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What are the Pros and Cons of Outsourcing for Associations?

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We all need a helping hand from time to time. In fact, 81% of associations outsource at least 1 service. For associations, this usually happens when you’re looking at a challenging project, like implementing a marketing automation platform. Association Insights Association Management

Are You Putting the Right Amount in Your Reserve Fund?

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Reserve funds are there to keep associations afloat during lean times, which is why it’s crucial that you have the right amount tucked away. Experts offer tips on determining what that number should be. Winter is coming.

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Sponsorship Needs to Be More Than Banners and Clings

Velvet Chainsaw

Sponsorship is the most powerful form of marketing. When done well, it can change participants’ attitudes and behaviors about a brand. Banners, ads, signs and enhanced listings shouldn’t be lumped into the same category — they don’t make that emotional connection.

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2020 Association Tech: 3 Expert Tips to Guide Your Planning

Higher Logic

Good news: Four association experts sat down to share their favorite trends and lessons learned from the newly rebranded ASAE Technology Exploration Conference (TEC) and their valuable conversation can help guide your association’s 2020 planning strategy for success.

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AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

Are association chapters worth the effort?

Association Success

Ask Peggy Hoffman and Peter Houstle what kind of reaction they get when they start asking about whether association chapters are still relevant, and they both start laughing. There are a lot of people who are intimidated by that question,” Houstle said. Sometimes, I wonder if there are people who don’t want to do (the […]. Going somewhere? Learn more about our membership levels here. . Username or E-mail. Password. Remember Me. Forgot Password.

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Are your members missing out on your association’s CE content?

YourMembership Blog

Your learning content is one of your association’s key value propositions. But to take advantage of your educational courses, your members need to know about them. Here’s how to get the word out. Valuable learning content is one of your association’s key value propositions. But even though you’ve spent time and effort building great learning. The post Are your members missing out on your association’s CE content? appeared first on YourMembership.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.20.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Your plans for the holiday season are probably like mine: feast. We’re the lucky ones. Many of your neighbors, including children and seniors, won’t have enough to eat during the holiday season.

Social Learning: Integrating Courses with Community

Blue Sky eLearn

Social Learning has been a buzz word for some time now. It’s easy to talk about the benefits of wrapping social features around more traditional courses and education initiatives but how does it all really work? . Community Group .

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The New Work of Culture

Jamie Notter

In case you missed it, Maddie and I released a new white paper earlier this month about our new maturity model for culture management. The title of the paper is the same as this blog post, The New Work of Culture, and we chose that title because we’re trying to wake people up a little bit here.

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Continuing Education: Not Just for Meetings and Conferences Anymore

YourMembership Blog

A recent Community Brands study suggests it may be time for associations to focus on additional learning opportunities for their members.

Year in Review: Most Popular Posts about Association Membership

Moery Company

One of the common themes in the most popular membership content, according to you, was a focus on restructuring your membership offerings to better align with your members’ needs, segmentation of membership types, and leveraging your advocacy efforts.

Community College Group to Help Member Schools Offer Food, Services to Students

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Many students drop out of college for nonacademic reasons, and the Michigan Community College Association wants that to stop. Using grant money, MCCA will help member schools provide services—like food pantries and community connection hubs—to keep students enrolled.

Here’s a big idea: Innovation can be small

Association Success

Let’s make a bet. I bet that if you pull any association’s job posting for a leadership opening, you will find the word “innovation” at least half the time, either as a requirement of the type of person or a descriptor of where the organization is going.

Why It's Time to Move Past Your Excel Membership Template

Wild Apricot

Are you still using an Excel membership template to manage your membership? Here's why you might want to reconsider


Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020 – Develop Your Pipeline of Member Constituents

Moery Company

The demographics for the many of the associations that I represent, or whose meetings I attend, look the same. Mostly older professionals, with years of experience, who have extended knowledge to drive the industry with their expertise.

