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How Men and Women Aspiring to Leadership Network Differently

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While men often leverage large social networks to find high-level leadership roles, women with the same goal also tend to rely on a close inner circle of other women, according to a new study. Networking is an essential element of career-building in many professions, including association management.

Volunteer Performance Feedback: The Elephant in the Room

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our association’s efforts. Their performance affects our association’s outcomes and reputation. Despite this, associations tend to avoid giving volunteers formal


Association Management Services: Improving Change Management

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In association management, even seemingly small changes can have unexpected consequences. Association Management

The Moery Company Sponsors IndyCar for Second Year in a Row

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The Big Red “M” is thrilled to announce its continued association with Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser-Sullivan as an official partner of the No. 18 entry driven by Sebastien Bourdais for the 2019 NTT IndyCar Series Season.

Members Hire Tomorrow’s Associations

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Breaking. Members Hire Tomorrow’s Associations because they have no other choice. Global uncertainty and technological advances are forcing Members to make more informed decisions on how to spend their precious time and money.

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Does Your Employee Survey Measure Symptoms or Causes?

Jamie Notter

By now you should be aware that I’m kind of outraged that collectively we’ve spent billions of dollars on engagement surveys over the last several years, yet we haven’t improved our engagement scores. I think the metrics are a big piece of the problem.

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 180: The Carrot or the Stick in Sales, with Mike Thomas

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What’s the very best way to motivate and best position your sales team for success? Host JP Moery welcomes to the show Moery SVP of Sales Mike Thomas to discuss the winning approach employed at the Big Red “M.” Does the carrot or the stick play a role? Listen in to find out.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.8.19

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Don’t keep your association’s technical savvy and systems all to yourself.

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How to Solicit Corporate Sponsorships The Right Way

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Soliciting corporate sponsorships doesn't have to be hard. Here are 3 simple steps to help you secure more sponsors

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Coming soon: A behind the scenes look at small staff associations

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What are small-staff associations thinking about their organization and their membership these days? Are they preparing for and handling growth? What are their top priorities?

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Building Association Awareness for Your Volunteer Leaders

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Istock/Credit:Rawpixel. I’ve recently seen an interesting trend developing, and it’s the growing interest of volunteer leaders in association business.

You Don’t Need Happy Employees

Jamie Notter

The biggest reason our efforts to improve employee engagement over the last 20 years have been a horrible failure might surprise you: it’s because we’ve been trying to make people happy. Our collective image of an engaged employee is someone who likes coming to work, someone who smiles a lot, someone who has a positive sentiment about their workplace. They approve of how we do things around here. They like the way their managers treat them.


Do You Train Your Board Member’s and Committee Chairs?

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Boards of Directors Members and Committee Chairs are key leaders who determine whether an association is successful or not. What does that mean? It’s simple – associations whose directors and committee chairs are not focused on the organization’s strategic plan, are not consensus builders, and don’t know how to run effective meetings cause their association’s to fail – or at least stagnate.

4 signs your association has outgrown spreadsheets for managing member data

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Is your association still using spreadsheets to manage member data? It’s fairly common for smaller associations to start out using spreadsheets to track new memberships, member renewal dates, event sign-ups, etc. But spreadsheets can only take you so far. As your organization grows and evolves, you need member management tools that can keep up. The post 4 signs your association has outgrown spreadsheets for managing member data appeared first on YourMembership.

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Join Us for the Book Launch Event for “Association Hustle” by JP Moery

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Come celebrate the release of JP Moery’s first book Association Hustle at a book launch event co-sponsored by InLoop and Diageo – March 21st from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Diageo Townhouse in Washington, DC. RSVP today as space is limited! See you there!

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International Women’s Day: How the Meetings Industry Is Doing Its Part

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The global meetings industry is predominantly female. In honor of Friday’s celebration of the impact women make worldwide, here’s a look at how the meetings industry is doing its part. According to the U.S.

Identify LMS Reporting Requirements Before Starting the Selection Process

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Identify LMS Reporting Requirements Before Starting the Selection Process. Read more about Identify LMS Reporting Requirements Before Starting the Selection Process

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Looking Back From a Feeling of Triumph

Eric Lanke

My daughter plays the piano and the violin.

