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How Members’ Website Expectations Have Changed (And How You Can Keep Up)

Higher Logic

Advances in technology and web design have changed what we expect from the internet and the websites we use every day. A great website five or ten years ago wouldn’t meet the cut today. Think about Facebook’s early design, for instance. It was text-heavy and clunky.

Tips for Marketing (Online Courses) To Your Association Members  

Web Courseworks Associations

Associations and nonprofits share a marketing dilemma unlike traditional for-profit businesses. The target market and demographics for a business are centered around prospective clients and existing clients.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.11.17

Reid All About it

Look out associations, now that LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, you can expect it to become a professional development and networking behemoth.

Giving Core Values Teeth

Eric Lanke

I heard a great way for organizations to give their core values "teeth" at a recent conference I attended.

How To Start a Micro-Advocacy Program in Your Association

Higher Logic

What happens when you combine a passionate segment of your membership with opportunities to make a difference beyond the walls of your association? An advocacy program.

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The Benefits of Being a Personify Partner

Web Courseworks Associations

Many of our customers use an association management system (AMS) as their system of record.

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What Associations Need to Know About Facebook’s API Changes


Ah, Facebook–that social network I love to hate , even though my career kind of depends on using it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nonprofits You May Have Overlooked

Wild Apricot Blog

Many people jump into a nonprofit career without understanding what it actually takes to thrive in the nonprofit world. Unfortunately it’s those same people who burn out quickly. Not to be discouraged though, a good understanding of what’s to come will allow you to manage your expectations and plan for a successful, impactful career in the nonprofit world. webinars nonprofits


Paying Attention to Your Nonprofit’s Workplace Culture Pays Off

Beth Kanter's Blog

Recently, I was invited to participate in a staff “Lunch and Learn,” by Connor Diemand-Yauman , CEO of Philanthropy University , about building a culture of wellbeing in the nonprofit workplace and capacity building.

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#ASAE17 session: Challenges faced, lessons learned from applying an education strategy.

YourMembership Blog

Change is a noun and a verb. Before you blame the foreign guy (that’s me) for bad grammar in using this phrase, let me clarify. At the upcoming 2017 ASAE Annual in the great city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there will be a session of the same named presented by our client, the American. The post #ASAE17 session: Challenges faced, lessons learned from applying an education strategy. appeared first on YourMembership. YourMembership News

What is Facebook Doing to My Link Previews?


As part of Facebook’s effort to stop the spread of misinformation and false news on their platform, they are removing the ability for Pages to edit how a link appears on Facebook. According to, by removing the ability to alter link metadata (i.e.

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Upping Your Event Sponsorship Game: 4 Ideas to Try


Does your association struggle to acquire event sponsors? What about sponsor retention? Once you acquire sponsors, do you then struggle to get them to stay and support your association’s initiatives (both old and new) year-after-year? Many people do. The sponsorship game is a tough one.

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7 Ways to Avoid Fundraising Burnout

Beth Kanter's Blog

Flickr Photo by Sam Livingston. Note from Beth: This week I’ve been in Finland at the invitation of the US Embassy to do trainings. On August 14th, I’m doing a FREE webinar with Soapbox Engage on how to raise more money and not burnout.

#ASAE17 session: Redefining association member value.

YourMembership Blog

Like many of you, I’m excited about attending ASAE Annual. Not only will this be my first time in Toronto, Canada, but I will also be presenting a session on redefining your association’s member value propositions. Traditional value propositions have shifted to become the expectations of your members. They demand continuing education and job opportunities, The post #ASAE17 session: Redefining association member value. appeared first on YourMembership.

Study: Public Can’t See Past Profit Motive of Social Good Companies

Associations Now

A recent report in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that the for-profit motive makes social good companies seem less altruistic compared with nonprofits, yet less authoritative than traditional for-profit companies. The problem, researchers say, comes down to messaging.

6 “Picture-Worthy” Props to Consider at Your Next Event


When you host a meeting or event, you want people to engage with you, right? Especially online. You’re likely posting on social media , and so you want your attendees to post as well. But the question is, how? How do you get your attendees to actually post about their conference experience?

Fire & Fury: Mindful Response **Special Edition**

Holly Duckworth

“He so did not just say that.” was my response when I clicked on the news. Shaking my head I say it again, “Did I really just hear my president say North Korea will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” ” After a few breaths of confusion and anxiety, I have to recognize that my response, confusion, and anxiety is not the person I want to be. I cannot choose to let one person disrupt my psyche. So I went to sleep.

#ASAE17 session: Choose your own adventure.

