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What Are You Providing Your Members Through Social Media?

Moery Company

I’ve talked a good deal about social media and how these platforms better enable you to communicate with members and prospects. These tools help connect with your audience in very real and authentic ways about your organization and the value you provide.

Amplify Attendance: 4 Ways to Drive Conference Registrations


Event season is here, and a big part of planning is promoting. It’s all about those registrations! To drive interest AND actions (AKA members and prospects actually registering), check out these four promo tactics: event planning Association Views

3 Tips for a Successful National Volunteer Week

YourMembership Blog

National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to celebrate volunteers and the impact they have on your organization. Whether raising money for a scholarship fund, helping plan and facilitate conferences, or serving on the board of directors, making an impact comes in all forms. As a former volunteer director, I absolutely love national volunteer week. Although. The post 3 Tips for a Successful National Volunteer Week appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing

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Talkin’ SaaS Stats: Customer Success is Having a Moment

Higher Logic

Which begs the question…what took so long? It’s simple. Without customers, you don’t have a business. Without happy customers, you don’t have a successful, profitable, sustainable business.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 185: Is Your Association Struggling in the “Sales Department”?

Moery Company

Associations are getting serious about business development right now. Host JP Moery explains, “Today there is a real need for biz dev talent, and people are having trouble finding sales professionals for myriad reasons.”


Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.12.19

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4 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Stock Photo for Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Higher Logic

Choosing imagery for your content marketing campaigns is really hard. It’s easy to pick the wrong thing: something boring, unengaging, or off-brand, something that will become outdated, or something that makes people think “Why does that photo exist?” [See See the photo we chose for this blog header?

Do You Know What’s Going On?

Moery Company

What is the best way to manage a situation when you think you are losing control or don’t know where things stand? Here’s a scenario: you meet with a potential new client, and you feel the conversation was great, but aren’t getting a response now. What is the best way forward?

Budgets and Bandwidth

Eric Lanke

Budgets and bandwidth -- two words that have received a lot of attention from me this week.

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Benchmark Data Are A Complete Waste of Time

Jamie Notter

Okay, not ALL benchmark data are useless, but they are when it comes to culture and employee engagement. In our recent book on engagement , we have a whole chapter dedicated to gathering the right data, and we make the case for basically ignoring culture and engagement benchmarking data.

Small associations have big opportunities: benchmark report

YourMembership Blog

In a recent benchmark study, Community Brands set out to discover what’s going on behind the scenes at associations with small staffs (10 or fewer). What are their top priorities? Are they expecting growth? How are they preparing for the future? It turns out that associations with small staffs have opportunities to boost their use. The post Small associations have big opportunities: benchmark report appeared first on YourMembership. Industry News & Trends Membership & Marketing

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How The #1 Pickleball Club Management Software Can Help Run Your Club Better

Wild Apricot

Hundreds of other clubs have already automated their administrative work with Pickleball Management Software. Learn how you can save hours on administrative work for your Pickleball club, and grow your association

Study: Podcast Listeners Skew Millennial, Use Lots of Social Media

Associations Now

A new report shared at the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual conference highlights a few potentially surprising tends. Among them: Many podcast listeners follow along on YouTube, not iTunes.

Be Aware of Indirect Costs

Effective Database

When considering the costs of your current data management system(s), you need to consider both direct costs (how much you pay to actually use the software) and indirect costs (e.g., workarounds required, staff headaches, missed opportunities fro selling, etc.).

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How to Measure Association Progress


Tweet. Goal setting is easy. Reaching those goals is a whole different ball game. Measurable results are key to the SMART goal process for associations (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based). If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Virtual Events, Real Benefits

Association Adviser

Virtual events are an excellent way to bring members and employers together in a timely, convenient way. Here's how to use virtual events to help members make connections year round. The post Virtual Events, Real Benefits appeared first on Association Adviser.

When the Staff Leader Is the Only Staffer

Associations Now

CEOs who are the are the sole staff member have a lot of authority, but a lot of communicating to do with the board. One expert offers some advice about how to manage the challenge. Most association executives have the benefit of a support system that’s near at hand: the staff.

