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Twitter for Nonprofits: Does Your Organization Really Need to Tweet?

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For some nonprofits, Twitter is the perfect platform to grow their community, while others are better off putting their efforts elsewhere. Is Twitter right for your organization

Want to Maximize Impact? Minimize Jargon.

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When your organization is knee-deep in setting technical standards for the broader world, don’t forget that mere mortals have to use this stuff, too. The USB Implementers Forum learned this lesson recently.

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Are You Making These Popular Direct Mail Mistakes?


People don’t talk about direct mail as much as they used to, but that’s not to say it’s not still an effective marketing tactic. if done right. But what leads to direct mail success? Should you even be doing it?

Make your association a part of your members’ social habits

YourMembership Blog

Even small associations can use social media to take member engagement to the next level. Here’s how. It might be time for your small association to “think bigger” when it comes to social media. Consider this: The Community Brands Digital Evolution Study points to the top reasons that members join a professional organization. They include. The post Make your association a part of your members’ social habits appeared first on YourMembership.

AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

Why Your LMS Needs Google Analytics

Blue Sky eLearn

Most of us are at least somewhat familiar with Google Analytics. You (or your marketing team) are probably using it to track traffic on your organization’s website. But why not on your Learning Management System? Audience . General dashboards offer an at-a-glance view of some general insights.

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Making Connections at Higher Logic’s Annual Conference: Super Forum 2019

Higher Logic

Editor's note: Anne-Margaret, online community manager for the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), shares her perspective on Super Forum 2019. There are so many great reasons for why I go to Higher Logic’s annual conference, Super Forum. One of my favorite aspects is the networking.

Fundraising Trends: 6 Modern Strategies to Consider for 2020

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The most effective fundraising trends change from year to year. In 2020, here are the ones we predict will be most effective

11 Issues to Keep on Your Association’s Radar for 2020 and Beyond

WBT Systems

11 Issues to Keep on Your Association’s Radar for 2020 and Beyond. Read more about 11 Issues to Keep on Your Association’s Radar for 2020 and Beyond


Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020 – Drown out the Noise

Moery Company

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, one moment the algorithm works in your favor and then the next it throws a wrench into your efforts by completely changing overnight.

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Study: Shoe Leather Moves the Advocacy Needle More Than Social Media

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While it’s easier to send a tweet or a social media message than to have a face-to-face meeting, legislators tend to react more strongly to advocacy efforts focused on in-person meetings, a new report finds. Social media seems to be where all the political discussion is these days.

Top Tips for Preparing Your Presenters

Velvet Chainsaw

Imagine how you might do your job differently if your performance and compensation were evaluated based on overall session attendance and industry presenter ratings at your annual conference.

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Have You Used These 2019 Wild Apricot Updates Yet?

Wild Apricot

Take a look at some of the updates and new features we added to Wild Apricot in 2019, learn more about how you can use them, and get a look at what's coming up in 2020


What is the difference between consulting associations and businesses? – Ask JP #007

Moery Company

Transcript: Hi there, welcome to Ask JP! Today’s question (I always appreciate these): what do you think makes consulting for associations different than consulting for business? Ah, great question. First of all: rhythm and cadence and pace. Associations take much more time to make a decision.

Association Community Floods Social Media With Tributes to ASAE’s Graham

Associations Now

Donations and Condolences The Graham family suggested that in lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Graham’s memory to organizations that were particularly important to him, including: The National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Invest in Your Speakers to Grow Your Value Proposition

Velvet Chainsaw

The bread and butter of conferences is concurrent education sessions.

Ready yourself for a cultural transformation with John Spence on SURGEcast

Association Success

If you’re not being intentional about your culture, then it’s not doing enough to help your organization be as successful as possible. So how do you go about creating and maintaining your organizational culture? That’s where John Spence comes in.

Meet the Team: Diane Moery – Chief Operating Officer

Moery Company

Transcript: Hi, I am Diane Moery. I am the Chief Operating Officer at The Moery Company and I’ve held that position for about a year now.

