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3 Keys to Retaining Young Professional Association Members


It can be tricky to show young professionals the value of their membership when they’re trying to navigate post-graduate life. For some, it may simply be justifying the cost of membership. For others, it could be ensuring that they are getting enough out of your association that will help them in their careers. Whatever the case may be, we have a few thoughts on how to keep the conversation (and your association) relevant to young professionals: member engagement Association Views

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Encouraging Words For Professionals On An Association Journey Including Stay Curious And Hungry

Velvet Chainsaw

Encouragement by Kevin Spencer. Nothing we do is inevitable. Our success as association professionals is not inevitable. Achieving a thriving conference and burgeoning membership is not inevitable. We are not guaranteed that our association will stay small or that it will grow big.

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We’re Hiring! Seeking a New Moery Business Development Manager - Moery Company

Moery Company

Job Information: Business Development Manager. Location : Alexandria, VA. Job Status : Full-Time Employee. Job Category : Sales/Business Development. Career Level : College degree. 1 – 3 years of successful sales experience. Industries : Consulting firm for trade associations.

The Ultimate Nonprofit Video Marketing Strategy + 5 of the Best Nonprofit Videos We’ve Seen

Wild Apricot

Learn how to create the ultimate nonprofit video marketing strategy with our guide, as well as getting inspired with the five best nonprofit videos we've seen. video-marketing-strategy video-marketing nonprofit-video-marketing-strategy nonprofit-video-marketing nonprofit-video

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If You Build It –and Communicate It– They Will Come

Association Management

“If you build it, they will come.” In the film “Field of Dreams,” a voice in Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella’s cornfield convinces him to turn his acreage into a baseball diamond, and sure enough, once he’s done it, the ghosts of the 1919 Chicago White Sox do appear.

5 Smart Tips to Strengthen Your Automated Emails and Increase Conversions

Higher Logic

Everyone uses email. Not everyone loves email, but everyone uses it today nonetheless. Because it’s the main way we receive valuable communications. But, how many times a week do you scroll through your inbox and think, "Why am I receiving emails about something completely irrelevant to me?" or "Why am I being sent this email asking me to register for an event that I already registered for?".

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Don’t Be Fooled by Correlations

Jamie Notter

The HR world loves correlations. Every conference I go to, and every cool HR tool I see shows me some awesome statistic that connects whatever they are hawking to dramatic results. For example, I saw this in an infographic put out, not surprisingly, by an employee engagement software company: “Companies with higher employee engagement achieved 2.5x the revenues of competitors with lower engagement.”. That seems pretty cool, right? Like you should double down on your efforts to improve engagement.

1+1+1 = 5

Association Management

It happens every time businesses join forces. The leaders talk about “synergies.” In many cases, they’re referring to the cost savings they expect to be realized as the previously discrete organizations’ operations are combined. Of course, that kind of synergy is important.

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You’re Incredibly Busy – But You Need to Make Time for the Business Skills that Will Keep Your Community Going

Higher Logic

I’ll be honest—I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a couple of weeks, but I’ve just been so busy.

Failure to Adapt - Moery Company

Moery Company

IStock_Credit:marekuliasz. One of the most significant concerns I have for my company and the association community is the ability to be nimble and adaptive to evolving business trends and technology.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Eric Lanke

I had another lesson in the value of networking this past week. A nearby neighbor of mine is looking to make a job change.

What Makes Virtual a Special Place to Work [VIDEO]

Association Management

The Virtual Family Virtual’s strategic consulting and operational expertise ignite your organization’s growth. What’s powering that is a team of highly passionate and highly collaborative team members.

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Incrementalism for Our Associations

Smooth The Path

Have you seen the video of all of the failed landing attempts by SpaceX rocket? Go ahead; I will wait [this YouTube video is funny, only slightly more than 2 minutes long, and it is safe for the office].

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 147: Going “All In” With Social Media - Moery Company

Moery Company

Host JP Moery dives deep this week on his team’s winning social media methodology, which has helped escalate brand awareness and had a tremendous impact on sales. Every small business and association can utilize this strategy, and it’s a minimal lift.

Abandon All But Tomorrow When Planning Your Conference

Velvet Chainsaw

When do you stop pouring resources into things that have achieved their purpose? asked management guru Peter Drucker. It’s one of Drucker’s signature strategies: abandoning the past for tomorrow. He called it the concept of purposeful abandonment. Purposeful abandonment doesn’t sound very attractive.

5 Minutes with Andy: Fear, Coughdrops, and Getting Naked

Association Management

5 Minutes with Andy (Podcast) Welcome to the second episode of Virtual’s new podcast, 5 Minutes with Andy, in which our CEO, Andy Freed, offers you tips, tricks, and insights into leadership, management, and business skills. In Episode Two, Andy discusses Patrick Lencioni’s book Getting Naked, which explores the management of professional services and how. View Article.

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Reduce Nervousness to Increase Engagement at Your Next Conference

Smooth The Path

I had 20 minutes to set up, but I was still worried about the logistics of my presentation. You see there was a sponsor for my session who wanted to show a video which meant not only an application change but possibly a computer change too.

Congratulations to Our “What’s Your Why?” Winner!