Associations and Lousy Marketing

Smooth The Path

Bernadette Jiwa, storytelling guru wrote that good marketing, “empowers people to make decisions now that they won’t regret later, and, “helps people to do the things they want to do.” ” ( You can find the whole post here ).

How Binge Watching Relates to Association Productivity


Tweet. In order for associations to grow their membership and increase revenue, they must adopt “scalability.” In simple terms, scalability is an organization’s ability to expand membership and grow revenue without a significant drop in functionality, performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Keys to Successful Advocacy: Membership Engagement

Association Adviser

Associations have promising potential to influence public policy at every level of government through their infrastructure and the collective voice of grassroots supporters.

National Volunteer Week: How Associations Are Celebrating

Associations Now

The event, turning 45 this year, has some associations in a thanking mood and others launching new ideas for their members. Read on to see how different groups are taking part this week.

Find a Bureaucracy and Uncover Customer Service Opportunities

Smooth The Path

What is the job of the IRS? It is to collect taxes to fund the work of the US government. Except depending on your viewpoint the job of the IRS could be something else entirely. In 2009 the IRS spent 11.7 billion dollars to do its job and in 2017 the IRS had 76,832 employees.

3 Suggestions for Using Your MemberClicks Help Options


If you’ve been a MemberClicks customer for a while, you already know that our Help Team is made up of some pretty calm, cool, collected, and helpful Clickers.

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Association Management Software (AMS) vs. Marketing Automation Software

HighRoad Solution

If you’re new to the world of associations, you may not be familiar with the kind of software that’s commonly used in this industry. Association Management

Why You Need to Help Prepare Exhibitors for Your Conferences

Associations Now

Exhibitors, like attendees and speakers, need to be prepared for your event. A look at what associations are doing to ensure their exhibitors have a successful tradeshow experience—and other ideas worth considering.

Alleviating the Culture of Conflict Between Functions

Association Success

How can you alleviate tension between functions in your association? What I love about the association world is that we all wear so many hats and develop such a diverse set of skills. However, the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities are often blurred. In the corporate world I believe there to be a natural state of cultural conflict between Marketing and Sales. In the Association world, I have seen a similar state of tension between the Marketing and Membership functions.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Recent Grads at Your Organization


With spring comes graduation and with graduation comes job-seekers. If your organization is looking to hire, now could be the perfect time - especially if you’re looking to fill an entry-level position.

How do I Measure Member Engagement in Trade Associations?

HighRoad Solution

Member engagement can be harder to measure in trade associations than in professional societies. But that doesn’t mean it’s not vitally important. member engagement

Grain Industry Highlights Safety Concerns, With OSHA’s Help

Associations Now

In the annual Stand-Up for Grain Safety Week, the workplace safety agency partners with the National Grain and Feed Association to help industry employers educate workers on grain bin hazards.

17 Tips for Turning First-Time Attendees into Event Regulars


Give first-time attendees an event experience that exceeds their expectations. Here are 17 tips to learn how to make these attendees feel welcome and comfortable at your event and ensure they come back in the future

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How to Create a Proposal That’ll Sell Website Advertising FAST


Your association or chamber website is a hot commodity. People in your industry or community (not just members) visit your website looking for valuable information. And, between directory listings, banner ads , sponsorships, etc.,

Which Member Engagement Metrics Should Your Association Monitor?

HighRoad Solution

Why do some members leave an association while others go on to become board members? Why are some people passionate, vocal advocates for association membership, while others don’t even bother to open emails? member engagement

Why Technology Can Help Small-Staff Associations Boost Nondues Revenue

Associations Now

A new report finds small associations want more nondues revenue but haven’t focused on achieving it. To remedy that, report authors recommend quick tech fixes to bring in more money.

Making Sense of Your Culture

Association Success

Is your culture what you think it is? Culture change, innovation, and experimentation are all hot topics. But before you go about making changes, you need to have a good grasp on what your culture truly is, not simply what you think it is. As a culture consultant, I encounter a lot of confusion around this topic. What is culture anyway? In a previous article , I’ve defined it to be the collection of words, thoughts, actions and—sorry for the technical term—“stuff” (i.e.