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Apply UX Design to Ease Members’ Online Experience

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Principles of user experience design can help associations help their members move easily around their websites and other digital properties. A UX strategist shares how some associations are applying a UX mindset to improve member services and experiences.

Project Portfolio Management: Why You Need It - Part I


How Do You Manage Your Investment Portfolio? Imagine that your organization managed your investment portfolio by using any of the following principles: Continuing to invest despite poor performance of a fund. Investing only in high-risk hedge funds. Investing only in low-yield bonds.

Why you should pony up the cash for your social media strategy

Association Success

It might seem counterintuitive to decide to pay for something everyone usually gets for free. . Still, that’s exactly the thought behind social media marketing, when you can pony up some cash to go about getting more followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sites. .

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3 Member Benefit Trends for 2020


Membership expert, Frank Kenny, explains three of the hottest member benefits trends out there. If you want 2020 to be the year you adjust member benefits, we have some ideas for you.

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ASAE Announces Passing of CEO John H. Graham IV, FASAE, CAE

Associations Now

The longtime association chief executive died over the weekend after a battle with cancer. It is with great sadness that ASAE announces the passing of its president and CEO, John H. Graham IV, FASAE, CAE, after an extended battle with cancer.

Managing a Change at Your Association or Chamber: Do’s and Don’ts


Change is one of those inevitable facts of life. It’s GOING to happen, but how you handle it will make all the difference in how you come out on the other side. Will you shy away vs. will you learn and grow?). The same goes for associations and chambers.

Why Your Facebook Ads Keep Failing

Association Adviser

Using this framework for Facebook Ads marketing can help your organization save time and money by getting it right the first time. The post Why Your Facebook Ads Keep Failing appeared first on Association Adviser.

[ON-DEMAND] Amanda Kaiser Webinar


Check out Amanda Kaiser’s fantastic webinar for associations, Unlock the Secrets of Member Engagement. This recent webcast is full of key insights, real-life examples, attendee polls, a robust Q&A session, and more.

Groups Help Puerto Rico With Earthquake Relief Efforts

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Whether assessing damage or preventing the spread of disease, associations and nonprofits are working to respond quickly to a major earthquake that hit the island last week.

Project Portfolio Management Part I: Why You Need It


How Do You Manage Your Investment Portfolio? Imagine that your organization managed your investment portfolio by using any of the following principles: Continuing to invest despite poor performance of a fund. Investing only in high-risk hedge funds. Investing only in low-yield bonds.

Survey Says: Top Marketing Challenges for Associations in 2020 and Beyond

Association Adviser

Executives from Naylor, the Futures Industry Association & the Urban Land Institute discuss how they're meeting the top marketing challenges for associations in the 20s. The post Survey Says: Top Marketing Challenges for Associations in 2020 and Beyond appeared first on Association Adviser.

Event Feedback: Beyond Attendee Evaluations


Event Feedback: Beyond Attendee Evaluations Organizations of all sizes and interest groups can benefit from hosting or sponsoring live conferences and events. They help you connect your people with each other and with information.

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Talk Less About Innovation and More About the Future

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Even a boom economy can be a source of anxiety, when talented employees have lots of options and disruptive change is everywhere. Resist the temptation to demand instant innovation, and instead motivate your team with conversation about the future.

Facing an AMS upgrade? Time to rethink your options

Nimble AMS

When it’s time to upgrade your association management software (AMS), it just might be time for a change. Upgrading your AMS system can be costly and time-consuming. Now’s the ideal time to ask yourself if moving to a new, modern solution is ultimately the better route.

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4 tips to help out and stand out as an all-star volunteer

Association Success

Looks like you’ve forgotten something. If you’re like most job seekers, you’re neglecting a key step to land a new job.

Lessons from Retail: 2 Tactics for Membership Engagement


Sometimes looking outside of your industry can spur some creativity for new ways to recruit, engage, and retain your members. What do we mean? Many engagement strategies are executed similarly across industries — common things like email segmentation, discount promotions, using video, etc.