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Top Tips and Tricks From 2019 Membership Hacks

Associations Now

In the weekly Membership Hack column, we share small ways that associations save time, money, and resources while delivering value to members. Here are some of our favorites from the past year.

3 Reasons to Join an Association Career Center Network

Association Adviser

Career center networks reinforce membership value and investment in your association. Let's explore three reasons why joining a career center network is smart for associations. The post 3 Reasons to Join an Association Career Center Network appeared first on Association Adviser.


Creating a Very Engaging Member Community

Smooth The Path

What if you could create a member organization from scratch? What would you do to bake engagement into the structure from the start? I have consulted with a handful of professionals who did just that, and the process was super exciting!

Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020: Improve Your Prospecting Efforts by Cleaning Up Your Data

Moery Company

It is important to dedicate time to clean up your data, particularly when it comes time for member recruitment. Look at your list of prospects and ask yourself: 1) Do I know where they came from? 2) Do I know what role that prospect plays in the decision-making process?

Journalism Groups Sue California Over Independent Contractor Law

Associations Now

In a lawsuit, the groups argue that California Assembly Bill 5, which limits how much an employer may use freelance workers without classifying them as employees, is an unconstitutional restriction on speech and the media.

3 Trends Associations Should Focus on in 2020

Association Adviser

With the goal of a more inclusive membership experience for all in mind, here are three trends associations should focus on in 2020. The post 3 Trends Associations Should Focus on in 2020 appeared first on Association Adviser.

Associations in the 2020s: Looking Back in Order to Look Ahead


Hard to believe, but it’s the end of another year. Perhaps harder to believe, it’s the end of another decade.… … The post Associations in the 2020s: Looking Back in Order to Look Ahead appeared first on MultiView.

PODCAST | Association Hustle Podcast – Episode 214: Competing in the Digital Age

Moery Company

Associations are thinking about their competition more than ever, however, their biggest competition is now the internet. And it’s not going away. You don’t have to do it all when it comes to competing in the digital age but you have to do it. And you have to do it at scale.

“Disrupt” Your Meeting to Improve Attendee Productivity

Associations Now

Karen Malone of HIMSS talks about how she constantly thinks about innovation and disruption, including with her own staff. To create innovative and interactive meetings, planners around the nation are raising the bar on productivity and capitalizing on attendee experience.

Successful Sales Series: Testing Out New Marketing Tools

Association Adviser

Your association has to market your services for successful sales. Try one or more of these recommended marketing tools for your new sales department. The post Successful Sales Series: Testing Out New Marketing Tools appeared first on Association Adviser.

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Ready to grow your organization? Listen to Verne Harnish on SURGEcast

Association Success

As the author of “ Mastering the Rockefeller Habits ” and its follow-up, “ Scaling Up: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 ,” few are in position to offer advice on how to grow your organization quite like Verne Harnish.

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The post test form appeared first on The Moery Company


Daily Buzz: Don’t Forget About Small-Scale Innovation

Associations Now

Big idea: Successful innovation can be small, too. Also: Nudge members to get more value from your association. How do you define innovation?

Ask the Experts: Pro Tips for Building Sponsor Relations


5 Fatal (And Common) Mistakes in Association Marketing Automation

HighRoad Solution

When you switch to marketing automation, you’re also adopting a whole new marketing culture. This culture change can be a big shift for your team. Instead of thinking about products, they’re now thinking about personas.

Holiday Greetings


May the joy and the wonder of the season be yours. The post Holiday Greetings appeared first on GrowthZone. Productivity

How to Have That Tough Conversation About Diversity and Inclusion

Associations Now

Discussions of challenging topics like diversity and inclusion often shut down before they start. Resolve not to be intimidated. With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s a good time to think about getting ahead of your new year’s resolutions.

3 Membership Management Lessons from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"


I LOVE a good Christmas movie. Home Alone” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” “A Christmas Story”. All classics. But perhaps my favorite is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” (If If you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend watching it.)