2017 - a few months left to achieve the goals we want. That said, what goals are you trying to achieve? What resolutions did you lay out in January? How are you pacing with those goals/resolutions?

Tips 69

How I Make IMEX Stress Free In 4 Simple Words

Leadership Solutions International

A quiet moment planning my IMEX experience. Many people find IMEX overwhelming. Let’s face it 12,000 of your favorite friends under one roof, and that roof happens to be in Las Vegas. There is a lot to get stressed about. I do IMEX the mindful way – Here’s how you can too!

5 Ways to Transform Your Team’s Brainstorming

Association Success

How effective teamwork can fan the flames of your creative spark. Great ideas don’t appear out of thin air. If you want your team to start taking more innovative approaches to solving organizational problems, you may need to change the way you work.

Team 56

5 Solutions to Streamline Online Event Registration


With #AUC2017 only two weeks away, we are thrilled to share with you a series of guest blog posts courtesy of some of those who are sponsoring this year's Aptify Users Conference! This is a guest blog post by Kate Dodd of ExpoLogic. Thank you for sponsoring, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! AUC event registration

Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Your First Call for Proposal


A Call for Proposal (or sometimes described as a Request for Proposal) is an open invitation from conference organizers asking for session presentations that are interesting and relevant for fellow industry professionals.

Affirmative Prayer 10.2.17

Leadership Solutions International

Affirmative Prayer For Humanity: On this sad day, I stand in the absolute awareness of the one human family and the Truth that Love connects all hearts and minds.

DC 56

A Career Developed, Not Planned

Trade Association CEO Blog

I have been very fortunate to enjoy a long, wonderful career in the motor vehicle-related industries. I hope my story can be an inspiration to others to enter at the grass roots and grow as I did through the many opportunities presented.

What Happens When You Take Your Event Online?

Association Success

On synchronous events, and participating in pajamas. Online events, specifically hybrid conferences, are enormously powerful. Held synchronously with face-to-face meetings, they can help you broaden your reach by offering content to a new group of people. They also involve technology tools which are being introduced and refined at wildly fast speeds.

4 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Donors


Donors are a BIG part of nonprofit success - we don’t have to tell you that. But what can be a challenge is not only getting donors, but keeping them; getting them to donate time and time again. So what’s the trick?

Tips 60

10 Ways to Drive Member Engagement and #LeverageChapters


With #AUC2017 less than two weeks away, we are thrilled to share with you a series of guest blog posts courtesy of some of those who are sponsoring this year's Aptify Users Conference! This is a guest blog post by Charlotte Muylaert of BillHighway. Thank you for sponsoring, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

The Changing Face of Association Members


Dan Stark, Director of Product Strategy ​Associations have a long and storied history as thriving communities of individuals and companies with common interests and goals. They serve as educators, advocates, idea forums, and compilers of industry research and best practices.

Class 52

How to Move From Silos to Success

Association Success

You can improve non-dues revenue projects through collaborative efforts at your association. We live in a silo industry. Do you remember the last time you put heads together with someone from a different department to share ideas about an internal pain point? Do you wish you had opportunities to do it more? Often, working together across disciplines generates insight greater than the sum of its parts.

Webinar Recap: Let’s Learn Together: Enhancing Online Learning with Communities

Blue Sky eLearn

Recently, Heather McNair, VP of Engagement Strategy over at Higher Logic , teamed up with Blue Sky’s Channel Manager, Jodi Ray, to discuss how organizations can enhance their online learning with communities. Check out our quick recap of the webinar below! We live in the age of modern learning.

Improve IT Outcomes and Communication with Simplified Project Management


With #AUC2017 less than two weeks away, we are thrilled to share with you a series of guest blog posts courtesy of some of those who are sponsoring this year's Aptify Users Conference! This is a guest blog post by Andrew Graf of TeamDynamix. Thank you for sponsoring, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

The State of Association E-Learning: Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

WBT Systems

The future looks bright for association e-learning. The growing lifelong learning market provides plenty of opportunity. However, one missing element is clouding the picture for associations. One weakness is holding associations back from reaching their market potential and becoming lifelong learning powerhouses. Can you guess what it is? I learned about this vulnerability while reading the fifth edition of Association Learning + Technology from Tagoras.

Mooc 50