YourMembership Blog

While many of my friends and coworkers spent childhood days on the field engaging in some sort of team sport, it will come as a shock to absolutely no one that my days were spent in the school library. At every available moment, I would sneak into the stacks, thumb through the collection of books, The post #ASAE17 session: Choose your own adventure. appeared first on YourMembership. Industry News & Trends ASAE

Why High-Tech is High(er) on the List for Meeting Planners

Associations Now

Our tech expectations have grown considerably over the years—here’s how smart destinations are staying ahead. A lot of factors go into choosing the site of your association meetings. Is the airport well-connected to the rest of the country?

How to Ask the Best Networking Questions for #ASAE17


While attendees are going to have a lot of varying reasons for going to the ASAE Annual Meeting , one thing’s for certain: we are all trying to network! Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, walking up and mingling with strangers can be a truly intimidating experience.

Association Advocacy Thrives in ‘Fake News’ Era

Association Adviser

Jill Andreu. Like it or not, the term “fake news” has entered our country’s modern-day vocabulary. If you believe “fake news” is nonsense, devote 20 minutes one evening to cable news networks. Watch CNN for 10 minutes, then flip to Fox News for 10 minutes.

Countdown to #ASAE2017 in Toronto


We’re counting down to #ASAE2017 in amazing Toronto, Canada! The “What Inspires” theme is perfect for this gathering. Inspiration sparks in different ways for different people. One constant is that we all know when we feel it.

Why Tech Marks the Spot When it Comes to Meeting Planning

Associations Now

Meeting planners are turning to cities that are attracting new business sectors and investing in innovation. You have a choice: You can hold your conference in a city that is building a culture of innovation in a bid to attract startups and cutting-edge industry, or one that’s not.

10 Ways to Increase Attendee Energy at Your Conference

Smooth The Path

Here are some fun things conference organizers do to increase attendee energy at the conference. Play fun music. Find a talented MC. Make networking time fun. Have plenty of healthy food. Rent a space that’s not too big. Bring in enthusiastic speakers. Promote audience participation.

Seeking an Events Marketing Coordinator (in Montreal, QC)

Association Success

We need your help marketing a worldwide virtual conference. We’re a site that is a hub for thought leadership within the association industry. We publish articles and eBooks. We host live online discussions and webinars. We’re also planning a virtual conference in the month of November, which is why we’re hiring you.

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Informz Roadshow Kicks Off in Washington, DC & Northern Virginia


With the recent release of the Informz Template Designer 2 and Mailing Designer 2 (TDMD2), we wanted to give this major effort the focus it deserves. We dispatched our product team to Washington, DC and Northern Virginia last week for the first stop on the “TDMD2 Roadshow.”

Lung Association Brings Attention to Early Cancer Detection

Associations Now

In order to raise awareness around a new early-detection lung cancer screening, the American Lung Association launched a new campaign.

The Formula for Member Engagement

Smooth The Path

Related: . The new member engagement rule of three. Good moods are contagious at conferences. Who are the Stephanies in your association? The post The Formula for Member Engagement appeared first on Smooth The Path.

Time to Consider a Capital (Human) Campaign

Idea Architects

Almost every major nonprofit institution will embark on at least one capital campaign during its lifetime, soliciting significant financial contributions for new buildings, programs, or their endowment. It's time for any organization that solicits volunteers' time and talent to do the same.

Breezio Releases Enhanced Chat and Message Features to Drive Community Engagement


There’s nothing like some Breezio updates to finish off your summer right! We’re pushing out some new features to prop your portal, just in time for the school season. Keep in touch with Breezio as we continue to work around the clock making your community stand out in the collaborative generation.

Amid Rural Broadband Weak Spots, Nonprofits Offer Last-Mile Help

Associations Now

A More Controversial Proposal Ideas for better rural broadband are coming from the for-profit space as well. Last month, Microsoft proposed utilizing unused television signals to create a path to internet access for underserved rural areas.

It’s a Party! 3 Can’t-Miss Events at ASAE Annual


ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Exposition is in four short days! Can you believe it?! As you’re finalizing your schedule, be sure to include these 3 CAN’T-MISS events: association management association leadership ASAE Small Staff Chatter

Try – The Mandy Harvey Story

Holly Duckworth

Mindful Monday: Try to Feel – The Mandy Harvey Story. Did she really just say that in church? Yes she did. Holy crap buckets I get to sing at the Sydney opera house.” You could feel the authenticity in the words and the giggle.

3 Lessons Learned From Jeff Hurt’s Webinar

Association Success

In which we discussed integrated reasoning, frontal lobes, and sailors. It is a struggle with which many of us are sadly too familiar: no matter how cutting-edge our vision, how transformative our beliefs, and how ambitious our foresight, it is difficult actually to implement these bold new insights.

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