In June, we announced a contest called “What’s Your Why?” to talk about your “why” - or, your passion. The reason you stay late, volunteer, and go the extra mile for your organization. In other words, what makes you and your colleagues tick? Over the course of the month we received nearly 30 submissions from association and chamber professionals from across the country. Thank you for all of your amazing submissions, it was truly a tough decision to choose a winner!

Mary Byers Webinar: Permission to Win


What should you do when your association is being outpaced by change? Or when your member market has changed significantly (and your organization hasn’t)? Or when your association’s very existence is threatened?

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Introducing Virtual’s New Podcast: 5 Minutes with Andy

Association Management

5 Minutes with Andy (Podcast) Introducing the new Virtual podcast, 5 Minutes with Andy, in which Virtual, Inc.’s ’s CEO, Andy Freed, will be offering you tips, tricks, and insights into leadership, management, and business skills. In Episode One, Andy discusses the various benefits and lessons learned in Virtual joining forces with the Drohan Management Group. View Article.

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Pre-Qualifying Volunteers

Idea Architects

Smart homebuyers know it pays to get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a mortgage. It can fast track the purchase process. Employers often "pre-qualify" full-time hires by involving them first as interns or part-time employees.

Membership Monday: Keeping Members Engaged Throughout a Long-Term Membership


If you’ve been keeping up with our Membership Monday series, you know up to this point we’ve covered attracting young professionals to your association and successfully onboarding new members. What comes next? Engagement, of course! But not just right-off-the-bat engagement. We’re talking long-term engagement; keeping your members around - and involved - for the long-haul. How do you make sure your benefits don’t grow stale? Or that your members don’t slowly lose interest in your organization?

8 Questions to Ask When Planning a Board Orientation


In Part 1 of our Board Orientation series , we focused on establishing goals and defining success when setting up an association board of directors’ orientation. The next step in the process is to decide how to structure the orientation.

Facebook Live: A Tool for Parent Mobilization and Engagement in Diverse Communities

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Momsrising continues to forge ahead with innovative and effective ways to use social media for engagement and results. Here’s a guest post that shares how they are using Facebook Live.

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Two Learning Trends to Watch Out For

Association Success

What does the future of education look like for associations? We research the trends that are impacting the market for lifelong learning that you can read about here. In this article, we want to highlight two trends in particular that we feel are relevant to readers. Virtual Conferences. Associations have been slow to jump on this growing trend. According to our most recent research , under 16.2% of associations have held a virtual conference and under 12.3%

Association Luncheon Ideas That'll Bring Members Back For Seconds


Feel like your attendee rates have dropped lately with your association’s monthly luncheons? Keeping your members engaged with new and refreshing topics is crucial in having them sign up for regular attendance. Check out this list of association luncheon topics and subtopics (from our MemberClicks blog!) that will get you brainstorming for your next luncheon! event planning member engagement member retention Small Staff Chatter

The Importance of an LMS Roadmap When Selecting a Learning Platform

WBT Systems

Is your LMS provider stuck in a rut? Are you using a 20th century system in the 21st century? If your LMS isn’t moving forward with you, it might mean it’s going downhill. The next time you select a new learning platform, one of the factors to consider is the vendor’s LMS roadmap. LMS roadmap: are promises delivered? A product roadmap is the vendor’s plan for their software’s continual improvement.

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The Well-Being & Equity Bridging (WEB) Network

Beth Kanter

The last few months I have been honored to serve on a team as a trainer, a team lead by Leadership Learning Community with the purpose to activate a network focused on the intersectionality of equity, well-being, and health.

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Shifting your digital focus to unlock potential

Association Success

When it comes to digital technologies, we should be re-directing our focus from operations to community value to see the whole picture. Association leaders need to shift their focus from looking at how digital technologies can make their operations easier, to concentrating on gaining clarity about their community’s needs to do better in their careers. Associations view themselves as different from for-profit corporations. True, they are mission driven, not profit driven.

Gettin' Down in Chi-Town: Your #ASAE18 City Guide


We’re almost exactly a month out from the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) 2018 Annual Meeting , and this year, it’s being held in Chicago! Now one of our values here at MemberClicks is “work hard, play hard,” and you better believe we’re planning on playing hard in the Windy City! We encourage you to do the same, and in fact, here are a few things to check out if/when you have a little downtime: ASAE Small Staff Chatter

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.20.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Tim Ebner at Associations Now talked to the American Society for Quality about some of the things they did to turn around declining membership.

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Trailblazing to ACLEA’s annual meeting.

YourMembership Blog

This post originally appeared on the Abila blog Forward Together, another member of the Community Brands family. The Community Brands team is gearing up for our trip to ACLEA’s 54th Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. The theme this year for the Association for Continuing Legal Education’s conference is “Blaze the CLE Trail.” ” Of course, there’s an informative. The post Trailblazing to ACLEA’s annual meeting. appeared first on YourMembership.

Creating a Knowledge Community: Where Technology Meets Need

Association Success

How we are using digital tools to be present at the point of need for our members. I believe that technologists too often focus on technology. Key organizational problems are no longer technology specific, and technology issues themselves are not the target of our broader problem-solving efforts (or at least they shouldn’t be). Instead, technology is implicated on a broader, more strategic level, across the entire structure of the organization.