7 Steps to Building a Successful Technology Project Team


While there is no recipe for a secret sauce, a successful technology project team has some mandatory ingredients. Here are seven steps to take the next time you’re building a technology project team. Step 1: Get the technology project team’s buy-in.

Daily Buzz: Time to Check In on Member Relations

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Members join associations for the value they bring, but they may not feel the benefits long term. Auditing your organization’s member relations function can change that. Also: Is your email worth it?

What True Learning Is at Participant-Centered Conferences

Velvet Chainsaw

Putting the participant at the center of your conference programming by becoming more learner-centric, that is planning and offering education sessions that go beyond surface learning, is one of the biggest challenges facing conference organizers today.

February Update: New Attachment and Delivery Options Released

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The February update includes new feature releases, information on our annual conference, and our guide to starting with Integromat

[Guest Post] Building Blocks for Creating an Analytics Strategy


The following blog post was written by Association Analytics , an industry leader in data analysis and management products, services, and training.

The Rise of “Vacation Shaming”: How Can You Prevent It?

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Due to pressure coming from managers or coworkers, a recent survey says more employees are running into problems taking their PTO. Is your organization vacation shaming? Here’s what to watch out for.

How to Be a Noticer: Orienting Learning Towards the Future

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Inform your education programs with this unique strategy. Is the learning you offer future focused? If you start changing your learning programs once you discover a new direction or need in your industry, it’s likely too late. It takes months or years to retool things like learning design, pathways and marketing. We need to find out what’s going to happen in our industry next year, in five years, and in ten years, then align the learning.

How Understanding Lifetime Value Powers Your Membership Marketing

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I t is true, without an adequate budget it is a challenge to grow membership. So how do you make the case for additional marketing dollars? One effective way is to present the economic argument based on a lifetime value analysis.

What Do Netflix and Your Organization Have in Common?


How many people do you know who’ve cut the cord on cable? Maybe you’re one of those people. You got tired of paying for channels you never watched, and so you dropped cable for Netflix. (Or Or Hulu. Or both.). The point is, you didn’t want to pay for things you weren’t using.

Daily Buzz: Podcasts on the Rise

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Social media use is stalling, but when it comes to podcasts and smart speakers, there’s nowhere to go but up. Also: Market your educational offerings to employers. Social media is stalling as podcasts and smart speakers take center stage.

Association Email is Dying

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It's time to think critically about each email you send. Email is ridiculously important to the health of our association because at most associations email is by far the most used channel to communicate with our members. But email is in trouble! I am not going to address deliverability (although that is a problem). We are not going to talk all the new filters that purposely block and sort association mass emails into spam folders (that’s a problem too).

2 Easy Ways to Increase Association Non-Dues Revenue


Tweet. Associations are constantly challenged to increase non-dues revenue. Boosting the bottom line can begin by maximizing what every association already has: a website.

3 Reasons Why Your Website is Your Best Membership Growth Tool


There’s a lot that your association or chamber does to grow its membership: You host events, you send emails, you make phone calls. But what if I told you that your best tool for membership your website?

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Sushi With Beef? Meat Industry Makes the Case for “Beefshi”

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The Beef Checkoff program and the North American Meat Institute, seeing a growing trend toward sushi, hired a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef to help create beef-centered takes on a meal more closely associated with seafood.

Book of the Month - March 2019

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Is your association ready to leave employee disengagement in the past? Editor’s note: Every month, we interview a different author who has valuable insights that are relevant to professionals within the association industry. From widely varying perspectives and specializations, we hope to provide our dedicated audience with quality reading to continue fostering growth and inspiration! The Non-Obvious Guide To Employee Engagement (For Millennials, Boomers And Everyone Else) (Non-Obvious Guides).

Take a moment to be grateful

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Because we’re so focused on always improving what we have now, it’s easy to overlook the things we already have. I’ve been working in association management systems for almost 30 years now, and the amount of progress in technology over that time is nearly dumbfounding.